Australia: Leading the World in COVID-19 Bullshit

Australia: Draconian one day, totalitarian the next. As in all the "Five Eyes" Countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), its leaders disingenuously wank on about democracy, freedom, Western values and the rule of law. In reality, they are largely a bunch of sociopathic deviants who are working diligently to transform their countries from nanny states into full-blown police states.

Australia - the country that laughably boasts about being “young and free” - is in fact a sclerotic, heavily regulated, hopelessly corrupt, anxious, depressed, drug-addled, expensive, debt-ridden farce. The place is also a haven for sexual degenerates, with alarmingly high rates of pedophilia and the world’s 11th highest rate of reported rape.

Young and free, my ass. More like old, sick and perverted.

Not content with such a dysfunctional social environment, which results in the world’s highest per capita lifetime prevalence of generalized anxiety disorder (along with fellow prison island, New Zealand), Australia’s callous leaders are now using the COVID-19 scam to really push the population to the brink.

And it’s working: Mental disorders, self-harm and suicide have already risen since the lockdowns began, and doctors (real ones who treat real patients, not the pretend ones working for government) are predicting what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.

For those of you around the world who are wondering why you should give two turds about some country “down under” that possesses little economic, military or cultural might, listen up. While it is a relatively minor player in world affairs, Australia nonetheless serves as an illuminating warning for residents of other countries not yet infected with the same degree of Orwellian control.

Australia has established a reputation as a testing ground for New World Order social experiments. It is ideal for this purpose because it contains a highly compliant, largely docile population that prefers not to question authority. Those of us here who do stand up to the government and its staggeringly corrupt police forces quickly learn that it’s a lonely fight. This is not Catalonia, where 700,000 people flooded the streets in solidarity to protest at Madrid’s heavy-handed attempt to stop the 2017 independence referendum.

This is not Colombia where, last year, after riot police pulled a young female protester into a van, two members of the public gave chase and pulled their vehicle in front of the van, causing the officers to relent and release the woman in the middle of heavy traffic. That kind of community-minded bravery against heavily armed authority would simply never happen in Australia.

With 4.9 million people, Barcelona’s population is similar in size to that of Melbourne and Sydney. However, there is simply no way you would ever see 700,000 Australians march in the street for any worthy cause. They are simply too apathetic.

The prolifically profound H.L. Mencken once wrote, “The average man doesn’t want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.” Australians are a textbook classic example of a people who have willingly traded their freedom for the illusion of safety and stability. Their reward has been to suffer world-beating levels of anxiety and depression. Life in a cage might be ‘safe’ and predictable, but it is profoundly crushing to the human spirit. The Australian pastimes of binge-drinking, causal hook-ups, debt-fueled conspicuous consumption and vicarious escapism through spectator sport are ultimately unfulfilling and, unsurprisingly to any rational observer, offer little respite from Australia’s empty, anti-social, emotionally distant consumer culture. Little wonder, then, that Australia shares #1 spot alongside New Zealand and America for per capita illicit drug use, and ranks #3 in the world for per capita antidepressant use.

Instead of banding together in solidarity against their true enemies – their hopelessly corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, police and propagandist media – Australians prefer to turn their anger on each other. They especially favor easy targets, like ethnic minorities and refugees. And cyclists. A politically ignorant and easily malleable people, many Australians earnestly believe they are in danger of being subject to Shariah law by the mere 2.5% of Australian residents that identify as Islamic. And when this COVID-19 bullshit kicked into high gear earlier this year, Australia’s legions of racist assholes began harassing and assaulting people of Asian appearance (usually females). Many of these victims were in fact Vietnamese, and therefore could not in any way have had the slightest thing to do with the outbreak of a virus from Wuhan, China.

What many Australians are too dumb to realize is that their biggest enemies are other white, predominantly Anglo-Saxon Australians. Starting with Gough Whitlam, Australia’s Anglo-Australian Prime Ministers have signed a string of so-called ‘Free Trade’ agreements that have traitorously subjugated Australia to foreign interests. As part of the oligarchical New World Order, Australia agreed to become the world’s resource quarry. Once a relatively self-sufficient country, our economy now largely revolves around the rather primitive endeavour of digging rocks out of the ground, loading them onto ships, and sending them to other countries (predominantly China). These other countries (predominantly China) make useful things out of those rocks, then sell these items back to us for a profit.

