Guess Who Passes The Psycopath Test?

Gates, Soros, Fauci, Trudeau, Harari, Pelosi, and many others in the “ruling elite” - the list seems endless.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”  - Sun Tzu

By Robert Soho, MD (retired).

Today’s transnational criminals seem to lack reasonable motives. Many students of current events find their actions incomprehensible. The key to understanding them is to realize they are “psychopaths.” This is a descriptive term from the 1800s that a psychologist later neutered into “sociopath.” Conspiracies are their trademark.

Their main agenda ties to “overpopulation,” but this seems irrational because it is an already-solved problem. Demographics prove that our numbers will naturally peak and then decline within a few decades. And the world’s people are now mostly fed and their economic situation is improving.

Nevertheless, the “elites” are driving “solutions” for this concocted disaster by:

  • Pushing injections that destroy fertility and kill us. Their purpose-built Covid virus does the same thing.
  • Suppressing drugs that would have halted the supposed “pandemic.”
  • Continuing to market other toxic, ineffective drugs that they also call “vaccines.”
  • Falsely claiming that “carbon is bad for the earth” and using this lie to decrease energy use and therefore worldwide food production to starve us. (Humans are also carbon life-forms and they want to get rid of us. See herehere, and here.)
  • Sponsoring marketing that claims transgenders are cousins to our gays and lesbians, who are altogether different—and mostly know it. Encouraging drugs and surgery, which makes this psychological disease chronic rather than short-lived. This improbable and newly concocted condition causes many suicides. It is destructive to the normal development of our youth and families. And of course, the TG drugs kill fertility. For more, see here and here if you can stand it.
  • Normalizing pedophilia.
  • Promoting the use of many harmful prescription drugs that cause death, violence, and insanity. Psych drugs are the model, but there are many others. See Butchered by “Healthcare.”
  • Incentivizing doctors and hospitals to kill us (see here and here).
  • Promoting racism and social strife through ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, the election of false prosecutors, and the “defund the police” propaganda.
  • Working actively to forbid gun carry by private citizens. This 2nd Amendment right promotes security and combats crime. Other claims are lies.
  • And much more as documented in my Substack archives.

Their obvious goal is the destruction of our social fabric, rule of law, and the United States itself. And their open conspiracy is “The Great Reset.” In characteristic fashion, lies (“gaslighting”) are used to promote terror and confusion toward this end. The hardest thing for us to understand is that psychopaths enjoy what they do.

The “conspiracy theory” phrase is being used to deceive some of our most critical and skeptical thinkers. It convinces them to dismiss the reality above as improbable. Legions of other brilliant commentators are kidnapped into exhaustive, repeated efforts to explain how it all could have happened. Not even the criminals can say how a collapse would make them wealthier. But the whole thing makes perfect sense to them because their goal is to torture and destroy. Once more, the incredible part to normal people is that these deviants take pleasure from this.

To fathom today’s reality, consider the creatures near Hitler. The most skilled members of this species are rarely captured and almost never examined forensically. The Nuremberg Trial defendants were the exception. Although these animals successfully imitated human behavior, they possessed no “operating system” of morals, feelings, and genuine relationships. The key to understanding today’s events is to realize that hordes of these brutes still stalk among us. And that due to unprecedented disparities of wealth and power, they may be gaining the upper hand.

Lower functioning psychopaths are similar structurally but possess less guile and intelligence. Since they have more trouble hiding their intent and concealing their behavior, they are sometimes captured, imprisoned, and studied at close range. Occasionally, they get herded where they belong —into the justice system’s insect-killing jar. The insights gleaned from collecting these specimens provide inferences about their clever cousins, who are often corporate and political leaders. This is not a robust science, although there are both studies and a long history of observations.

Religions call psychopaths devils and do not require a framework like this to understand their evil. Most of the rest of us know that people with these features are involved in the troubles we face. For myself, I have not yet met Jesus on the road, as Apostle Paul did. But I have seen demons.

The Psychopath Test is a list compiled by Robert Hare. Its diagnostic value is weak, but true sociopaths live on the far side of a bright line. Those around them—the variants—have a spectrum of these traits.

  • Glibness/superficial charm
  • Grandiose sense of self-worth
  • Pathological lying
  • Conning/manipulative
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Shallow affect
  • Callous/lack of empathy
  • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  • Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  • Parasitic lifestyle
  • Poor behavioral control
  • Promiscuous sexual behavior (Example: Epstein and associates’ pedophilia.)
  • Lack of realistic, long-term goals
  • Impulsivity
  • Irresponsibility
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Early behavior problems
  • Revocation of conditional release
  • Criminal versatility
  • Many short-term marital relationships

Political Ponerology, A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes (1984) by Andrzej Łobaczewski is a comprehensive description of these brutes. He says that psychopaths, conspiring in networks, are society’s core influence. They have great political and economic power.

