FACT: People With COVID-19 Live Just as Long, if Not Longer, Than Those Without

Here’s a fun fact about COVID-19:

On average, people who die with this so-called ‘deadly’ flu virus live every bit as long – if not longer - as people without it.

It’s true.

Of course, that inconvenient little fact completely undermines the tsunami of coronavirus hysteria we’ve been bombarded with, so governments and the researchers they sponsor have resorted to a time-honoured strategy:

Lying and data-diddling.

Let’s start with Australia, which has always been a world leader in bullshit. Australians love to “spin a yarn,” and their governmental masters are no exception. Among the multitude of propagandistic agencies spawned by the country’s bloated bureaucracy is the so-called Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, which bills itself as “Australia’s leading health and welfare statistics agency.”

Every two years, these figure-fiddlers issue a report on Australia’s health. This year’s report, innovatively titled Australia’s health 2020, is of course the first to discuss the novel influenza virus COVID-19.

The report, dated 9 June 2020, stated that the average age of COVID-19 deaths was 80 years of age. As we’ll discuss shortly, the real figure is actually higher, but let’s generously assumefor now the AIHW was working with the best data they had available at the time.

What the AIHW did next, however, was utterly unforgivable.

It went on to make the astounding claim that, in Australia, COVID-19 victims were dying prematurely at a rate of 17 years for men and 14 years for women (see page 37 of the report).

This nonsensical claim was eagerly repeated by major media outlets, including the Guardian and Sydney Morning Herald.

What the AIHW was saying, apparently with a straight face, was that those dying of COVID-19 in Australia would have lived to, on average, 94-97 years of age if it weren’t for the new coronavirus.

Their evidence for this astonishing claim?

They provided none. Because they had none. Because the claim was unbridled bullshit.

The best the AIHW could do was cite a Scottish report which made the equally absurd claim that Italian and Scottish data showed the average number of years prematurely lost from COVID-19 per person was 14 for men and 12 for women.

That Scottish report, led by the University of Glasgow's David McAllister and co-funded by the MRC and pro-drug ‘charity’ Wellcome, made some claims that can most generously be described as ludicrous.

The mean age of the deaths in the sample used by McAllister and his colleagues was 77.4 and 81.1 years for men and women, respectively.

We’re not exactly talking young, rosy-cheeked whippersnappers here. But, thankfully, even among these advanced age groups, the overwhelming majority of people who ‘catch’ COVID-19 will survive. Using data from 44,672 confirmed COVID-19 cases in mainland China, for example, researchers from London’s Imperial College found an overall infection fatality rate of 7.8% in those aged 80 and over. In other words, 92.2% of elderly Chinese aged 80+ who become infected with COVID-19 will survive.

In those aged 70-79, the infection fatality rate was only 4.28%, and among those in their 60s it was a mere 1.93%.

Assuming these deaths really were due to COVID-19, and not another ailment disguised by the widespread statistical chicanery that has been occurring with death certificates, it means COVID-19 claims only the sickest, and hence most vulnerable, of the elderly.

Yet McAllister et al and the AIHW want us to believe that, if it weren’t for the pesky COVID-19, Italian, Scottish and Australian patients would have lived another 12-17 years! We are even supposed to believe that the members of this sick and vulnerable group aged 80+ would have gone on to become near-centenarians if it weren’t for COVID-19!

Yeah, no worries.

So how did McAllister et al arrive at this absurd conclusion?

Simple: By employing absurd methodology. They opened up the WHO 2010 Global Burden of Diseases table, which presents years of life lost “by age, but not by sex or extent of multi-morbidity.” This method, they nonchalantly explained, involved summing the expected years of life remaining from the table according to the number of people dying within each age-band.

You’ve probably seen those life expectancy tables which show, not only the overall life expectancy, but the life expectancy for various age groups. For example, the chart at this page shows that, on average, an Australian female born between 2016-2018 can expect to live until 84.9 years of age. However, a woman whose 85th birthday fell within that time frame can expect to live, on average, to 92.5 years of age.

Why do women who have already surpassed the average life expectancy in Australia still have another 7.5 years of life in the tank? Because to have already made it to 85, they are healthier than most elderly folks, and hence enjoy an above-average life expectancy.

Yet McAllister et al want us to seriously believe that the sickest of the elderly - those with multiple comorbidities or whose immune systems were otherwise so beaten down that they succumbed to an otherwise weak flu virus – were actually on course to live another 12 to 14 years!

Here in Shtraya, the AIHW wants us all to swallow the claim that, in a country where a healthy 85 year old female can expect to live another 7.5 years, a woman of the same age who is sick enough to die with COVID-19 could have in fact lived another 17 years!