As it turns out, “Free Trade” is not the same thing as “Fair Trade.” As a thank you for paying their workers ‘award’ rates and complying with strict biosecurity laws, Australian farmers now have to compete with an avalanche of cheap produce from other countries that don’t have the same requirements. Chinese companies are free to buy our land and infrastructure, and to import their own cheap labour to work it. But if an Australian company tried to do the same thing in China?

Yeah, right.

As a thank you for bending over and taking it up the keester as instructed by the global elite, Australia has seen its manufacturing sector go down the gurgler. Australia used to make everything from shoes to bicycles to cars, but the manufacturing sector has since been on a steady march towards extinction. We sacrificed our own interests so the likes of China could purportedly get a leg up, improve their economic standing, and embrace democracy. Instead, China ran tanks over its own people, kicked its Marxist propaganda efforts into even higher gear, and has become increasingly bellicose toward its neighbours – including Australia.

China is buying up Australian land, infrastructure and businesses at an alarming rate as it seeks to project power and influence beyond its shores. And our sleazy, easily-bought politicians have been letting it happen, green-lighting Chinese acquisition of vital Australian infrastructure. The strategically important Port of Darwin is now under Chinese control, and the Port of Newcastle is also now controlled by a Chinese-backed consortium.

Australia’s numbnut bureaucrats even recently allowed a Chinese billionaire - a former People’s Liberation Army soldier with high level connections in the Chinese Communist Party - to buy land directly opposite the headquarters of Australia’s domestic spy agency.

Just brilliant.

For the sake of the countless Australian morons who somehow think this is all the fault of us “wogs,” “brownies” and “gooks” (many Chinese-Australians are in fact dismayed to see their adopted country selling out to their totalitarian motherland), let me list the names of the people who oversaw this traitorous transformation of the so-called ‘Lucky Country’:

Gough Whitlam, Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd (recycled), Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison.

See any Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, Asian or Indian names among that lot?

Me neither.

At this point I’d be inclined to say something like “wake the f**k up, Australia,” but I seriously doubt that will ever happen. Australia is a terribly dumb country. Seriously – in a recent comparison of educational standards, Australia ranked 39 out of 41 middle- and high-income countries. Only Turkey and Romania scored worse. Although I’d have to seriously question whether Turkey and Romania would be so stupid as to allow someone intimately connected to their main geopolitical threat to buy land directly opposite their intelligence agency headquarters...

Like I said, the real reason for this article is to issue a warning to the rest of the world to resist becoming as easily-led and fooled as the people of Australia.

The COVID-19 Insanity Now Playing Out in Australia

In July, in response to the ‘deadly’ virus that in reality is largely harmless and asymptomatic – so much so that most people have to get tested to know they even have it – Victorian premier-turned-dictator Dan Andrews introduced an incredibly strict lockdown. Melbourne residents were forbidden for travelling more than 4km from their homes, were allowed only one hour of outdoor exercise (same as prisoners), and were under curfew from 8pm-5am.

But that wasn’t the end of it. ‘Dictator Dan’ lived up to his new moniker by ordering armed goons to barge into people’s houses and arrest them for the heinous (and bullshit) crimes of “sedition” and “incitement.” Some of you may have already seen the viral videos of this disgraceful police state behaviour. In the most publicized one, Victoria Police goons arrested a pregnant woman in her pyjamas – in front of her children - simply for posting about a peaceful lockdown protest on Facebook.

Another showed the Victorian Stasi smashing their way into the home of James Bartolo, who was then tackled to the ground and arrested. Again, his only crime was to have posted dissenting material on Facebook.

Daniel ‘Chairman Dan’ Andrews. Note the absurd “Staying Apart Keeps Us Together” slogan in the background – textbook classic Orwellian Thinkspeak.

Not to be outdone, South Australia – previously best known for serial murders and boredom – figured it would take a shot at wresting away Victoria’s “World’s Strictest Lockdown” title. And so, out of nowhere, last week on the afternoon of Wednesday 18 November, the malevolents that run South Australia announced that from midnight that evening, South Australians would be under a full lockdown. And to upend their Eastern neighbours and go the extra yard in the totalitarian stakes, they declared South Australians could not even leave the house to exercise or even to take their pets for a walk.

Which meant, on Thursday 19 November, the unthinkable happened – South Australia became even more boring than what it already is.

The thing about Australian leaders though, is that they are idiots. Bogans in suits. They lead, not because of their intelligence, but because of their sociopathic capacity for political manoeuvring and because of their self-appointed monopoly on the use of force. They also owe a lot to the apathy and general stupidity of the people they rule over.

