Jul 2010 09

Answer: Fred Hahn is a book author with apparently very fragile self-esteem, a rather unimpressive physique, and a bitter grudge against Yours Truly that is driving him to snipe at me all over the internet.

Boosting Growth Hormone with Diet & Training: Fact or Fiction? Part 1
Jul 2010 21

Do post-workout spikes in GH (and testosterone, IGF-1) increase muscle growth or strength?

Aug 2010 04

Do low-carb diets boost growth hormone levels?

Nov 2010 03

A number of recent studies show low-carb diets are best avoided if you’re seeking increased muscle and strength.

Dec 2010 28

Just how many grams of protein or amino acids should your pre- and post-workout drinks contain? Let’s take a look at the research conducted so far and see what it shows…