When government leaders and the CEOs of businesses are psychopaths, their immorality infests everyone. Small groups of conscienceless people promoting greed and selfishness create an environment where these values become the norm. Since the leaders in our society can lie with impunity about anything, lying, violence, and greed become acceptable. Weak people adopt these attitudes to survive. Many others who are not “genetic” psychopaths with these innate characteristics become "effective" psychopaths.

The titles of three popular books describe these monsters well: Without Conscience, The Mask of Sanity, and Snakes in Suits. Their banality and seeming normalcy frequently defies their identification, even for experts.

Psychopaths have no regard for others, but they often use their knowledge of the sensitivities of normal people to manipulate them. They can fake normal reactions and still remain aloof and calculating. For example, some use tears or shouting to whiplash their victim’s emotions. Others gaslight, which means using lies to control and confuse their victim’s view of reality. This may cast a sort of spell.

In Political Ponerology. Łobaczewski writes, "[Sociopaths] learn to recognize each other in a crowd… sometimes in childhood. They become conscious of being different from the world of the people surrounding them.” He says that they almost view us as another species.

They create a web of collusion that is partly estranged from normal people. Their world is divided into "us and them." They have their own laws and customs. They know about truth, honor, and decency yet understand that they are morally condemned. So they cheat, revile non-psychopaths, and believe that breaking promises is acceptable. Concealment is one of their strategies--they thrive in the dark. Fear and lies are their weapons.

They not only covet possessions and power, but they feel they have the right to them because they can take them. They gain pleasure in usurping and stealing. They plagiarize, swindle, and extort. These fruits are sweeter for them than those they could earn through honest labor. They also learn that their personalities can have traumatizing effects on non-psychopaths and how to take advantage of this.

These deviants have no conscience or ability to empathize with other people’s pain. They use these traits to reap benefits and pull strings. Those who know nothing about them are the most easily deceived and manipulated. Normal humans can be set against one another based on unimportant differences such as skin color.

Here are examples of psychopathic behavior from Łobaczewski and others:

  • A mother plays a game of hide and seek with her four-year-old daughter. She is holding a large kitchen knife. She tells her daughter, I am going to count to one hundred, and if I find you, then I am going to cut off your thumbs. The girl hides in her closet, and the mother, knowing that is likely where she will be, lets her stay there, terrified, frightened, traumatized, until the last moment. When the mother opens the door, she cuts the skin under one of her daughter’s thumbs.
  • A family has two sons. One of them commits suicide using a hunting rifle. At Christmas, the parents give the gun to their other son as his Christmas gift. When asked about why, they respond, "It was a perfectly good gun."
  • Łobaczewski discovered that the library books in his college about psychopaths had been removed. This was in Poland under communism, and someone in a position of power likely did it.
  • Hare reports about psychopaths abusing the elderly. After an older woman is conned out of her life savings by a criminal, another psychopath contacts the victim. He claims to be a lawyer and offers to get the money back for a fee. The victim is induced to borrow money from a relative and then loses it to the second criminal.

Łobaczewski's foremost contribution is his analysis of how different psychopathic types work together. They form a system where the more pathological people have positions of power over those who are closer to normal.

Łobaczewski believes that “essential” or full psychopaths are roughly 1% of the population. When other related syndromes are considered, this core might be about 6%.

The next tier of about 12% is closer to normal but have been damaged by long-term exposure to psychopaths. They are subordinate to the central 6%. Working together, these groups conspire to subdue and control the rest of the population. The rest, the ordinary people, mostly follow whomever seems to be in charge.

This process corrodes social structures and affects nations like a cancer. Many suggest that there have always been substantial secret governments even when the recognized governments are not pathological.

These deviants use politics and ideologies to conceal the control web from the eyes of both experts and ordinary people. Left, right, center, socialist, democratic, communist, Democrat, and Republican become meaningless distinctions. These are used as deceptions, and the leaders operate behind masks.

Political regimes sometimes facilitate psychopathic scientists, support their academic degrees and achievements, then advance them into leadership. Such a system destroys talented people if they do not cooperate. Another practice is to use criminals like these to monitor scientific papers for proper ideology. (See RFK Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci for many examples.)

In the United States, the two political parties claim to be distinct, but both serve the same masters (monsters?). Using media censorship, they can infect the masses with almost any idea, however improbable. The result—today, only a few people are standing up and speaking out against the genocidal agendas.

Psychopaths have higher rates of violent crime, and they commit different types of violent crimes than other criminals. In one study, two-thirds of their victims were male strangers. These are selected for retribution or some other predatory purpose. Non-psychopaths mostly commit crimes of passion against female family members or acquaintances. Purposeful violence is less common for them.

Only about 1/10th of psychopaths are female.

Any violation of the rights of others, any foul, evil deed, can be perpetrated by a psychopath. He will still sleep at night because he believes he is always right. These people do not suffer stress or anxiety, do not consider their attitudes and behavior wrong, and therefore do not seek treatment. They will, however, participate in therapy programs to gain their release from prison. But they can never be cured.