The dimwitted brains trust that imposed South Australia’s utterly inhumane new lockdown had not counted on their gestapo antics going viral - globally. Normally a backwater unknown to most of the world, South Australia now found itself making global headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. People around the world reeled in disbelief at the draconian restrictions. Even in other countries like Spain that had imposed harsh lockdowns, authorities made explicit exemptions that allowed pet owners to take their animals outdoors for exercise. But in the distinctly cuntish manner that seems to have dominated Australian governance and policing ever since the convict days, South Australia’s dogs were forbidden from leaving the house. For pooches living in apartments and townhouses, this not only meant a lack of exercise but a very smelly and dirty time for all involved.

The thoroughly dirty and smelly South Australia Police force, normally preoccupied with viciously bashing unarmed people, extorting people on behalf of the government and extorting brothels and drug dealers on behalf of itself, suddenly had a social media problem that it was ill-equipped to handle.

SAPOL’s publicity woes kicked into high gear when some nightmare of a wife using the tag “Andrea @intouchfornow” posted the following tweet to SAPOL’s “Police News” Twitter account:

As you can see, Andrea publicly berated her husband because he bemoaned the tyrannical lockdown conditions; she simultaneously praised the sickeningly corrupt police force that was enforcing these inhumane abrogations of animal and human rights. But the touching lovefest between husband-hating Andrea and people-hating SAPOL was embraced by few others. At Andrea’s account, scores of people from around the world encouraged her husband to take the dog, flee, and file for divorce. I hope her husband heeds this advice, because I can think of few things more appalling than a wife who reveres the state and its corrupt cops more than her own husband and dog.

And over at the South Australia Police News Twitter account, stunned readers from around the world began piling on the scorn, attacking the restrictions for the callous and cruel farce that they were. Another common response was people asking what the heck they were supposed to do in order to satisfy their pet’s need to defecate and urinate:

“So you’re telling me my dog is supposed to shit and piss inside the house for the next six days? This is a serious question.”

Normally, SAPOL heavily censors its social media channels, quickly removing critical comments while leaving positive praise in order to create the false impression that everybody loves SAPOL. But after Andrea’s Tweet was posted at SAPOL’s account, the force’s Politburo unit struggled to keep up with their censorship duties. And so they did what they always do when they can’t keep a handle on unflattering commentary – they completely deleted the post:

This is how the eminently thin-skinned South Australia Police force deals with digital criticism.

And this is how the criminals-in-uniform deal with criticism in person.

Not used to being scrutinized at the international level, SAPOL and its shady accomplices in the SA Government realized they had a PR problem on their hand. Tyrants tend to have thin skins and fragile egos, and this was a situation they were unable to solve by bashing handcuffed people (a SAPOL favourite) or by telling the world that six days without exercise or pet hygiene was for the good of all South Australians.

And so they backtracked. One-and-a-half days into the lockdown, they announced that starting immediately, people could exercise outdoors with other members of their household and that they could take their dogs for a walk.

And as of the wee hours of Sunday 22 November, people were allowed to hold weddings and funerals once more, but with onerous restrictions. Bars and eateries could re-open, but eating and drinking while standing, or vertical consumption to use the Bullshitspeak of SA premier and fledgling dictator Steven Marshall, is forbidden.

The question that begs to be asked, of course, is why the sudden reversal? If this virus is so deadly it required all South Australians, even those living in remote areas, to go into immediate house arrest, why the removal of these so-called ‘safety’ measures?

And this is where the whole farce would become downright comical, if not for the fact this tyrannical bullshit is destroying people’s lives.

First, let’s quickly recap how this utterly insane state of affairs came about in the first instance.

The excuse used to impose this Orwellian lockdown was the alleged emergence of the “Parafield Cluster.” This so-called cluster involved 23 "confirmed" cases and a further seven "suspected" cases of COVID-19 linked to the northern Adelaide suburb of Parafield.

In other words, 23 people in a state with a population of 1.8 million allegedly tested positive to a largely harmless flu virus.

No deaths, of course. Just a positive test result for a largely asymptomatic infection.

And for this absurd reason, South Australians were ordered into insanely strict house arrest. Of course, the SA Control Freak Collective didn’t call it for what it was. Instead, they gave it the electrifying name of “circuit-breaker.”

The government was “going hard and going early,” it kept saying, sounding like someone who was furiously trying to blow their wad before losing a short-lived erection.

