The Trolls: Still Proving My Books are Scientifically Rock Solid!

Below are some negative reviews of my book The Fat Loss Bible taken from Amazon, along with my replies. I think the antics of my critics/trolls are self-explanatory, so I won't say much more here except that it makes me extremely proud that after all these years, the best my detractors can do when attempting to debunk my work is:

  1. Insult me personally, despite no provocation on my part;
  2. Blatantly lie about both me and my writings.

It goes without saying that unprovoked defamation and dishonesty are pretty pathetic methods of 'criticism' ...

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Malevolent Mara


Zany Zeek and the Hypocrite Bunch


Sammy the Overly-Sensitive Vegan


Roy Read My Autobiography Instead of The Fat Loss Bible?



Anthony Colpo is an independent researcher and physical conditioning specialist. He's also author of the groundbreaking The Fat Loss Bible, which over the last decade has caused countless cases of hypertension and, rumour has it, several aneurysms within the flabby, grumpy diet cult known as "Low-Carb". If you want to find out for yourself why everyone from feral trolls to girdle-wearing diet gurus has attacked the book, and failed miserably, you can get a copy here.

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