Psychopathic lying is successful because normal people do not believe that anyone lies as a routine. Debates with sociopaths are useless. No matter what we say, no matter how much evidence is given, it has no meaning for them. Their sole goal is to fool us into classifying them as normal so they can continue to deceive, control, and use us.

Although these manipulators are skilled at achieving leadership, Łobaczewski says that psychopaths are incapable of creative work and must depend upon normal people for this. As long as core parts of the economy still function, their strategy may seem successful, but societies like this eventually fail.

When major positions of power in business, government, industry, and society are filled by sociopaths, a downward spiral begins. The normal people eventually recognize what their leaders are and devise survival strategies.

But as a society comes to its senses, more deviants usually step in. They may be the same people, which is “meet the new boss, same as the old boss." For example, at the fall of Soviet communism, capitalist psychopaths took the spoils, but many communists found a comfortable new home.

The capacity to cheat and lie with indifference is a stupendously successful adaptation. When sociopaths are in positions of power—as they are today—little restrains them. They rule the world in hidden ways.

What Can We Do?

Our effort, time, and money must be focused on exposing this group. Until awareness of their predations becomes general knowledge, lasting change is impossible.

How can you say no when the media is controlled? You might take to the streets, as millions did before the invasion of Iraq, but that doesn't matter because the political leaders don't care what people think. They have the military at their disposal. And the media can be used to paint the dissenters as traitors. Common people may struggle with their mental health because of all the lies.

Many laws and politics are created and controlled by psychopathic people. These structures may be insufficient to counteract a society that developed under these deviants’ influence. Let’s hope that enough remains of our will, courts, and tattered constitution to save us now.

Only two things can bring a psychopath under control:

1) A bigger psychopath.

2) The non-violent, absolute refusal to submit to their controls regardless of the consequences.

If every normal person refused to lift a hand to further the psychopathic agendas, if people refused to pay taxes, if soldiers refused to fight, if government workers and corporate drones refused to work, if doctors refused to treat the psychopathic “elites” and their families, the system would grind to a halt.

But that can only happen if everyone understands that these creatures are inhuman. And it can only happen when everyone is miserable enough that any pain the psychopaths can inflict pales in comparison with what the rest of us are going through. It might also happen when there is general knowledge about the world that is being creating for our children.

We must all learn how to spot these deviants. We must struggle against extending our natural mercy and kindness toward them. We must cut them out of any position of power.

People from former Soviet block satellites routinely ignore gaslighting from media, government, and corporations. They develop the ability to read between the lines of propaganda and speculate about what is true. They also able to spot and ignore those who pretend to be revolutionaries but who are rats for the state. Some of them feel sorry for the easily fooled Americans.

We must all learn these skills. A good start is understanding the issues listed at the beginning of this article as referenced in my Substack archives.

Once we identify psychopaths, we must cease interactions with them, cut them off, and refuse to be conned or used. We must continually speak up and never be dominated. Preserving freedom for yourself preserves freedom for others. Our conscience, the voice of truth, is what might raise us out of the grasp of these animals.

Counterpoint by A Midwestern Doctor:

While I agree that things look bleak, the silver lining is that at least a third of the populace is waking up to the criminality and even to the agendas. For example, the distrust of the Covid vaccine is being carried over to the other childhood vaccines. This will be a net financial loss for Pharma.

Background About Psychiatry:

The terms psychopath, sociopath, borderline personality, and anti-social personality disorder are used as near-synonyms in psychiatry. This verbiage changes kaleidoscopically, reflecting fashion or the politically correct message du jour. I won’t dignify the field’s contribution by calling any of these diagnoses.

“Psychosis” refers to people who have trouble determining what is real and what is not. Auditory hallucinations are more typical for "schizophrenia,” a wastebasket diagnosis encompassing these syndromes. Visual hallucinations are more typical when the psychosis is drug-induced.

Psychiatric labels are decreed by corporations and used to compel prescribing of obscenely expensive, brain-damaging drugs. Putting names on vague clusters of symptoms serves no other purpose except deluding psychiatrists and their victims into thinking the pseudoscience is real. The medicines cause many of the syndromes they are purported to improve. None of these drugs has ever been properly studied using sugar-pill controls. Psychiatry kills and tortures people, so its leaders are sociopaths by definition.

Unlike any other medical specialty, no sign, scan, blood test, or physical finding is diagnostic for any so-called “mental health” disease. The third world, which cannot afford all these “treatments,” has far better outcomes. Talking therapy is safer but also frequently abusive and likely no more effective. Psychiatry is our most expensive medical sector, but it is entirely soap bubbles. These are blown up to justify pretensions, Pharma revenues, and doctors’ incomes. Summaries and references for all this are herehere, here, plus the psych chapters from Butchered by “Healthcare.

Popular books:

  • The Psychopath Test (2011) by Jon Ronson is a humorous account that points out inconsistencies and unfortunately trivializes this subject. Ronson is a clever writer, however.

More technical works:

  • The Mask of Sanity (originally pub 1941) by Dr. Hervey Cleckley. Brilliant case reports. I have not read it.

Article reprinted with kind permission of . Original article found here.

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