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LDL Cholesterol: “Bad” Cholesterol or Bad Science?
My peer-reviewed article in the Fall 2005 issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons that explains why the “good cholesterol/bad cholesterol” theory of heart disease is scientifically untenable.

A Critical Response to LDL Cholesterol: “Bad” Cholesterol or Bad Science?, and My Reply

Just as the title says: a couple of doctors claim I’ve got it wrong, and I explain why they’re the ones who are sadly mistaken when it comes to cholesterol and heart disease. To view their letter, scroll down to Page 2 of the PDF; my response is on Page 3.

Colesterol LDL: ¿Colesterol “malo” o mala ciencia?
[Spanish translation of LDL Cholesterol: “Bad” Cholesterol or Bad Science?]

“That Paleo Show” Interview with Yours Truly.
The main topic discussed is the fallacy of the cholesterol paradigm and why the mineral iron holds the key to solving the heart disease riddle. Listen to the full interview here.

The Junk Science Self Defense Manual
Quick’n’easy tips on how to spot bad science when it appears in books, the media, on the Internet, or even medical journals!

They’re All MAD!
The popular exposé that blows the doors off the farcical “metabolic advantage” movement. These are the folks who, with a straight face, claim that low-carbohydrate diets magically speed up your metabolism and that you can gain weight on a high-carbohydrate diet but lose weight on a low-carb diet when eating the same amount of calories. Learn why they’re full of it.

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