Dear Brad Hazzard: Why Do You Spout So Much COVID Nonsense?

If being an obnoxious dimwit is ever made a crime, the first police line-up will probably look a lot like Australia's current motley assortment of health and medical officers.

There's the likes of Nicola Spurrier who, when issuing recent COVID-19 restrictions in South Australia, designated "singing" as a high-risk and forbidden activity. Apparently, belting out Jimmy Barnes tunes at the pub with your friends could light the alleged "tinderbox" that is SA and lead to a COVID "catastrophe."

But when asked why authorities were allowing an AFL football game in a large stadium with tens of thousands of screaming fans, the best response the wobbly-headed Spurrier could muster was:

"If you are at, um, Adelaide Oval and the ball comes toward you, my, err, advice to you is to duck and just do not touch that ball!"

COVID-19 has been incessantly hyped as the deadliest and most virulent human-to-human transmissible virus in history, but according to Spurrier, when you're packed in a stadium with tens of thousands of other humans, the real threat is a wayward leather egg-shaped ball!

The woman is mad.

Paul Murray from Sky NEWS promptly dubbed Spurrier "The Nutty Professor" and declared her the wackiest health officer in the land.

He's probably right.

But when it comes to sheer, unbridled arrogance, no health officer in Australia can hold a candle to NSW Minister for Health and Medical Research, Brad Hazzard, the cheery-looking fellow pictured above.

How arrogant is Brad Hazzard?

It's hard to find superlatives that do justice to his hubris, but let's put it this way:

If Brad Hazzard boarded a plane and saw God, his first comment to the Almighty would be: "You're sitting in my seat."

The guy radiates obnoxious self-conceit with the same intensity Elvis radiated charisma. But while Elvis attracted, Hazzard repels.

He derides and snaps at reporters, he rants about anti-vaxxers, and repeatedly belittles the scientific and medical qualifications of pretty much everyone who isn't Brad Hazzard. And he does it while emitting a blinding aura of smug indignance that could light up every last crevice of a coal mine.

There's just one wee problem. When it comes to COVID-19, Brad Hazzard has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

His press conferences are a verbal blitzkrieg of alarmist and anti-scientific nonsense. All delivered with a grating "I am the almighty health minister, so shut your mouths and listen to my heavenly wisdom" attitude.

Back in May, 163 Sydney private school students were "accidently" injected with the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA drug. When a reporter asked if accidentally injecting so many students was an embarrassment, the pompous Hazzard said what he really found embarrassing was that the reporter would make such an accusation - despite the fact the incident did indeed happen.

Perhaps it wasn't an "accident"?

Hazzard then flatly refuted himself when he acknowledged the incident, and snapped back "there was a mistake. So what, It happened out of a million vaccinations. Move on." Hazzard then decided he was above answering any more questions from the gathered heathen, pivoted his paunchy frame and plodded away.

When Brad Hazzard looks in the mirror, he apparently sees the intoxicating mix of smoldering sexuality and awe-inspiring omnipotence many Australian bureaucrats seem to think they possess. When I look at Brad Hazzard, I see a flabby, pale, greying 69 year old with a messiah complex and a penchant for spouting bollocks.

It's high time for the aptly-named Hazzard to pack it up and pack it in.

Others think so too. Sydney radio host Ben Fordham recently stated Hazzard "should be relieved of his duties."

“People close to [Hazzard] have expressed their concern," said Fordham, "he’s dead tired, he’s worn out and his temper keeps on flaring when he’s grilled at press conferences."

“We need some fresh thinking … it is unrealistic and unhealthy to have one man shouldering all of this pressure.”

I agree that Hazzard needs to be shown the door, but I have no sympathy for the guy whatsoever.

It's exceedingly difficult to feel sorry for a holier-than-thou bureaucrat who gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to be part of a callous autocracy that strips people of their fundamental freedoms and destroys lives.

While Hazzard continues to receive his lavish $330,000 a year taxpayer-funded salary (that doesn't include his electoral allowances and the numerous other perks politicians award themselves), small businesses are being driven to the wall and workers are being rendered unemployed.

Every time Hazzard and his similarly overpaid colleagues call a lockdown, small business owners - many of whom are already struggling to keep their heads above water - lose vital revenue. Workers at these businesses who get sent home also fail to get paid for their time out of work.

But judging from the World Economic Forum's sociopathic Great Reset agenda, that's all part of the plan. Even Hazzard himself keeps boasting that COVID-19 is ushering in a "New World Order" and we just have to accept it. I'm sure it will be easy for Hazzard to accept, because there's no danger of him losing his exorbitant $330,000 annual salary.

