Can Vitamin D Prevent and Treat COVID-19?

January 15, 2021 Anthony Colpo 0

Numerous clinical trials have shown vitamin D supplementation is very effective in preventing acute respiratory tract infections – without the side effects of vaccines. Preliminary evidence suggests vitamin D is also effective in ameliorating COVID-19 infections.

Real Meat vs Fake Meat

December 12, 2020 Anthony Colpo 0

Real meat is a natural, nutrient-dense product fuelled by solar-powered bio-mass. Fake meat is a heavily industrialized, unnatural and nutritionally inferior imposter.

Australia: Leading the World in COVID-19 Bullshit

November 22, 2020 Anthony Colpo 0

Thanks to the global scam that is COVID-19, Australia has been transformed back into a giant, dystopian prison island. The rapid onset of totalitarianism here in Australia should serve as a dire warning to the rest of the world not to succumb to the preorchestrated coronavirus hysteria.