Last chance to get 50% off all my books! Plus other stuff…

Ladies and gentlemen,

the inaugural Malaca Monday sale - that magnificent discount fiesta in which you can purchase any or all of my books at a hyoooj 50% off - was scheduled to end at midnight tonight (Thursday), AEST ('Straylian Eastern Standard Time).

It's at this point I could write I've decided to extend the sale "Due to Popular Demand!", but the real reason is that tonight at midnight ... I'll be fast asleep. And I don't have any way of programming the price to automatically revert back to full fare at midnight. Which means I need to end the discount manually.

So the sale will now be extended to sometime tomorrow morning. I say "sometime", because I don't know the exact time. I might get up earlier than usual. I might sleep in. I might decide to take Ramone for an extra-long walk before firing up the computer.

Or I might do none of these things.

So at this stage, the exact time the sale ends remains a mystery, kind of like Harley Johnstone's popularity or why people think getting a tattoo will make them unique and different from the other fifty million people who think getting a tattoo will make them unique and different.

Or why the Ramones never had a #1 album - that right there deserves a full Congressional investigation.

But I digress.

The bottom line is that the chance to purchase paperback versions of my books at half-price is rapidly drawing to a close. So to score yourself or a loved one a fat loss book that isn't full of misleading bullpucky, go here:

To learn the truth about the cholesterol/anti-fat sham, go here:

And to help create a world free from unnecessary stomach pain and flatulence, go here:

Some Other Great Book Recommendations

Author and blogger Nasos Psarrakos, from, recently compiled a list titled "The Top 10 Fitness & Health Books". I haven't read all of the books on his list, but I can vouch that numbers 1, 2 and 10 are all very worthy reads.

Especially #1 ... 🙂

You can read Nasos' list here:

Nasos has committed to reading at least one book a month (and sometimes manages to read 2 or 3 books), which I think is a truly excellent goal. The average person reads far too few quality books.

Speaking of quality books, along with Starting Strength (Nasos' #10 pick), I strongly recommend that anyone even remotely interested or involved in weight training get hold of Mark Rippetoe's other book, Practical Programming. It's an excellent book, and one that I wish I had available to me when I first started weight training way back when. Boy, it would have saved me a lot of wasted time and frustration ...

You can get a copy of Practical Programming here:

Practical Programming for Strength Training

And to score a copy of Nasos' #1 pick at 50% off, go here: