Aug 2011 14
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Professor Staffan Lindeberg studied the Kitavans and found they obtained over two-thirds of their calories from carbohydrates. If carbohydrates are fattening, why is it low-carb gurus - not Kitavans - that need girdles to contain their bulbous bellies?

Every Sunday morning, all around the world, pudgy adherents of low-carbohydrate diets waddle along to their local Latter Day Church of MAD. They take their place in the pews, bow as their chubby girdle-wearing guru appears at the alter, and begin chanting in unison:

"Carbohydrates are bad! Carbohydrates increase insulin! Insulin makes you fat!"

They chant this over and over again, until it becomes burned into their minds as a self-evident fact. They then leave the church and venture out into the world, telling anyone who will listen that carbohydrates are the root cause of obesity and that insulin is an evil hormone that turns people into obese porkers.

Like a lot of religious dictums, it's complete nonsense.

Stephan Guyenet explains why, in the process debunking low-carb high priest Gary Taubes and his untenable anti-carbohydrate ramblings:

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