The Real “Paleo” Diet: Big Brains Needed Carbs
Aug 2015 26

Compared to other species, humans have large brains relative to their body size. Numerous theories have been presented as to why this may be. A recent study suggests dietary carbohydrates – in the form of cooked starches – may have played a key role.

Hey Trolls, Put Your Money Where Your Big Mouths Are
Aug 2015 22

A simple challenge to my haters: Prove your bullshit allegations about me, and I’ll give you lots of money!

“The Australian Paradox”: Sugar Didn’t Make You Fat, Excess Calories Did!
Aug 2015 17

Further evidence that excess calories, not sugar, caused the obesity ‘epidemic’.

The Lost Art of the Back-Off Set
Aug 2015 14

Bodybuilders of yesteryear regularly used to include “back-off” sets in their workouts – find out why you should consider doing the same.

Carry On, Morons
Jul 2015 13

Congratulations people, on being so incredibly dumb and gullible. Those after your money and freedom are so proud of you!

Book Review: “Speed Trap” by Charlie Francis
Feb 2015 21

Speed Trap was written by one of the best sprint coaches ever: Charlie Francis. It’s a riveting read that relives Ben Johnson’s fairy tale rise to athletic stardom, followed by his devastating downfall after testing positive for an anabolic steroid at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Much more than just an enthralling biography, the book also doubles as an outstanding instruction manual on the the art and science of sprint training.

Dogma Destruction: Phinney’s Dodgey Ketogenic Cyclist Study Revisited
Feb 2015 20

A reader attempts to defend the indefensible: Stephen Phinney’s infamous keto cyclist study. This study is widely-touted by low-carb advocates as proof their beloved diet doesn’t impair endurance performance – but it showed nothing of the sort.

Will Taking a Break From Weight Training Hurt Your Progress in the Gym?
Jan 2015 11

If I told you that after every six weeks, you could stop lifting weights and enjoy a 3-week holiday from the gym, yet still make just as much progress as someone who trained continuously, you’d probably think I was crazy. But that’s exactly what Japanese researchers observed in a recent study!

Cyber-Bully James Fell Creates New Cure For Insomnia!
Jan 2015 11

Cyber-bully and pretend health writer James Fell proudly continues his quest to make a complete ass of himself. And in the process, might just have endowed us with an “alternative” cure for insomnia!

Meet Allison Fall, MD, the “3D” Doctor: Dumb, Deluded, and Widely Disliked
Jan 2015 09

Only two people have written to protest my recent “adrenal fatigue” article: not surprisingly, one was James Fell. The other is someone who exhibits the same narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, authority-revering and proudly ignorant mindset he does. Meet Allison Fall, MD, the Colorado IME doctor routinely rated as “poor” by her patients.

“Adrenal Fatigue” & James Fell: Further Proof Most Health Journalists are Clueless
Jan 2015 06

This week’s article is a special 2-for-1 deal: You get a peek inside the mind of a loud-mouthed ignoramus masquerading as a health reporter and you’ll learn the truth about “adrenal fatigue”!

Another Bullshit Anti-Red Meat Study
Jun 2014 14

It happens every year without fail: Some bunch of researchers who really should get a real job publish some mega-study claiming red meat increases cancer risk. Like every such study that has gone before it, this year’s effort is a load of confounder-prone bullshit.

Introducing the Most Effective Fat Burning Device Ever Invented
Jun 2014 03

Introducing the most effective fat loss device money can buy!

Dumb & Irrational People: What You Can Learn From Them
Mar 2014 27

They have a lot to answer for, but stupid people do have their uses. In addition to making smart people feel better about themselves, dopey and irrational people often serve important educational functions.

The Top 5 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working
Jan 2014 29

Forget all those goofball solutions for weight loss failure – here are five very real reasons why your fat loss diet isn’t working.