Freelee the “Vegan Hitler” says Kill Meat-Eaters, Sterilize All Men!


A few days ago I wrote about the seething anger, hatred and intolerance that seems to permeate the world of veganism.

One thing I've never understood about vegans is why so many of them insist on acting like complete lunatics, then complain that people view them as lunatics.

Today, we're going to discuss the psychotic rantings of one of the craziest and most hate-filled vegans of all. Yep, Leanne Olivia Ratcliffe, better known as "Freelee", "Banana Girl", and partner of notorious Internet troll and fellow attention-whore Harley "Durianrider" Johnstone.

It seems there's something of a contest among the First Couple of Fruitarian Lunacy to prove who is the most mentally unhinged. In an attempt to prove she is most deserving of the title, Ratcliffe posted a Youtube video advocating a series of Stalin-like measures to force the entire world to embrace veganism.

According to the Banana Puttana, "you shouldn't have a choice, you should be forced to be vegan!"

And if you still refuse to go vegan?

"You really don't deserve to live on this planet."

Ready, Aim ... Fire!!

And you lacto-vegetarians, don't for one minute think you get off easy. People who eat meat and dairy, says the B12-deficient one, "don't deserve to live on this planet".

There's a word for the mass murdering of innocent people who hold different views: Genocide.

"I hate to break it to you, but we [vegans] are better than you! ... If you are a meat-eater you are inferior to those who are vegan", says the insane, pasty-skinned, bucket-pissing bogan, who (just like her partner) makes her living not by producing tangible goods or providing vital services, but the advertising revenues to be had from spewing pro-vegan crap on Youtube.

The budding genocidist doesn't just stop at proposing mass murder.

Before people (the ones who haven't been poisoned or shot, that is) are allowed to have children, she says, they should sit a test, and be granted a baby-making license only upon satisfactory completion of that test.

But what about all those sneaky humans who might go ahead and do the horizontal hula before sitting any such test?

Oh, don't worry, she's got a solution for that too.

In the Brave New Vegan World, all males will be forced to get vasectomies. But before they have their tubes tied, they will be forced to blow their wad into a jar, which will then be frozen. If they pass the test, they can then have their sperm back and be allowed to procreate.

The woman is mad. Completely, irretrievably fucking insane.

Here she is, folks, in all her mentally deranged glory - along with hilarious commentary from "Undoomed":

Oh, and before I get any emails from the handful of non-insane vegans out there insisting they stand worlds apart from this nut, I suggest instead asking yourselves this:

What have you people unwittingly aligned yourself with? What is it about your dietary paradigm that attracts such out-and-out screwballs? I have a very low opinion of low-carbers, due to their tendency to also behave like a pack of butt-hurt zealots when presented with information that conflicts their religious-like dietary beliefs. But as it currently stands, low-carbers do not campaign for mass sterilization, or genocide of pasta-eaters. They do not falsely accuse others of sucker-punching or child pornography, nor have I seen them threaten to slash the throats of those with opposing views. They do not strip naked, coat themselves in high fructose corn syrup, and roll around on the ground in Times Square, as those wack jobs from PETA do with fake blood. They do not run ads that portray domestic and sexual violence as a laughing matter, hand out comics to children portraying their parents as murderers, nor have they started a porno site to further their cause - a la the nutters from PETA.

So what is it about veganism in particular (lacto-ovo-vegetarians generally behave in a far more reasonable manner) that inspires so many of its adherents to behave like such total fucktards? Is it the heightened B12 deficiency that arises from avoiding all animal foods, that in turn leads to neurological damage, that in turn leads to anger, impulsive behaviour, irrational outbursts, and seething hatred?

Or is it that such an extreme dietary paradigm tends to attract extreme personalities?

Or a combination of these and other factors?


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