This is not the first time the classless ruling class of SA has resorted to sexual innuendo as part of its misguided public relations. It was the SA Government who back in the 1990s made the state a national laughing stock when it adopted the slogan, “SA: Going All the Way.”


All bizarre government whitewashing aside, even prisoners get an hour of exercise per day, but the people and animals of South Australia were now being deprived of even that minimal concession.

What the pathological liars who run Australia conveniently neglect to remind their hen-pecked constituency is that 75% of the alleged COVID-19 deaths in Australia have occurred in elderly residents of nursing homes, where the average life expectancy is 2.8 years. This is a population group close to death, and typically suffering multiple co-morbidities. As such, there is no proof COVID-19 caused these people’s deaths – if a patient tests positive for or is even suspected of having COVID-19, authorities are allowed to assign that as a COVID-19 death, even if an underlying comorbidity, like heart disease or kidney failure, was the true cause of death.

COVID-19 should be renamed BULLSHIT-19, because the real pandemic is the global avalanche of complete and utter bullshit we are being subjected to. All available evidence suggests COVID-19 is largely harmless. Here are the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) latest “best estimate” infection fatality rates (in the far-RHS column):


So even the CDC’s own data shows that, if you are 19 and under, the virus is essentially a non-issue. If you are aged 20-49, then your odds of dying with COVID-19 are around the same as the annual likelihood of getting struck by lightning: 0.0002.

Even in the 70+ age group - apparently at imminent risk of mass extinction if we’re to believe the ongoing hysteria - the best estimate fatality ratio is a mere 0.054. That means of every 100 persons in this age group allegedly infected with COVID-19, 94.6 will survive.

And again, it must be reiterated there is no proof COVID-19 actually caused this paltry portion of deaths, because - as I have detailed in previous articles - authorities are encouraging designation of COVID-19 as a cause of death even in the presence of far more serious co-morbidities. What’s more, the new International Cause of Death guidelines allow doctors to assign COVID-19 as a “probable” or “suspected” cause of death without testing – even though taking a patient sample requires no more than a nasal or throat swab!

The real danger from this so-called pandemic comes from the draconian police state behaviour, economic and psychosocial devastation, and curtailed health services being imposed under the guise of this non-deadly ‘deadly’ virus.

Suicides, for example, have jumped markedly around the world since the lockdowns began. While COVID-19 infection has a survival rate of over 99%, turning a gun on yourself and pulling the trigger offers only a 17% survival rate. And, unlike COVID-19 where people routinely recover without issue, those who do survive self-inflicted gunshot wounds will almost certainly suffer severe lifetime disfigurement and disability.

While Australia is in no danger of being called an intellectual powerhouse, not everyone here is an idiot. There are some people here who do see through this blatant bullshit. And so while thousands of gullible South Australian sheeple sat in their cars for up to 5 hours in searing heat to get tested for a virus so inconsequential they had to get tested to know whether or not they had it, others greeted the lockdown news by rolling their eyes and muttering “you’re fucking joking, right?”

Thousands of terribly gullible South Australians queuing for hours in the heat to get tested for BULLSHIT-19. All those exhaust fumes must have done wonders for people’s lungs…

So to justify this new lockdown scam, the brains trust that runs the Boredom Republic of South Australia let their imaginations run wild. They brazenly claimed – with no proof whatsoever - that South Australia was now home to the world’s first “super strain” of COVID-19.

Yep, South Australia was now going to be known for something other than Snowtown! It was now the site of the world’s first “COVID-on-steroids” strain!

This never-before-seen strain, they claimed, was a “fourth generation” variant of COVID-19 with an unusually short “incubation period” of 24 hours.

What utter rubbish.

Interstate virologists quickly attacked the idiotic claim a super-strain of COVID-19 was behind South Australia's new 'outbreak.' They said claims of super-strains stretched the boundaries of scientific credibility given they had not been detected anywhere else in the world.

"Rubbish," wrote Professor Greg Dore, an infectious diseases physician and epidemiologist at UNSW's Kirby Institute, in a tweet that sure as heck was not shared by South Australia Police News.

He told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald it was more likely South Australia was simply misinterpreting its own test results. "The virus has not changed at all. It's just the detecting strategy," he said.

Professor Peter Collignon, a leading microbiologist at the Australian National University, also reiterated there was "no evidence" dramatically different strains of COVID-19 existed.


