My Critics: Dumb, Dishonest, & Great PR
Jan 2013 23
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Björn writes:

Hi Anthony,

in case you haven’t been informed yet I just wanted to point out that Plant Positive has a new video up about you. I would appreciate if you could find the time to answer him, it should be entertaining. I understand if you won’t though. His voice puts me to sleep.

Best wishes,


Anthony replies:

Hi Björn,

this is the third or fourth email I’ve received informing me that the anonymous uber-sleaze Pee Pee (who also goes by the monikers “Plant Positive”, “Primitive Nutrition” and “Gutless Vegan Pansy”) has made yet another video about me. Interestingly, all these emails have said something like, “It would be great if you could respond” or “I look forward to your response!”

Well folks, you can stop looking, because I can’t reply to something I haven’t watched – and have absolutely no intention of watching.

Sorry Pee Pee, I’m sure you put a lot of time and effort into these videos, but that still doesn’t change  the fact they are totally full of misleading nonsense. When you’re not falsely and maliciously accusing me of being in this purely for the money, you’re blatantly distorting the science with quick screenshots of Pubmed abstracts that you know full well most of your viewers will never retrieve and read for themselves.

And then there’s your whiny, annoying, nasally voice that just drones on and on and on and bloody on…for crying out loud dude, get some vocal training, it can’t be that expensive!

For the rest of you poor sods who think I’m somehow obligated to reply on call to this guy’s anti-scientific droning, I have in fact already addressed Pee Pee’s shady modus operandi on three separate occasions:

Exposing the Latest Vegan Fraudster: “Plant Positive”

Why “PrimitiveNutrition” aka “Plant Positive” is a Shameless and Cowardly Liar

Pee Pee a.k.a “Plant Positive” adds Paranoia to His Long List of Psychological Issues

If you read the above three articles and they still don’t convince you what a thoroughly dishonest and pseudoscientific troll this guy (at least I think he’s male) really is, then here’s my advice: Go ahead and listen to everything he says, and be sure to act on his diet and health advice. This will greatly hasten your removal from the gene pool. Heaven knows this species needs all the help it can get raising its average IQ level.

Anyway, soy boys like Pee Pee aside, I need to say something about my critics in general. I know it’s rude to laugh in people’s faces, but what the heck, I’m gonna do it anyway.

My fellow citizens, over the years we’ve been witness to numerous vituperative attacks on my humble unassuming persona :), perhaps the most vigorous and memorable in recent times being:

1): A certain GERD-suffering, girdle-wearing and obnoxiously pompous low-carb doctor who did his darndest to portray me as mentally unhinged, all the while contradicting himself so blatantly he himself began to look like he’d been hit on the head by a giant box of his unsold books;

2): A certain emaciated vegan, who publicly boasts of having at least one friend who eats his own faeces (I’m serious) and whose other past claims to fame include snorting copious quantities of cocaine and speed, publicly accusing me of being a steroid-abusing, dole-bludging porker. For some strange reason, people didn’t believe him. Funny that.

3): A certain not-so-BRILLiant author-physiologist who, intent on confirming that unrepentant idiocy is in no way limited to the male of the species, claimed I was a resident of la-la land for daring to suggest that cholesterol does not cause heart disease. When I pointed out the overwhelming evidence supporting my contention, the best she could muster in response was to point out that decades ago Ancel Keys made the cover of Time magazine for his shambolic anti-fat arguments, the scientific shoddiness of which have since come under widespread attack.

I still can’t work out why anyone would think appearing on the cover of Time magazine is somehow a marker for intelligence and scientific accuracy. Adolf Hitler also made the cover of Time magazine, but I’m not about to consult Mein Kampf anytime soon for dietary advice (Hitler, by the way, was a vegetarian).

These guys and gals tried so hard, but like so much else they’ve done, their efforts were a complete schmozzle. Over the last three years, my daily web hits have gone from a paltry 650 a day to over 80,000 – and rising. And that’s despite my rather infrequent, “post-when-I-damn-well-feel-like-it” approach to Internet posting. If I decided to become a web/Youtube/Facebook/reciprocal marketing publicity whore like so many others in the online health ‘information’ game, I’m guessing I could really get some serious readership going…but life away from the idiot screen, for me, is far more interesting.

At any rate, it seems the more desperate my critics get and the harder they try to discredit me, the more people start tuning into my site.

What is evidently happening is this: My critics have their own little army of faithful followers who will readily swallow whatever pseudoscientific slop these jokers feed them. Others however, decide to mosey on over to my site and have a look what the fuss is all about for themselves. And then, after a few minutes’ reading, a little voice inside their head pipes up, “Hey, this guy actually makes a lot of sense!”

So to all my critics, I’m sorry your attempts to discredit me have failed so dismally, but hey, I’m sure you’re used to losing by now. You’ll get over it.

And to all my valued readers, guys, thanks for your continued support, but please don’t bother sending me links to every last bit of rot that’s being written about me on the Internet, because the truth is nowadays I really couldn’t give a toss. Of course, if you have something truly interesting and helpful to tell me, you’re always still more than welcome to write.

For example, if you’re reading a magazine interview with a recent Miss Switzerland winner, and when the interviewer asks her to describe her ideal man, she replies, “Oh, that’s easy – definitely Anthony Colpo! I’d boink his olive-skinned brains out!”, then, hey, feel free to send me the link.


One Door Closes, So I Kick it Back Open. Or Something.

Over the years, I’ve tangled with so many MDs and PhDs and exposed their pseudoscience with such ease I started to wonder how these jokers ever got their degrees in the first place. If they could do it, surely I could, I mused. And friends and family started saying the same thing. “Anthony, listen to me, if these yo-yos can get a PhD, then you should get one too!”, they said. “By the way,” they added, “you got any more of that honey ice cream?” Hmmm.

So, late last year, I popped a couple of vinpocetine pills, took a little DMAE, TMG and B5 powder, washed it down with some coffee, then cruised (OK, raced) into the city, and sat the STAT test.

Obviously, I wouldn’t be writing this if the STAT test didn’t go swimmingly well and I got accepted into the university course of my choice. Yep, this year yours truly begins his quest to become the best sports scientist/exercise physiologist he can humanly be.

I’ll still post whenever I get the opportunity, but folks please understand that for the next four years I’m going to have even less time to reply to emails than in the past. As for tangling with disenfranchised trolls and disenchanted critics instead of doing my assignments…um, yeah, right.



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