This is where your tax money goes, Australians. To fund a monumental bureaucratic apparatus that, among its other nefarious activities, routinely and shamelessly feeds with you the most ridiculous bullshit imaginable.

The Latest Bollocks Delivered With a Straight Face: Having Lots of Serious Health Conditions Makes You Live Longer!

Back to the Scots: Further underscoring the absurdity of the McAllister conclusions were the 710 Italian patients who died with (not necessarily of) COVID-19 for whom information on long-term health conditions was available. The proportion with ischaemic heart disease was 27.8%; atrial fibrillation 23.7%; heart failure 17.1%; stroke 11.3%; hypertension 73%; diabetes 31.3%; dementia 14.5%; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 16.7%; active cancer in the past 5 years 17.3%; chronic liver disease 4.1%; chronic renal failure 22.2%.

Some 25.9% of these patients had 2 long-term conditions, and half (50.7%) had 3 or more.

Needless to say, this was not a very healthy group of people.

But again, we are supposed to believe McAllister et al’s patently stupid claim that elderly COVID-19 patients will lose an average of 12 to 14 years of life. Not because of heart disease, cancer, diabetes or a shot liver or kidneys, but because of the relatively piss-weak COVID-19. Even after ‘adjusting’ for comorbidities, they claimed 10.5 and 13.1 years of life lost for female and male COVID-19 patients, respectively!

Welcome to modern-dayresearch, folks, where the scientific method – you know, the quaint, old-fashioned concept of impartially searching for the truth – has largely been relegated to the scrap heap of history.

A More Honest Method of Determining COVID-19’s Effect on Longevity

There are two possible effects that COVID-19 could have on life expectancy:

1. None;

2. Detrimental.

Well, actually, there’s a third but rather unlikely possibility: Namely, some sort of enhancing effect of the virus, kinda like when Peter Parker got bitten by a radioactive spider. Instead of developing radiation sickness, he was transformed into the super fit Spiderman, swinging from building to building and smacking criminals senseless.

For now, let’s assume the first two possibilities are the most plausible.

Now, despite what those dodgey late night commercials would have you believe, no-one can predict the future. Even in hindsight, it’s difficult to say how long someone would have lived if only they did or didn’t have this disease, because life expectancy varies widely in just about any population sample. We all know people who lived apparently clean and healthy lives yet died prematurely, and others who smoke, drank, gorged, burped and farted their way through life yet somehow lived to a ripe old age.

Because we are honest, non-sponsored civilians who just want the unmolested facts, we have little time for those who manipulate data in order to please their government and corporate masters. So rather than drawing misleading ‘years of life left’ figures from the WHO Global Burden of Diseases table, then massaging and ‘adjusting’ them with dubious statistical equations, let’s go with a far simpler and straightforward method:

Comparing the average age of death observed for COVID-19 patients with the average age of death for people from the same country or, preferably, region.

When we do this, we get some very revealing results.

Let’s start with Scotland. McAllister and his team would have us believe Scots who die with COVID-19 would have in fact lived another 12-14 years if only they hadn’t got the virus.

That’s rubbish, to put it nicely.

In July came the news that National Records of Scotland (NRS) data showed the median age of a COVID-19 death was 81 for men and 85 for women.

In contrast, the life expectancy for a man in Scotland is 80.5 and females typically live to 84, according to the Office for National Statistics.

In other words, COVID-19 victims in Scotland actually live a wee beet longer than their infection-free peers.

Maybe the Scots get their COVID-19 from radioactive spiders. You know, ‘zoonotic transfer’ and all…

Now let’s look at Italy, a country used to generate ungodly amounts of COVID-19 paranoia. One key fact that got lost in the barrage of bombastic bullshit was that Italy has the second oldest population in the world. This provided an abundance of people who would be more susceptible to infection, and hence whose deaths could be misleadingly ascribed to COVID-19.

Those who kept an eye on the research rather than simply believing the official hysteria knew back in March that authorities and the media were cynically milking the Italian situation for all it was worth. Because on 12 March 2020, the Lancet published an alarmist paper that nonetheless revealed, of Italian patients dying with COVID-19, 14.1% were aged 90 and up, 42·2% were aged 80–89 years, 32·4% were aged 70–79 years, and 8·4% were aged 60–69 years. In other words, 97.1% of people dying with COVID-19 were 60 years and older.

The median age of death for those dying with COVID-19 in Italy was for 83·4 years for women and 79·9 years for men.

According to the most recent United Nations Population Division estimates, the average life expectancy in Italy is 85.97 years for women and 81.9 years for men.

