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Jamie Hale Interviews Anthony Colpo
Dec. 23, 2007.

Do You Believe the Erroneous Myths About Weight Training?
Dec 14, 2007.

Interview With 'The People's Chemist' Shane Ellison
Dec 3, 2007.

Who Is Fred Hahn?
Nov 24, 2007.

Start Running Your Body on the Right Fuel!
Nov 23, 2007.

Interview with Mark McManus from
Nov 14, 2007.

They're All MAD!
Nov 13, 2007.

All Fat Loss Supplements Are Not Created Equal
Nov 9, 2007.

The Biggest Weight Loss Myth in History
Oct. 26, 2007.

The Most Important Supplement You Will Ever Take?
Oct. 14, 2007.

LDL Cholesterol: 'Bad' Cholesterol or Bad Science?
Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, 10 (3), Fall 2005.

A Reply to Wu and Schauss
Criticism of Anthony's 2005 Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons article (beginning on page 2), along with Anthony's reply (page 3).

The China Study: More Vegan Nonsense!
May 17, 2006.


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