Trump is Right: The U.S. Election is Being Rigged

November 6, 2020 Anthony Colpo 0

Mainstream media outlets have been vigorously pooh-poohing Trump’s claims of election fraud, but a number of serious anomalies have arisen that demand explanation. Allowing non-postmarked ballots in the key state of Pennsylvania also leaves the door wide open for potential fraud.

Anthony Colpo vs The Evil Duo (Harley “Durianrider” Johnstone & South Australia Police): Part 2

October 9, 2018 Anthony Colpo 0

In June of this year, I was forced to stand criminal trial on the bogus charge of assaulting Harley Johnstone and damaging his bicycle and teeth. Instead of sending me to jail, SAPOL’s case was destroyed in court … and Harley Johnstone was left a crying, blubbering mess. In Part II, I’ll walk you through my arrest, the ten months of madness that ensued, and my two-day trial.

Carry On, Morons

July 13, 2015 Anthony Colpo 0

Congratulations people, on being so incredibly dumb and gullible. Those after your money and freedom are so proud of you!