Hi there,

I’m Anthony Colpo.

I help people get into awesome shape. I can help you become a lot leaner, stronger, fitter, healthier and more energetic than what you are now.

And I’ll help you do it without bullshit fad diets, drugs, or complicated workout routines.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to get into fantastic shape while eating real food and also continuing to enjoy things like chocolate, cheesecake, beer and pizza …

If you’ve tried cutting carbs, restricting fat, avoiding meat, intermittent fasting, raw food diets, and/or any of the other idiotic diet fads which have NOT been validated by controlled science, have NOT lived up to the wild claims made for them, and have simply left you feeling frustrated and in poorer shape than ever …

If you’re sick and tired of falling for highly-hyped diets and training programs promoted by slick-talking diet and fitness gurus, and having little to show for it except a lighter wallet and an ever-growing sense of frustration and disappointment …

… then you’ve come to the right place.

But first, I must warn you:

WARNING #1: If you’re lazy, politically correct, or still looking for the latest trendy diet or health gimmick, you’d best leave this website NOW.

WARNING #2: If you still faithfully subscribe to the patently stupid Anglo-Western approach to nutrition, which blissfully ignores the “bigger picture” and instead myopically blames isolated components of the diet – be it fat/saturated fat, carbohydrates, meat/red meat, sugar - for all the health woes that have befallen mankind, then this website probably isn’t for you. The sad irony is you need my information more than anyone, but people who embrace this approach – such as vegans and low-carbers– tend to be the most brainwashed, fanatical and obnoxious characters in the entire health field. I simply don’t possess the requisite patience nor training in psychiatric care to deal with such zealots. So if you belong to any of the modern diet, health or fitness cults and can’t handle criticism of your religious beliefs, LEAVE NOW.

WARNING #3: I’m what’s known as an autodidact. In plain English, this means I did my own research and educated myself about diet, training and health, rather than paying tens of thousands of dollars to a university to be indoctrinated with a bunch of misleading dogma recited by a bunch of paunchy, bearded folks who wouldn’t know a barbell from a bar stool. If you think diet or health advice should only come from people with university degrees or PhDs, because their credentials surely make them smarter than everyone else, then you need to click that little X in the top RHS corner of your screen and go back to reading all that useless, cheesy and PC advice that has done absolutely nothing to reverse rising obesity rates and has completely failed to dethrone heart disease and cancer as our number one killers.

I'm a certified fitness trainer, but I don’t have any university degrees. And I truly doubt I ever will. Not because I’m not ‘smart’ enough – I sat the Australian STAT test for mature age students several years back and got a high enough score to get into both a sports science degree course and then a highly-ranked law school. I dropped out of the former after a month, upon realizing I learned far more in a typical single afternoon of reading scientific papers at home than I had in the previous four weeks of university lectures and tutorials. Truth be told, the assignments were intelligence-insulting, the curriculum largely irrelevant, and the lecturers themselves looked to be in dire need of some good physical conditioning advice.

As for law school, well, I managed to tolerate two months of that before running for the door. Let’s just say I had a low opinion of the legal system prior to starting the course - it’s even lower now. Studying law, quite frankly, is an education in the art of bullshit, and I now realize why so many politicians are former lawyers. I figured studying law would arm me with the tools needed to get inside “the system” and fight for some positive change, but all it did was further clarify why a wise man once declared “the law is an ass.”

Sorry folks, but formal credentials just don’t impress me – real knowledge, intelligence and a commitment to impartial, objective analysis does, and – regardless of what many people believe - you can’t buy that from a university. I’m dismayed by the number of university students and graduates who can’t seem to read a published paper properly. In fact, judging by the number of emails I’ve received from this demographic requesting research citations or whining they can’t find a particular paper, many clearly don’t even know how to run basic keyword searches on PubMed or search their university’s online catalogue …

For a striking illustration of how truly deficient our modern tertiary health and fitness education system is, be sure to click the “Critics” link over there on the right hand side of this page. Do that and you’ll be treated to a string of critics who’ve felt the need to attack me over the years. Note how even the ones with MDs and PhDs after their name promptly resort to name-calling, circular argumentation and often outright lies when it becomes clear they cannot intelligently refute my scientifically-backed contentions.

My knowledge has come primarily from two places: Real world experience, and countless hours of pouring through published research papers. This approach to knowledge acquisition has not only enabled me to debunk many widely-held and harmful diet, fitness and health myths, but it has also enabled me to defend my ‘controversial’ (read: non-conformist) contentions against all comers, including those who’ve spent years at university piling up fancy initials after their names.

It’s also allowed me, at almost 50 years of age, to keep in the kind of shape regrettably few 20-year olds are in; the kind of shape even fewer of today’s so-called health ‘experts’ and ‘gurus’  are in. Without any special effort on my part beyond exercising regularly, eating in a healthy but non-neurotic manner, and judicious nutrient supplementation, I maintain year-round single-digit body fat percentages, a youthful appearance that many people insist belies my age, and above average strength and cardiorespiratory fitness levels.


Some insecure people might construe what I just wrote as a boast, but hopefully you will find it encouraging, evidence that there’s a healthy alternative to simply ‘growing old gracefully’ (i.e. giving up and letting the aging process get the better of you). Namely, you can eat right, keep moving, obey a few simple commonsense precepts, and in the process look and feel better than all those diet ‘gurus’ and health commentators that look they spend far too much time on public relations and not enough on a bike.

By distilling my experiences and research endeavours into easily-understandable essays and books, I can save you a lot of time, effort and frustration in your efforts to become leaner, stronger and healthier.

All you need to do is drop the religious, sectarian approach to diet and health, and start opening yourself to the possibility that both the evangelistic ‘gurus’ and so-called ‘respectable’ mainstream health authorities are wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Yours in health,



Anthony Colpo is an independent researcher, physical conditioning specialist, and author of the groundbreaking books The Fat Loss Bible, The Great Cholesterol Con and Whole Grains, Empty Promises.

For more information on Anthony's books, click here.

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