Sweet Stupidity (Part 2): The Bitter Truth About Robert Lustig’s Anti-Sugar Claims
Dec 2015 21

Thanks to a viral YouTube video, a best-selling book, and countless media appearances, Robert Lustig has become a widely-quoted and highly influential anti-sugar commentator. Which is a pity, because most of what he says is complete garbage.

Sweet Stupidity (Part 1): Is Sugar Really as Bad as Alcohol, Cocaine & Heroin?
Nov 2015 19

With every passing year, the claims of diet gurus and health ‘experts’ seem to get more and more ridiculous. Today we examine the especially moronic claim that table sugar is as addictive and destructive as alcohol, cigarettes and even cocaine and heroin!

Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Coffee & Mycotoxins: Just Another Load of BS
Nov 2015 05

Thanks to his outlandish claims, Dave Asprey has been described as a “21st Century Snake Oil Salesman”. After having delved into the science behind his claims about “Bulletproof” coffee and mycotoxins, I have to agree.

Coca-Cola: The Drink of Champions?
Oct 2015 31

There is a sports drink so effective that professional cyclists have been using it for over four decades, and around 90% continue to do so despite the proliferation of modern “high-tech” sports drinks. This drink is inexpensive, 100% legal, requires no special preparation or mixing, and can be found at your local supermarket.

Trigon VCS06: The Best Road Bike Saddle in the World?
Sep 2015 21

If you told me 12 months ago the most comfortable road bike saddle I’d ever try would be 100% carbon, have absolutely no padding, weigh a crazy-light 77 grams, and cost less than $200 … well, I would have thought you were either yanking my chain or just plain crazy. But it’s true – there is a saddle out there that possesses each and every one of these qualities. Folks, meet the Trigon VCS06.

Warning: Be Very Wary of Antidepressants (and the Companies Who Make Them)
Sep 2015 19

When independent researchers recently reanalyzed the results of a trial involving the widely-used anti-depressant paroxetine (Paxil), they uncovered some very disturbing results.

How Much Carbohydrate Should You Consume During Exercise?
Sep 2015 18

It’s well accepted that consuming carbohydrate during intense exercise delays fatigue and improves performance – but just how much should you consume?

Ketogenic Diets for Cancer: Promising Cure, or Wishful Thinking?
Sep 2015 12

Can a ketogenic diet cure, or even effectively treat, cancer?

Do Less Exercise and Burn Less Calories, But Get the Same Weight Loss?
Aug 2015 31

A 2012 study claimed to have found similar weight loss among subjects doing low and high amounts of exercise, even though the latter group allegedly burned twice as many calories. The anti-calorie crowd, who probably still believe the Earth is flat, are trumpeting this study as proof of their irrational beliefs. Learn why they’re full of it…

The Real “Paleo” Diet: Big Brains Needed Carbs
Aug 2015 26

Compared to other species, humans have large brains relative to their body size. Numerous theories have been presented as to why this may be. A recent study suggests dietary carbohydrates – in the form of cooked starches – may have played a key role.

Hey Trolls, Put Your Money Where Your Big Mouths Are
Aug 2015 22

A simple challenge to my haters: Prove your bullshit allegations about me, and I’ll give you lots of money!

“The Australian Paradox”: Sugar Didn’t Make You Fat, Excess Calories Did!
Aug 2015 17

Further evidence that excess calories, not sugar, caused the obesity ‘epidemic’.

The Lost Art of the Back-Off Set
Aug 2015 14

Bodybuilders of yesteryear regularly used to include “back-off” sets in their workouts – find out why you should consider doing the same.

Carry On, Morons
Jul 2015 13

Congratulations people, on being so incredibly dumb and gullible. Those after your money and freedom are so proud of you!

Book Review: “Speed Trap” by Charlie Francis
Feb 2015 21

Speed Trap was written by one of the best sprint coaches ever: Charlie Francis. It’s a riveting read that relives Ben Johnson’s fairy tale rise to athletic stardom, followed by his devastating downfall after testing positive for an anabolic steroid at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Much more than just an enthralling biography, the book also doubles as an outstanding instruction manual on the the art and science of sprint training.