Tell me again why I should feel sorry for this self-adoring character?

Last Tuesday, Hazzard fronted the press again and delivered what may be his most bizarre performance yet. Perturbed by the sheer nonsense he spoke and his questionable mental health, I decided to write a detailed letter to Hazzard. I've reprinted the letter in its entirety below. Apart from an automated email response, no reply has been received from Hazzard or his office as of this writing.

Subject: Your Scientifically Untenable Statements Regarding COVID-19

Brad Hazzard
NSW Minister for Health and Medical Research

22 July 2021

Dear Brad,

I have been watching your continual stream of press conferences with an increasing sense of bewilderment. You complain about so-called "anti-vaxxers" and their "misinformation" and "crazy messages." You arrogantly dismiss journalists who dare ask probing questions, as if you are some sort of messianic figure beyond reproach. Meanwhile, you issue a constant stream of bizarre statements that have no foundation in reality, let alone sound science.

You seem to delight in belittling the scientific qualifications of others. In June, for example, you derided reporters with the comment, "You guys can all be instant experts but you're journalists, you're not epidemiologists."i

Neither are you, Brad. You are a lawyer-turned-politician. In terms of an ability to stick to scientifically verifiable facts, that would have to be one of the worst qualifications imaginable.

And on Tuesday, in an especially bizarre media conference, you proclaimed the following:Can I just stress that anti-vaxxers obviously live in another universe, and others who give messages that this virus isn’t dangerous and [say] don’t get vaccinated clearly have no medical or scientific training.” 

Again, you have had no medical training whatsoever. According to your bio, your ‘scientific’ career consists of attaining a Bachelor of Arts (Science) followed by a brief three-year stint back in the 1970s as a school science teacherii. A quick search of online databases indicates you have not published any peer-reviewed medical or scientific papers. An online search also fails to reveal any books or texts you have authored on medical or scientific subjects. 

It seems you and science didn’t agree, because you promptly left the field to become a solicitor in 1977. The legal profession is hardly known for its ruthless pursuit of truth, a key tenet of good science. Neither is politics, which you entered in 1983iii. But it was clearly in these truth-challenged arenas that you found your calling, because that’s where you remained.

This is the platform from which you loudly deride the medical and scientific qualifications of others?

Your own lack of credentials would be forgivable if you could nonetheless demonstrate a superior knowledge of medical and scientific concepts. Unfortunately, you’ve done the exact opposite. Most of what you have stated on the topic of COVID-19 readily falls into the category of egregious nonsense.

You snidely refer to those critical of the so-called COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ as “anti-vaxxers.” 

As anyone with even a modicum of scientific knowledge would be aware, the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines. A vaccine is an inoculation comprised of a dead or weakened form of whatever pathogen you are trying to protect yourself from. 

You’re a lawyer, Brad, so you should be intimately familiar with the Macquarie Dictionary. I just happen to have the 2020 edition sitting on my desk, and this is how it defines “vaccine”:A preparation made from the germs that give you a disease, which is administered to you to give you a mild form of that disease and stop you being seriously ill with it later on.”

None of the COVID-19 drugs you and your cohorts are cajoling Australians to receive even begin to fall into this category.

The AstraZeneca "clot shot" is a chimpanzee adenovirus allegedly encoded with the protein sequence for the COVID-19 S-protein.

How many Australians are at risk of catching a cold virus from a chimpanzee, Brad? Specifically, a chimpanzee cold virus that has been artificially modified in a lab to contain the protein sequence for the spike protein of a hybrid virus that gives all indications of having been created in a Chinese lab?

I’d just love to see your epidemiological risk assessment for that one, Brad! Please forward it to me at your earliest convenience.

The other highly dubious COVID-19 drug green-lighted by the industry-funded TGA is Pfizer-BioNTech’s Comirnaty. This highly regrettable drug is based on long-problematic mRNA technology that has repeatedly failed to make it to even Phase 3 clinical testing, despite the dogged efforts of aggressively entrepreneurial companies like Moderna.iv

It is now being foist onto an unsuspecting world, based on highly suspicious “interim” trial data totalling all of two months (!)  under the guise of "emergency use authorization" in response to a global ‘pandemic’ that, as I will detail shortly, is not a pandemic but a hysterically over-hyped farce.

