Hey Trolls, Put Your Money Where Your Big Mouths Are


One of the sad things about the Internet is that the safety of distance and anonymity emboldens many of its users to act like absolute fucktards. Losers who have achieved little of value in the real world suddenly become vocal warriors ready to attack anyone and anything that threatens their self-esteem/cherished beliefs/myopic world view.

Today I was sifting through the many positive reviews of my book The Fat Loss Bible on Amazon, looking for two reviews in particular that I wanted to add to the favourable testimonials already quoted over at TheFatLossBible.net.

In the process, I came across a review graciously left by a UK reader by the name of Tim Megginson. Tim had purchased my book in its pre-Kindle format and had written to me in 2011 to express praise for the book and to also ask me a few technical questions. Tim is a fitness trainer from the UK; he's a nice guy and, like many of us, began his journey towards improved health and fitness after experiencing illness. You can read his story here:


Below Tim's review was a link that read "2 comments". Out of curiosity, I clicked to read the comments and was rather surprised to find that the two commenters were both essentially accusing me of having surreptitiously written Tim's review. Their comments, and my response, can be viewed below:


I've found the offer of monetary reward to be a great way of calling out bullshitting loudmouths. Years ago, when the sleazy Dr Michael Eades of Protein Power fame was wanking on about the non-existent 'metabolic advantage' allegedly conferred by low-carb diets, and calling me every name under the sun for highlighting his pseudoscientific hogwash, I told him I'd donate $20,000 to the charity of his choice if he could provide even a single metabolic ward trial showing statistically significant greater fat loss on a low-carb diet. Of course, given that every single ward study to date had completely failed to show any such greater fat loss, Eades would've also had to explain how this ward study that I'd somehow miraculously overlooked managed to achieve such a contrarian result. In other words, he'd essentially have to prove that all the other ward studies were somehow fatally flawed or their results falsified.

Instead of rising to the challenge, Eades proceeded to confirm his sleazeball status by attempting to bribe me into silence. He claimed he would approach a book agent on my behalf in order to facilitate a publishing deal for The Great Cholesterol Con.

Which brings me to one of the things I find most offensive about stupid people - they all seem to assume I'm as dumb as them. The same guy who publicly called me all manner of names and repeatedly accused me of "flimflammery" suddenly wanted to help me get published?

Yeah, no worries.

The real cracker came when he said we should keep what he thought would be our future lovey-dovey communication private, hidden from our readers. Yep, we could continue sledging each other in public, but were to keep our newfound collusion to ourselves.

Needless to say, I found the very suggestion disgusting. As if his "I'll get you a meeting with a book agent" ruse wasn't insulting enough, he was now asking me to lie to my readers.

What a duplicitous little prick.

I promptly shut him down, and did the exact opposite of what the pious slimeball requested: I published his disgraceful communications for all the world to see:

Enraged that his idiotic ploy didn't work, Eades then proceeded to unleash a tirade of venom in articles with such titles as "Anthony Colpo: A Man Obsessed", "Learn Why Anthony Colpo is MAD", blah, blah, blah. And in doing so, finally revealed his true colours.

Of course, one good turn deserves another, so I proceeded to reveal the full extent of just how hopelessly deluded both Eades and his fellow believers in the metabolic advantage sham really were:

The Great Eades Smackdown, 2010! Part 1
The Great Eades Smackdown, 2010! Part 2

Then there's Harley "Durianrider" Johnstone, the vegan loudmouth who emanates from Adelaide, Australia. It's a strange place, Adelaide. While Sydney is known for landmarks like the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Melbourne consistently beats out other cities from all around the world to win "The World's Most Livable City" award, Adelaide is best known for its churches, serial killings, and excruciating boredom. That boredom can do terrible things to people's brains. Combined with a vegan diet woefully deficient in B12, it can be catastrophic. In Johnstone's case, the mental manifestations include pathological lying, bragging about eating ungodly amounts of bananas, and rabidly attacking anyone who doesn't share his bizarre dietary beliefs.

A few years ago, Johnstone turned his vitriol towards me, claiming among other things that I was morbidly obese, and that the 2010 photo of me at TheFatLossBible.net had been "photoshopped". I subsequently announced publicly, and via email to the fake alias that the cowardly Johnstone was using to antagonize me, that I would be more than happy to meet with him and confirm, in the flesh, that it was indeed me in the photo. There would be one proviso: Each of us would have to bring along $1,000 in cash to an agreed meeting place, where I would proceed to remove whatever layer of clothing adorned my upper body. If upon removal of said garments it became apparent that it was not my physique that appeared in the aforementioned photo, Johnstone would get to keep my $1,000. If, however, the physique I displayed was indeed the one in the photo, I would promptly relieve Johnstone of his $1,000. I also told Johnstone he should feel free to bring a camera and record the event, because I certainly would.

For some strange reason, the money hungry and attention-craving Johnstone suddenly went silent at the prospect of such a face-to-face meeting.

The loudmouthed vegan, who normally has a lot to say, also went remarkably silent when Sandra Bashyr - who the repugnant Johnstone had falsely accused of child pornography after she went public with the side effects she suffered after adopting his absurd dietary recommendations - offered him $10,000 to prove his sleazy allegations. Once again, Johnstone - who never met a money-making opportunity he didn't like - suddenly went stone cold silent.


