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Please read the following before emailing: I know it sounds strange, but I try to spend as little time on the Internet as possible, preferring to go outside and do stuff in the real world (a place where they have these things called “streets”, “trees” , “movies”, “beaches”, “comedy clubs”, “cafes”, and “libraries” – you folks over 30 might remember some of those things). What time I do spend on the net is divided between researching, shopping for boots/bike parts/discounted dimethylaminoethanol (try saying that backwards ten times quickly), and keeping tabs on the rapidly imploding world of finance.

As such, my time is limited and a response to any email correspondence cannot be guaranteed. There is an especially awesome chance your email will go unanswered if you’re asking for free advice, pissing and moaning about something I wrote, or trying to convince me to run an ad for your new-improved colon cleansing kit. If lack of response to your email communication tends to trigger psychotic episodes and uncontrollable fits of rage, it’s probably best not to write me in the first place.

Also, please note I am not a doctor and not licensed to give medical advice. The content on this website is for informational and educational purposes only. As such, I can not and will not answer emails requesting personal advice on medical matters. So again, please don’t write asking me what to do about your low testosterone, man boobs, back pain, or if you should stop taking that fungal medication that was featured in a scary CNN story last week. That’s what you pay your doctor for, so please ask him. If you suspect your doctor doesn’t have a clue, then here’s a revolutionary idea: find another one. Also, you could do what some independent thinking adults have been known to do: use the information and citations on this website as a springboard for your own research. That, my friends, is what this website is actually here for.

That said, if you have something really truly earnestly earth-shattering to tell me, then use this addy:

anthonycolpo [@]

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