The “circuit-breaker” had blown a fuse and gone up in flames, giving off the distinctive smell of Government Bullshit.

I’m not sure exactly what was said behind the scenes in the sleazy corridors of South Australian power, but I’m guessing it went something like this:

“Shit … I think we f**ked up.”

And so the restrictions were eased.

Now, when you send a population into a complete state of disarray, attract global scorn and have interstate virology experts laugh at your “super-strain” bullshit, causing you to backpedal in embarrassment, you need an excuse. You need plausible deniability. A disingenuous rationalization which allows you to shift the blame to someone else.

Enter Woodville Pizza Bar and the “Spanish national.”

Woodville is a Western suburb of Adelaide. Spain is a beautiful country in the Mediterranean.

If you’re wondering what on Earth they have to do with each other and the recent Commie-style Adelaide lockdown, get a load of this tale. What you are about to read sounds too monumentally ridiculous to be true, but is what has actually happened over the last few days in SADelaide:

On 18 November, as authorities ramped up the “Parafield Cluster” hysteria campaign, they declared "anyone who visited or got takeaway, including delivery, from the Woodville Pizza Bar (58 Woodville Road, Woodville) between November 6-16 must immediately self-quarantine."

The pizzeria had allegedly been frequented by person/s linked to the bogeyman “Parafield Cluster.”

But on Friday 22 November, Steven Marshall fronted the media and gave the most bizarre reason for backpedaling on his dystopian lockdown. He claimed a case linked to the Woodville Pizza Bar involved an individual who told authorities he was a customer, when he was in fact a worker there.

You got that?

One of the 23 COVID cases allegedly worked at the pizzeria instead of merely being a customer there.

And just like that, the lockdown was eased.

The man had “lied,” claimed Marshall.

“To say that I am fuming about the actions of this individual is an understatement,” Marshall said.

“The selfish actions of this individual have put our whole state in a very difficult situation.”

“His actions have affected businesses, individuals, family groups and it is completely and utterly unacceptable.”

No Marshall, it is your actions that have caused widespread hardship to businesses, individuals and families. Your explanation, quite frankly, reeks of bullshit.

SAPOL Commissioner Grant Stevens said the man would not be charged, a most unusual concession from the most prosecution-happy police force in the country.

Few details about this mystery individual were revealed at first, but on 21 November Stevens added new details, claiming it was “a 36-year-old man of Spanish origin on a temporary graduates visa.”

SAPOL then announced it was setting up a special squad, called “Task Force Protect” (give me a break), to “investigate any alleged criminal actions by any person in the lead up to; and post the advice provided to SA Health prior to the recent COVID-19 lockdown.”

This new brains trust, announced SAPOL Assistant Commissioner Peter Harvey, "will comprise of about 20 personnel containing some of the State's most experienced detectives."

Twenty geniuses, including some of the “State's most experienced detectives,” to investigate the staggering revelation that one (1) guy from Spain actually worked in a pizza bar instead of merely buying a pizza there.

Did I mention what a complete farce Australia is?

We’re supposed to believe that because a single COVID-19 case allegedly “lied” about his employment status, it negated the other 22 alleged cases of this supposedly deadly virus!

We’re supposed to believe that it’s “deadly” for a man to walk into a pizza bar, collect his pizza, and leave. So deadly, in fact, that it necessitated the almost complete shutdown of a large but sparsely-populated Australian state.

However, when it turns out this exact same person didn’t merely visit the pizza bar, get his food and leave, but instead worked there – which meant additional contact with co-workers, customers and food containers – it’s OK!

Yep, instead of being a casual customer, he was a person with the potential to pass his “deadly” infection on to a much larger group of people.

But that’s OK! False alarm! Whew!

Only a bunch of Australian bureaucrats could come up with an explanation so utterly illogical. And only a bunch of Australians would be dumb enough to believe it.

That’s right, instead of venting at Marshall and his merry band of partners-in-bullshit, South Australians – in classic dipshitted Aussie fashion - began venting at the Woodville Pizza Bar and the mystery Spaniard instead.

There is no suggestion that the owners or managers of the business knew their Spanish employee “lied” to anyone. And according to Stevens, the Spaniard was in the country lawfully. Not to be deterred by these inconvenient facts, angry South Australians flooded the Woodville Pizza Bar’s Facebook page with scathing comments after Marshall’s fanciful press conference. Google reviews for the shop had also been shut down on Friday afternoon.

Ugh. Another innocent small business ruined by this COVID-19 crap.