The mRNA drugs could not be any further from a traditional vaccine if their makers tried. They contain messenger RNA encoded with the instructions for the COVID-19 S-protein. Given we still don't know just where the COVID-19 virus really came from (the most likely source is a CCP-owned lab in Wuhan, China), and that any sensible person would baulk at the idea of letting a criminal enterprise insert genetic instructions into their cells, you’d have to be “crazy” (to borrow another of your taunts) to willingly take this junk.

And make no mistake: Both AstraZeneca and Pfizer, by any rational analysis, are serial corporate felons. Since its formation in 1999, AstraZeneca has been hit with over $1.8 billion in fines for dishonesty offences, including fraud, illegal marketing, false and misleading advertising, rorting Medicare/Medicaid, and sexual harassment and discrimination.v The company is an unabashed serial corporate felon.

And Pfizer? Oh boy. Between 2002 and 2010 alone, the US-based conglomerate racked up $3 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards. The charges included cost report fraud, payment of kickbacks to physicians, fraudulent billing, and fraudulent marketing

Pfizer's legal scraps during its naughty noughties have done little to tame the company’s errant ways. Over the last decade it has been similarly busy paying out huge sums in penalties and trial-avoiding settlements. Here's a sampling of the US drug giant’s more recent malfeasance:

In 2012, US authorities charged Pfizer (and its subsidiary Wyeth) with paying millions of dollars in bribes to officials, doctors and healthcare professionals in Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Serbia during 2001-2007. Pfizer and Wyeth were forced to cough up over $60 million in penalties.vii

In April 2014, Pfizer agreed to pay $190 million to settle accusations by patients that the company manoeuvred to keep cheaper generic versions of its anti-epileptic drug Neurontin off the market. Six weeks later, Pfizer agreed to pay $325 million to resolve claims it defrauded insurers and other healthcare benefit providers by marketing Neurontin for unapproved uses.viii

In 2018, Pfizer was again charged with rorting Medicare and offering kickbacks to a specialty pharmacy. The kickback payments were disguised as donations to a foundation, which then funnelled the money to the pharmacy. Pfizer agreed to pay the US Department of Justice $23.85 million to resolve the charges.ix

Also in 2018, the New York State Attorney-General announced Pfizer agreed to settle deceptive marketing charges by paying $500,000 in penalties, fees, and costs, and over $200,000 in restitution to consumers. The charges involved Pfizer's use of deceptively-worded copay coupons that falsely intimated they could be redeemed for Pfizer drugs at very low prices. The AG's investigation was opened after a complaint from a consumer who used such a coupon, which in her case included the words “PAY NO MORE THAN $15.” When she presented the coupon at the pharmacy register, she was charged $144.62.x

More recently, Pfizer offered a $345 million settlement in order to avoid trial over charges it participated in a price-fixing scheme centered on raising “the price of the EpiPen from $100 to $600 by launching a campaign of false and misleading statements and actions.”xi

Why are you so avidly recommending dubious drugs made by dubious companies with decades-long histories of dishonesty offences, Brad?

I must say, that’s not very scientific. Nor smart.

Also, if you are so concerned with science, why do you routinely resort to childish, unscientific snipes to dismiss your critics? Or are you being serious when you emphatically “stress” that “anti-vaxxers” reside in another universe? Brad, if you earnestly believe people living in the same country can live in alternate universes, you should not only resign from your position immediately but also seek psychiatric help.

Your hopelessly alarmist approach to ‘science’ was on full display when you told reporters:This virus is an extremely transmissible virus. It can kill you and it can kill your family and your friends.”

Regular influenza “can kill you and it can kill your family and your friends,” Brad. As with COVID-19, it’s highly unlikely to happen outside of vulnerable patient groups, but the possibility is there. But we’ve never had a global hysteria campaign for even the nastiest of regular seasonal influenza, have we?

There are in fact a lot of things that can kill you, your family and your friends, Brad. Crossing the road or driving to the shops can result in deathoften in a far more violent and bloody manner than any influenza virus could ever dream of. 

But, strangely enough, I don’t see you accusing anyone of living in another universe” for owning a car.

Why is that, Brad?

Last year, 1,103 people were killed on Australian roads. As of this writing, there have been 562 road fatalities in Australia this year, compared to only two “COVID-related” deaths.xii That’s an increase of 39 road fatalities compared to the same time last year. More people are dying on our roads, but I don’t see any traffic-related hysteria sweeping the country, do you?Don’t listen to some of these crazy messages that are coming out implying that this is not a dangerous virus,” you told the press on Tuesday. It is extremely dangerous.”

More alarmist hogwash.

