Is Moderate Drinking Really Healthier than Teetotalling?

August 2, 2022 Anthony Colpo 0

Numerous studies claim moderate alcohol consumption may confer health benefits to those over 40-50 (depending on which study you’re reading). This article explains why the alleged health benefits of moderate drinking are a myth, one based on statistical artifact rather than physiological reality.

A Message to the ‘Vaccinated’: You Got Screwed (Part 2)

May 28, 2022 Anthony Colpo 0

The clinical trial evidence is clear: COVID ‘vaccines’ do not save a single life. And the real world evidence resoundingly shows the ‘vaccines’ are neither safe nor effective. New revelations from Argentina further underscore the lengths Pfizer-sponsored researchers will go to in order to convince us otherwise.

The Bangladesh Mask Study is Back, and it Shows Just How Far Science Has Fallen

February 27, 2022 Anthony Colpo 0

Instead of being relegated to the scrap heap of junk science history – where it belongs – the terrible Bangladesh Mask Study has just been published in Science. To unsuspecting readers, this suggests the study was a quality endeavour able to pass one of the world’s most demanding peer-review processes. In this article, I explain why nothing could be further from the truth.