At first glance, it would seem that COVID-19 is still shaving a couple of years of life from infected Italians.

Not so fast.

Another Italian report from March, revealed a whopping 99.2% of those dying with COVID-19 had co-existing health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, liver and kidney disease, dementia and so on. Almost half – 48.5% - had 3 or more co-existing morbidities, similar to the Italian sample used by McAllister et al. Only a piddling 0.8% were deemed free of co-existing health complications.

So once again, we are looking at people who were in far-from-optimal health to start with. Little wonder their life expectancy fell a couple of years short of the Italian average! To boldly assert – as McAllister et al did – that these patients in fact had another 12-14 years of life left if not for COVID-19 is an absolute farce.

Now let’s return to Australia, the bullshit capital of the Southern Hemisphere where the AIHW took the already absurd figures of McAllister et al, injected them with steroids, then applied them to the local population.

According to the AIHW website, the average life expectancy in Orrstraya is 80.7 years for men and 84.9 for women. Those numbers are from 2018.

The latest UNPD data puts the estimated Australian life expectancy at 85.8 for females and 82.08 for males. Pooling the male and female data together gives a combined life expectancy of 83.94 years.

The Federal Health Department’s website cites Australia’ median age of COVID-19 deaths as 86 years – higher than the average life expectancy!

Australians must be catching their COVID-19 from radioactive spiders too.

As Australian scientist Dr Mark Imisides notes, it is a factual statement to say that in Australia, whether or not you have Covid-19 has as much effect on your mortality as your preference for chocolate or strawberry ice cream.”

Imsides then asks what should be an obvious question: “why are peoples’ livelihoods, businesses, families and futures being destroyed, and people being driven to suicide, to protect them from a disease that is having no measurable effect on mortality rates?”

As this graph from the federal health department website shows, the overwhelming majority of people dying with COVID-19 are aged 80 and over:

Interactive version with death figures can be accessed at: https://www.health.gov.au/resources/covid-19-deaths-by-age-group-and-sex (available 3 Sep 2020).

As of yesterday, 3 September 2020 (the most recent figures available at time of writing), the graph shows 586 Australians have died with (not necessarily of) COVID-19. Numbers reported elsewhere are higher (700+), which the Department of Health blames on delays in notification to their national surveillance system or "where the case's age or sex are unknown."

Of the 287 males, 117 were aged 80-89 and 75 were aged 90+.

Of the 299 females, 130 were aged 80-89 and 115 were 90+.

In other words, 74.5% of deaths associated with COVID-19 in Australia occur in those aged 80+.

This is the so-called ‘deadly’ disease that has been used to transform Australia back into a prison island. In the state of Victoria, the lanky tyrant and loyal Chinese Communist Party ally Daniel “Chairman Dan” Andrews has imposed the world’s harshest lockdown measures. Melbourne, once the closest thing Australia had to an interesting, vibrant city, is now a virtual ghost town where people are not allowed outside between 8pm and 5am, and only allowed to shop and exercise within 5km (three miles) of their home.

To justify this egregious abrogation of human rights, Chairman Dan and his cronies disingenuously declared a ‘state of emergency.’

Yep, a state of emergency – purportedly in response to a virus whose so-called ‘victims’ in fact live longer than the national average!

Premier of Communist Victoria, Dan Andrews (top); President of Communist China and proud owner of numerous Australian politicians, Xi Jinping (bottom).

To all my international readers, I issue this solemn piece of advice: If you have ever contemplated visiting or, heaven forbid, relocating to Australia, then …


Australia is an increasingly dysfunctional, dystopian place – a great place to avoid. If you think I'm exaggerating, then watch the video below, which shows a pregnant Victorian woman being arrested for 'incitement' after allegedly organizing an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook. It should be noted that Australia is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19 of which states:

"Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

In regards to organizing peaceful protests, Article 20 (1) of the Declaration states:

"Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association."

Of course, Australia's legal system is a hypocritical farce. As a citizen of this increasingly autocratic country, you are expected to obey every last letter of the law - but when it comes to Australia's politicians and their armed goons, all of a sudden the law develops both stunning flexibility and a severe case of blindness.

This COVID-19 sham and its accompanying travel ban and police state behaviour has further highlighted the very real dangers to one’s liberty inherent in living in an island nation. By virtue of continental geography, you Americans and Europeans who become disenchanted with your place of residence can always flee to another country. Escaping the prison island known as Australia, in contrast, currently requires a very long and perilous swim.

Ditto for New Zealand which, like Australia, is completely surrounded by large pools of water and has world-beating levels of depression, anxiety and illicit drug use.

Give them a miss.



Updated 5 Sept 2020

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