In the same time that 1,665 people lost their lives in Australia as a direct result of road accidents, 912 people have allegedly died with not necessarily of – a COVID-19 infection.xiii 

To claim that 912 deaths over an 18-month period among a population of 26,000,000 constitutes a “pandemic” is intelligence-insulting quackery of the highest order.

Brad, let’s push all the fear porn and shameless BS aside for a moment, and let’s discuss the actual facts.

FACT: COVID-19 is Not “Extremely Dangerous.”

To get the true fatality rate of COVID-19 we need to defer, not to hyperbolic media mainstream outlets and dishonest bureaucrats who repeatedly and shamelessly lie to their audiences, but to genuine and respectable scientists.

In the world of science, they don’t come much more respected than Dr. John Ioannidis, Professor of Medicine, Health Research and Policy, and of Biomedical Data Science at Stanford University School of Medicine.

After scrutinizing studies from around the world, Dr. Ioannidis concluded the best estimate average global infection fatality rate (IFR) for COVID-19 is around 0.15%.xiv

Let me repeat that slowly for you, Brad:

Zero. Point. One. Five. Percent.

In Europe and the Americas, the likely IFR is around 0.3-0.4%. When institutionalized people are omitted and the analysis confined to community-dwelling folks, the IFR estimate for those regions is ~0.2%. 

So why do you and your colleagues carry on like this is some sort of highly virulent flesh-eating monster virus that threatens to consume every Australian man, woman, child, cat, dog and pet ferret?

I mean, seriously?

Luckily for you, but to the great detriment of this country’s mental health and civil liberties, the average Australian is an unthinking dolt that readily believes such nonsense. This country has an apathetic, anti-intellectual culture and one of the poorest quality education systems in the developed world.xv Add in the relentless bombardment of hysterical hogwash over the last 18 months, and we now have a population that earnestly believes the Delta variant, on average, confers a 38% death rate!xvi

In reality, the Delta variant the media and government orgiastically cite to keep the doomsday hysteria raging is a featherweight.

Even the UK Government's own data shows the CFR (case fatality rate) of the Delta variant is a piddling 0.2%.

Let me repeat that slowly for you, Brad:

Zero. Point. Two. Percent.

And I must reiterate, that's the case fatality rate, which is always much higher than the overall infection fatality rate, because CFR only involves cases serious enough to warrant medical attention; IFR encompasses all infected people, including those who are asymptomatic.

And before you start ranting about conspiracy theories and “crazy messages,” I will remind you this figure comes from the UK Government's own Technical Briefing of 9 July 2021.xvii 

FACT: The Overwhelming Majority of Deaths Attributed to COVID-19 Deaths, in Australia and Globally, Have Occurred in Elderly People With Multiple Comorbidities.

Unlike the Australian road toll, which claims 80% of its victims from the under 65 demographic, the overwhelming majority of “COVID-related” deaths in Australia have been in elderly people with multiple comorbidities.

In the under 50 category, the COVID-19 death rate is so low that, from first glance at the federal government’s official infographic, it appears to be zero.xviii

It’s not until you view an enlarged graph that one learns there have been a grand total of … wait for it … five (5) deaths attributed to COVID-19 in those aged 20-49. There have been no deaths in children or teenagers.xix 

In Australia, the average age of those whose deaths have been attributed to COVID-19 is 86 years.xx

Do you know the average life expectancy here in Australia, Brad?

United Nations Population Division data puts the estimated Australian life expectancy at 83.94 years, while OECD data cites a life expectancy of 82.8 years.xxi 

In other words, people dying with COVID in Australia are living 2-3 years longer than average.

Well, that justifies depriving people of their most basic freedoms and causing a national mental health crisis,xxii doesn’t it?

That’s a perfectly valid reason to trigger a marked increase in anxiety, depression and suicidal behaviour among children, teens and young adults, isn't it?

Let's sacrifice our future generations for a virus that is allowing elderly people to live past the national average life expectancy! What a wonderfully sound health policy for Australia!

What a truly grotesque agenda.

But it doesn’t end there.

As of 21 July 2021, 685 of Australia’s 912 COVID-related” deaths (75%) have occurred in aged-care facilities.xxiii 

Ninety-one percent of people admitted to an aged care facility in Australia will die there. The average duration between admission and death for these folks is a mere 2.8 years.xxiv

The sad reality is that once you are admitted to a nursing home, odds are you don’t have long left to live.

But not to worry, let’s push the nation to the brink of sanity, drive small businesses to the wall, impose North Korea-style travel bans and, while we’re at it, let’s lock down abuse victims in their houses with their attackers, so we can trigger an increase in domestic violence and family sexual assaults.xxv All to prevent this “extremely dangerous virus” that is overwhelmingly associated with deaths in frail nursing home residents?

