What a Russian Gun Designer Can Teach You about Successful Weight Loss
Mar 2013 23
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Georgy Shpagin probably never cared about weight loss in his entire life. Growing up during several Russian revolutions, he was probably more worried about starving than losing a few pounds.

As you’ll see, however, his struggles led him to a conclusion that can help any aspiring dieter lose weight.

Born in 1897, Shpagin was drafted into the Russian Army at age 17 to fight the Germans in World War Ⅰ. After the war ended, he became a weapons designer for the Red Army.

He wasn’t very good.

Shpagin designed guns like a desperate dieter tries to lose weight. He made complicated and elaborate designs, hoping to create the next great gun. You probably know someone who takes a similar approach to weight loss — fad diets, supplements, and complex exercise plans in hopes of finding a magic formula that will make the pounds melt off.

For fifteen years, none of Shpagin’s work was noticed or mass produced. He failed, just as many dieters do.

After this dry spell, however, he changed his approach and created some of the most well known and effective weapons in the history of the world, several of which are still used today.

The secret? He changed his philosophy of weapon design — the same philosophy you should use to lose weight.

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