Jul 2010 09

Answer: Fred Hahn is a book author with apparently very fragile self-esteem, a rather unimpressive physique, and a bitter grudge against Yours Truly that is driving him to snipe at me all over the internet.

How to Improve Your Grip Without Spending Extra Time in The Gym!
Mar 2013 24

Forearm training is kind of like truth in politics – important, but rarely practiced. Well, now there’s a way you can work those lower arms and improve your grip strength without spending any extra time in the gym!

Sorry Danny Albers, But Low-Carb Diets Still Suck for Athletes!
May 2013 23

Some guy by the name of Danny Albers loudly calls me out over my claim low-carb diets are inferior for athletes – and makes a complete fool of himself in the process.

Danny Albers Replies to My Recent Article
May 2013 24

Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair as Danny Albers tries to rationalize away his recent behaviour.