Dec 2011 15

Gee, I just love it when some sleazy, lying dogmatic jerk accuses me of being a fringe lunatic out to rip people off…

Jan 2012 16

“Doctor” Janet Brill recently had some rather unflattering things to say about yours truly, along with making some totally untenable claims about cholesterol and whole-grain cereals. Learn why I’d trust an elderly Italian grandmother long before a PhD in dietetics to deliver accurate dietary information…

The Soy-Induced Silliness of Don Matesz, and Why the Cholesterol Theory is as Big a Sham as Ever
Apr 2012 09

Don Matesz is the latest blogger to declare war on scientific reality – and yours truly. Find out just why the guy is so terribly misguided.

Apr 2012 25

Plant Positive, aka PrimitiveNutrition, is a patently dishonest vegan who spreads misinformation while cowardly attacking others behind the veil of anonymity.

May 2012 13

Our cholesterol-phobic buddy Pee Pee continues to drown in his self-perpetuated and self-contradictory sludge, now adding a dash of paranoia to keep things interesting…