Australia: Leading the World in COVID-19 Bullshit

November 22, 2020 Anthony Colpo 0

Thanks to the global scam that is COVID-19, Australia has been transformed back into a giant, dystopian prison island. The rapid onset of totalitarianism here in Australia should serve as a dire warning to the rest of the world not to succumb to the preorchestrated coronavirus hysteria.

COVID-19: How Social Distancing and Lockdowns are Destroying Lives

October 14, 2020 Anthony Colpo 0

Well, it’s now ten months into the shit-show that is 2020, and COVID-19 is still the biggest news story around. Lockdowns and travel bans are still in place around the world, even though studies repeatedly show the ‘deadly’ virus is in fact very benign. While infection fatality rate estimates continue to decline, mental illness, domestic violence, self-harm and suicide are all on the rise.

Reader Mail: Did I Get it Wrong on COVID-19?

September 6, 2020 Anthony Colpo 0

My recent string of COVID-19 articles have drawn a lot of interest. Despite their distinctly contrarian stance, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. However, not everyone is enamoured by my attack on the monumental coronavirus con job that is current taking place around the world …