The Bangladesh Mask Study is Back, and it Shows Just How Far Science Has Fallen

February 27, 2022 Anthony Colpo 0

Instead of being relegated to the scrap heap of junk science history – where it belongs – the terrible Bangladesh Mask Study has just been published in Science. To unsuspecting readers, this suggests the study was a quality endeavour able to pass one of the world’s most demanding peer-review processes. In this article, I explain why nothing could be further from the truth.

COVID-19: Face Masks are Not Only Useless, But Harmful (Part 2)

November 5, 2021 Anthony Colpo 0

Masks are not a harmless exercise in virtue-signaling. Their increased use among healthcare professionals during the ‘pandemic’ has seen an accompanying rise in side effects, especially headache. Ultrasound research shows that within 5 minutes of donning a mask, your brain experiences worrying changes in blood flow. Research also shows that within minutes of donning a mask, the level of CO2 in the air you breathe skyrockets.