Also worthy of mention here is the serial troll who goes by various monikers, but most commonly "Razwell". This nutcase completely lost his shit several years back after I committed the heinous crime of failing to reply to one of his emails within 24 hours:


He has since sent me literally hundreds of emails containing sexual and racist taunts, and is also fond of spreading bullshit rumours about me on the Internet every chance he gets. Yep, all because I didn't reply to one of his emails in what he deemed to be a timely manner.

What a fuckwit.

Among his more recent malicious accusations, Mr "Razwell" recently posted on the Internet that he had hired "forensic" analysts to inspect my 2010 photo and these alleged experts had produced proof that it was fake. Well Mr Razwell, I have a proposition for you. How about you emerge from your cowardly veil of anonymity, name these alleged experts, and present the 'proof'. If another team of independent forensic analysts can indeed confirm their findings and verify this photo is "fake", I'll gladly give you $10,000 also.

Or you could instead meet the challenge I proposed to Johnstone: Meet me face to face, and if it is apparent from a real life viewing of my torso that the photo was "faked", I'll give you $10,000 cash in hand.

I'd actually prefer you accept the second option. Then when we meet face-to-face, you can try repeating all those vile sexual taunts and calling me "wop" and "dago" to my face like you've been doing via email for the last seven years ... we'll see how that works out for you when the safety of distance is eliminated and you're standing right in front of me.

So come on "Master Hahn", "Brett Robson", Johnstone, Razwell et al ... put your money where your big mouths and tiny testicles are, and back up your claims with some actual proof.

How hard can it be? If you're telling the truth, this will be the easiest money you clowns ever make!

Of course, if you're lying ...


Addendum 23-8-2015: A Response From One of the Biggest Nutcases on the Internet

Woke up this morning, checked my emails, and received the following messages from the demented Razwell. Here he is folks, in all his rambling, racist, insane glory:


While some may consider Razwell an extreme example, the woefully low level of intelligence he exhibits is actually typical of my critics.

I don't want to spend too much time on this piece of shit, so I'll make this quick.

Firstly, I offered Razwell $10,000 if he could prove his claims that my photo was faked. Razwell has once again repeated his accusations, and even added a new one: Claiming that I am "Jay" (a reader from the US who has written to me on numerous occasions, posted a favourable review of The Fat Loss Bible on Amazon, and who once also reprinted my critique of The China Study in an Amazon review of Campbell's book).

But once again, no proof whatsoever.

What's the matter Razwell, don't you like money? Imagine all the blow-up dolls an adult virgin like yourself could buy with ten grand!

Re the legendary Eddie Merckx, you have no fucking clue. I'll let the great man himself explain why he gained so much weight and how he lost it. During an appearance on the Belgian program Sportweekend, Merckx was asked about his own health, and the secret of his substantial weight loss in 2004:

"Ha, there's all those things people say. Some even say I got a stomach "ring" put in so I could lose this weight. What really happened is that I had an operation on the oesophagus because I had been troubled by serious heartburn for quite some time. This caused me to be awake for hours during the night and the situation also made me eat less and lose weight to start with. Simultaneously I was starting to get into an exercise routine and I watched my diet. After retiring from pro cycling, but liking great food and a beer, the weight stacked on easily. I weighed 113 kg at one stage; it had to come off, now I'm back down to 85 kg."

Re T. Colin Campbell 'exposing' me as Jay, thanks for the laugh, but as history shows, it was yours truly who had to inform the fact-challenged Campbell that the review posted by Jay on Amazon was excerpted from one of my posts:

The China Study: More Vegan Nonsense!

By the way, those who are interested in a further dissection of the pro-vegan hogwash being propagated by Campbell should check out this article as well:

Forks Over Knives: The Latest Vegan Nonsense Dissected, Debunked and Destroyed

Anyways, back to Spazwell, who chastises me for "wanting to fight people" (violence isn't my preferred method of dealing with people, but in Razwell's case I'd happily make an exception), but then writes how he'd "LOVE to meet" me and smack my "dago butt a bit".

Well then, it's settled! We both strongly dislike each other and have now both expressed the desire to administer some whoop-ass on each other, so what are you waiting for? Get your cowardly ass down to Australia (assuming you don't already live here), and we'll mix it. And don't cry poverty - the $10,000 you'll collect when you present me with proof of your allegations will more than cover your airfare, accommodation, and plenty of sightseeing around this big ol' sunburned country.

Assuming you have such proof, of course. So far you've completely failed to present any, but of course that won't even begin to stop you from sending more sub-moron level communication that evades the issue at hand, will it?

Adios dickhead,


PS. Good luck in "putting my site out of business" - it's actually free, but don't let a simple fact like that stop you. You've been rabidly harassing me for seven straight years now, and you've achieved absolutely fuck all. Maybe start keeping a log of all the hours you spend writing and sending me spam emails (most of which go unread) and trying to slander me all over the Internet, then weigh it up against the complete lack of results you're achieving.


Remember that email you sent me where you threatened "this is never going to end for you"?

Nah mate - this is never going to end for you. I can only imagine the mental torment that must grind away in the fucked-up head of someone who goes totally ballistic, and carries on a rabid seven-year hate campaign, all because someone didn't respond immediately to one of their emails back in 2008.

You're a complete fucking waste of space. That innocent children die of rare fucked-up cancers while repulsive, demented and hate-filled pieces of shit like yourself live on to terrorize the Internet is all the proof I need that 'intelligent design' is a complete load of garbage.


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