A Message to the ‘Vaccinated’: You Got Screwed (Part 2)

May 28, 2022 Anthony Colpo 0

The clinical trial evidence is clear: COVID ‘vaccines’ do not save a single life. And the real world evidence resoundingly shows the ‘vaccines’ are neither safe nor effective. New revelations from Argentina further underscore the lengths Pfizer-sponsored researchers will go to in order to convince us otherwise.

Replying to Dishonest Attacks on My Book “The Great Cholesterol Con”

February 26, 2022 Anthony Colpo 0

Given the contrarian nature of much of my content, I don’t expect everyone to like me or my work. However, using half-truths, outright lies and personal attacks to discredit me or anyone else with the temerity to go against the grain is not cool. Today, I sink my teeth into the two 1-star reviews of The Great Cholesterol Con that appear on Amazon.com.

PolitiFact Quietly Retracts Fact Check Labeling COVID-19 Lab Origin Theory as ‘Debunked Conspiracy’

May 22, 2021 Anthony Colpo 0

Last year, an exiled Chinese scientist told Tucker Carlson that the CCP created and deliberately released COVID-19. In response, the Gates- and Soros-funded PolitiFact posted a mocking fact check describing the claim as “inaccurate and ridiculous” and a “debunked conspiracy theory.” Turns out it wasn’t so inaccurate, ridiculous and debunked after all – PolitiFact has recently retracted the fact check article.