And yet another infuriating example of Australians turning on their fellow citizens instead of directing their angst at the malfeasant ruling class that really makes their lives a misery.

Angry South Australians have also been calling for the Spaniard’s head, to which old mate Stevens intimated el hombre might face deportation when his visa allegedly runs out in mid-December. Those of you who have ever spent any length of time in both Australia and Spain will know this is not a punishment, but a reward.

Meet the Three Stooges

So who, exactly, was the brains trust behind this recent outburst of totalitarian stupidity?

Meet South Australian Premier Steven Marshall, South Australian Police Commissioner Grantley “Grant” Stevens, and SA Chief Public Health Officer Nicola Spurrier.

Steven Marshall

Steven Spence Marshall is an Australian politician. That right there should constitute “enough said”, but let us continue. The 52 year-old Anglo-Australian entered South Australian Parliament in 2010, and became premier in 2018. Like most Australian political leaders, he has a long, proud history of promising one thing, but then doing another. In August 2012 he said he would be willing to sign a pledge that he would not challenge then-opposition leader Isobel Redmond for the Liberal Party leadership. On 19 October 2012, Marshall and another Liberal politician declared a leadership challenge against Redmond. She retained the leadership by one vote, but would later bow out of the sleazy game that is Australian politics.

Which left Marshall as leader of the opposition. While campaigning for the 2018 state election, Marshall and his party criticised the Labor government's longstanding reliance on speeding fine revenue. Marshall claimed he was concerned speed cameras were being used in South Australia for revenue-raising purposes (of course they were). He promised that, if elected, he would order a review of all speed camera locations and remove any cameras deemed to be revenue raisers.

Marshall was duly elected and did order his promised review. Only two existing speed cameras were decommissioned – while 10 new cameras were installed!

And to really show South Australians what he thought of them, he dramatically raised speeding fine amounts by up to 60%. Marshall’s treasurer, Rob Lucas, nonchalantly announced that the increase in speeding fines was part of a government effort to recoup $79 million of a $500 million reduction in expected GST revenue.

Steven Marshall’s Liberal Party, which attacked the use of speed cameras as revenue raisers when in opposition, was now unabashedly confirming beyond all doubt it had embraced these same cameras for that very purpose itself.

Upon taking power, Marshall declared to the press “South Australia is open for business!” But the reality is that, under Marshall’s rule, the state has simply suffered more of the same.

Along with Queensland, SA continues to suffer the highest unemployment rate in the country.

South Australians also continue their unenviable role as one of the nation’s poorest populations, with only Tasmanians having a lower median average income.

Adelaide has always had a major drug problem, even by Australian standards. Last year, a global wastewater analysis study awarded Adelaide the title of “meth capital of the world.” It should go without saying that is not something to be proud of.

Contrary to what Marshall declared upon being elected, South Australia is not open for business. Well, drug dealers and their corrupt SAPOL handlers are clearly doing a roaring trade, but honest small businesses are being forced to shut down against their will and lives are being ruined.

South Australia, however, does remain open for bullshit – and during this past week, the state received a super-sized serving of the sticky brown stuff courtesy of its shambolic government.

For his role as ineffective and counter-productive leader of South Australia, Marshall receives a salary of over AUD $400,000 (US $292,000) per year courtesy the hapless taxpayer.

Grant Stevens

Grantley “Grant” Stevens is a career bureaucrat with 36 years in policing and over a decade as a member of SAPOL’s senior executive cabal. He has been Commissioner of the terminally corrupt and famously misogynistic and racist South Australia Police since July 2015.

Stevens has no medical or health expertise or qualifications, but is nonetheless a member of the unelected board of bureaucrats who oversee South Australia’s response to the non-deadly ‘deadly’ coronavirus.

His other career achievements include falsely blaming a fatal accident on two truck drivers who in fact were driving slowly in poor visibility conditions; one had even been trying to warn others of a dangerous road hazard. The family of the youngest of the two dead drivers found out about his death when SAPOL raided a business they were working at, despite the fact their deceased family member was not employed there. The incredibly callous cops not only refused to let the distraught family members leave the premises so they could visit the nearby accident scene, they would not even answer their questions about what happened!

Nice one, SAPOL.

Yet another Stevens achievement has been to happily excuse his officers when they engage in violent, bullying behaviour towards innocent and unarmed citizens - effectively giving the green light for them to continue their thuggery.

On 5 December 2012, SAPOL Constable Matthew Schwarz viciously bashed two unarmed homeless men using his elbows, fists and baton. As a magistrate later confirmed, the men had done nothing wrong. Schwarz simply became offended when the men refused to talk with him and completely lost his shit. The SAPOL officer flew into a rage and began viciously assaulting the men in Whitmore Square, in full view of onlookers and a Channel 7 film crew.

Heavy-handed bully Matthew Schwarz, literally tripping over himself in order to bash two innocent homeless men.

In its textbook sleazy fashion, the malevolent force ignored Schwarz’s wholly unjustified violence and instead prosecuted the two victims for assault, a routine SAPOL ruse known as malicious prosecution. Both men were eventually found innocent and later sued for damages.

While the aftermath of Schwarz’s thuggish attack was playing out in court, it was revealed a second complaint of aggressive misconduct had been made against him. This time, for threatening a young girl. A teenage P-Plate driver complained the belligerent officer had thumped on her car window and threatened her.

The Police Ombudsman called for Schwarz’s police ID to be revoked in the interests of public safety but none other than old mate Grantley Stevens refused. This was the same Stevens who, in response to a report showing endemic sexual harassment within SAPOL, solemnly pronounced SAPOL “must show we are committed to preventing inappropriate behaviour, supporting victims and investigating complaints and taking action as appropriate.”

Sure thing, Grantley.

Last year, Senior Constable Ben Higgins was caught on camera sucker-punching a handcuffed man in the face. Higgins claimed he did so because the man spat on him. The video below clearly shows the man, Clarence Yates, leaning away from Higgins and spitting on the ground.

In its true malevolent form, SAPOL charged Yates with spitting on Higgins. In a recent court hearing, Higgins claimed Yates first spat on the ground, then spat directly on him, even though the video evidence shows this is complete hogwash. As with Schwarz, Higgins felt fully emboldened to embellish his story even though he was caught red-handed on camera.

And why wouldn't he, when officers of his thuggish ilk have the full support of their commissioner?

In a statement that has since been removed from the SAPOL website, Stevens wrote: “My officers should not tolerate being assaulted and I expect them to take reasonable action to protect themselves so they can go home unharmed to their families.”

“That means they’re allowed to use reasonable force, and it means people are going to get hurt if they try to assault a police officer,” he added, blissfully ignoring the fact that coward-punching someone in the face while the victim is handcuffed and being restrained by two other officers is not reasonable force.

“I fully support the professional way they deal with those in the community who think it’s OK to threaten or assault police”.

Again, why Stevens made this comment when the video footage clearly shows a handcuffed and restrained Yates posing no threat to Higgins or the other officers remains unknown.

As it turns out, Higgins has a history of cowardly assaulting defenseless people. On 4 February 2017, 43-year old Nathan Cross was arrested and taken to Victor Harbor Police Station. As he was taken to the station’s charge counter, Cross had his hands cuffed behind his back and was surrounded by four officers. Suddenly, Higgins placed his hand behind Cross’ head and violently rammed it face first into the counter. As the video below shows, the impact knocked Cross out cold.

Once again, in true sleazy SAPOL fashion, it was Cross who was maliciously charged with assault. To justify his cowardly assault on Cross, Higgins claimed he feared “he was going to be spat at” and “headbutted” by Cross. It seems the "spitting" excuse is a trusty Higgins standby.

As Magistrate Sue O’Connor pointed out when clearing Cross of the vexatious and malicious charge, the CCTV video footage showed no indication that Cross was going to spit or headbutt Higgins.

Despite his history of cowardly and vicious assaults on unarmed people, SAPOL has done sweet fuck all to reprimand Higgins.

The message from SAPOL, which disingenuously claims to be “Keeping SA Safe,” is clear:

“You, the public don’t matter. We will bash the shit out of you if we feel like it and, as an added bonus, we will then charge YOU with assault. Now fuck off.”

For his role in overseeing an increasingly militarized police force that cowardly bashes people on a routine basis then maliciously prosecutes the victims for assault, Stevens was recently awarded a 10% pay rise, bringing his annual salary to AUD $530,000 (US $387,000).

Nicola Spurrier

Professor Nicola Spurrier is the Chief Public Health Officer for SA Health, with whom she has worked for 29 years. In other words, she's another career bureaucrat, one who has spent three decades with the department responsible for South Australia's increasingly dysfunctional health system.

A disgraceful and truly heart-breaking example of this rampant dysfunction was the deaths of four South Australian newborns in September and October, who were denied access to lifesaving cardiac treatment due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions here in evil Australia. South Australia is the only mainland state in Australia without extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines, similar to heart-lung bypass machines, for children and infants. South Australia, you see, has plenty of money to pay grossly exorbitant salaries to the likes of Marshall, Stevens and Spurrier, but somehow can’t find the coin for this life-saving medical equipment.

Which meant the children had to be transferred to hospitals in neighbouring Victoria or New South Wales. But thanks to the disgraceful border restrictions Marshall, Stevens and Spurrier disingenuously claim are “saving lives”, that didn’t happen. When it was intimated that Victoria played a role in these terribly sad deaths, Dictator Dan said the Victorian government did not make the decision to turn away the children. “There was a choice not at our end, but the other end for them not to be sent,” Andrews told reporters at a press conference.

Spurrier confirmed to the media she was consulted on the transfers, but did not reveal what recommendation she made and declined to comment on whether she believed the right decisions were made. With four babies effectively sentenced to death thanks to anti-scientific coronavirus hysteria, it should be bleedingly obvious the wrong decisions were made.

Another screw-up that South Australia tried blaming on its eastern neighbours involved a UK woman with COVID-19 who arrived in SA from Victoria, allegedly unannounced. After Victorian authorities promptly produced an email confirming they did indeed notify South Australia, Spurrier was forced to backtrack and apologize after initially blaming the Vics for the bungle.

And then there were Spurrier’s patently absurd comments about a "sneaky" new SA-exclusive “super-strain” of COVID-19. Spurrier told the media last Tuesday the virus circulating in South Australia had a "very, very short incubation period … That means when someone gets exposed, it's taking 24 hours or even less for that person to become infectious to others," she said – without providing any evidence whatsoever.

"The other characteristic of the cases we've seen so far is they have had minimal symptoms and sometimes no symptoms but have been able to pass it on to other people."


COVID-19 that is transmitted in the face of little or no symptoms? Um, Nicola ... that's called regular COVID-19, not a "super strain."

In return for spouting such pseudoscientific drivel and her role in a never-ending stream of cock-ups, Spurrier not only enjoys a lavish annual salary but was also nominated as the SA entrant for the 2021 Australian of the Year Award!

The Australian of the Year website claims Spurrier has displayed a “calm, honest and direct approach” during the Scamdemic and given “sound public health advice.”

I think I’m going to puke...

This folks, is the pack of Einsteins supposedly protecting South Australian public health: A duplicitous politician, a short-tempered police chief who storms out of press conferences when journalists ask him challenging questions, and a professor who rambles quickly-debunked nonsense about a SA-exclusive "super-strain" of COVID-19.

It's All Bullshit

Clearly, the real reason a largely harmless influenza virus is causing global lockdowns is not because of the public health threat it poses. As I recently explained, the lockdowns themselves are causing far more health and social devastation than any largely asymptomatic flu virus could ever dream of.

The real reason behind the worldwide coronavirus con is to make way for global communism via the elitist Great Reset. This is not conspiracy "theory" folks, it's right there on the World Economic Forum website:

"In short, we need a 'Great Reset' of capitalism ... There are many reasons to pursue a Great Reset, but the most urgent is COVID-19."

This is the classic Problem-Reaction-Solution scam in play on a global scale: Create a problem and use the media to create widespread fear, causing a reaction among the gullible and scared sheeple, then present your preconceived solution.

The WEF wanks on and on about how badly this reform is needed and how wonderful it will be for the world, but they don't state exactly what they're going to do.

That's because they're about to fuck you - hard.

The Great Reset was originally scheduled to be announced during the annual elitist love-fest at Davos, on January 26-29. However, the elites figured they'd better wait and see how the results of their US election-rigging panned out, so the Davos gathering has now been postponed to a later, yet-to-be-announced date.



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Please avoid antidepressant drugs as they have been shown to increase the risk of suicide in all ages (not just under 25s as the official propaganda claims). The suicide risk of antidepressants is especially pronounced during the first month of use, after dosage changes and in the first month after cessation of use. If you are already taking antidepressants and wish to stop, do not do so suddenly – gradually taper down your dose and let your family, friends and doctor/s know what you are doing.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a serious medical condition, call an ambulance or the appropriate emergency number for your location, or present yourself to an emergency ward as soon as possible. COVID-19 is highly unlikely to kill you, but an untreated heart attack or stroke can easily prove fatal.

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