FACT: The So-Called COVID-19 Vaccines are Dangerous Drugs Associated With an Unprecedented Number of Adverse Event and Death Reports

At your bombastic Tuesday press conference, you made the following proclamation:“Dismiss the ideas that aren’t based on science and medicine or are propagated by anti-vaxxers who live in another universe. Book yourself in for a vaccination” 

There you go again with the parallel universe waffle. Stop it, Brad, seriously – it’s crazy talk.

And you know what else is crazy? Recommending drugs that in the space of only six months, have established themselves as the most dangerous and deadly vaccines the world has ever known.

As of 7 July 2021, the CDC VAERS database has received 5,378 reports of death after administration of COVID-19 'vaccines.'xxvi

Please don't tell me there is no causal link and that this is all just a coincidence. During the 2018-2019 flu season, 169.1 million doses of influenza vaccines were distributed throughout the US. VAERS received just 22 death reports for these vaccines.

The corresponding figure for the 2019-2020 season was 174.5 million, and 17 death reports.

That's some coincidence!

Here in Australia, the TGA now admits in its most recent 15 July 2021 safety update that it "has received and reviewed 377 reports of deaths in people who have recently been vaccinated" with the COVID drugsxxvii The TGA – which receives 96% of its funding from industryxxviii - laughably claims only "four were linked to immunisation" but provides no further explanation for the remaining 373 deaths. I guess we’re just supposed to take the TGA’s word for it. You know, just like the TGA took the serially dishonest Pfizer’s word that Comirnaty was safe and effective, without bothering to scrutinize the data for itself.xxix It simply accepted the company’s word that it was true!


As if these unprecedented death figures are not troubling enough, most adverse events are never reported. Even a CDC study estimated that, for influenza vaccines, only 12-13% of serious adverse reactions involving anaphylaxis and Guillain-Barré syndrome ever find their way on to the VAERS

Here in Australia, where doctors are being threatened with deregistration if they dare say anything negative about the COVID 'vaccines', there is little to reason to expect things are any different.

This means there is every likelihood the true Australian death rate associated with COVID-19 vaccines is far higher than that of deaths associated with COVID-19 itself.

Using the CDC’s estimated 8-fold rate of under-reporting as a yardstick indicates 3,016 Australians - in what the TGA would have us believe is all just a big coincidence - have died shortly after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. That would mean that Australians have a 3.3-fold greater risk of dying after receiving a COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ than after being infected with COVID-19.

I’ll pass, Brad.

FACT: Repeated Claims By You and Others that “We Will Not Get Out Of This Pandemic Without A Very Substantial Proportion Of Our Population Being Vaccinated” Are Patently False.

Not only is this claim a scientific absurdity, but it is also flatly contradicted by government policy. For example, if someone who is fully vaccinated has attended an alleged “exposure site,” they are still required to be tested, quarantine, self-isolate and participate in contact tracing!xxxi

Excuse me for asking the bleeding obvious, but what’s the point of receiving a ‘vaccine’ if you’re forced to live as if you’re still in dire risk of the virus you have allegedly been vaccinated against? 

I thought the COVID-19 vaccines were supposed to protect people against COVID-19?

It’s all rubbish, isn’t it Brad?

The vaccines don’t protect against diddly, do they?

The only one of the published COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ trials that seems to have been conducted under genuinely double-blind conditions was the South African arm of the Oxford-AstraZeneca trials, and it failed to find any efficacy for the 'vaccine.'xxxii

And even if we take the other highly suspect, industry-funded and -conducted trials at face value, the 67-95% efficacy figures are still an audacious data fudge. The real absolute protection figures are as follows:

1·3% for the AstraZeneca–Oxford drug;
1·2% for the Moderna–NIH mRNA drug;
1·2% for J&J;
0·93% for Gamaleya;
0·84% for the Pfizer–BioNTech mRNA drug.xxxiii 

That is truly pathetic.

But wait, it gets worse. Away from trials and in the real world clinical setting, where drug companies have far less ability to manipulate the data, these drugs appear not only useless against COVID-19 but appear to make it worse for over 50s. Well, at least when it comes to the current favourite bogey-man of government and media scaremongers: The Delta variant. 

Table 5 of the aforementioned UK Government Technical Briefing shows that, of those presenting for emergency care between 1 February 2021 to 21 June 2021, Delta infections were less common in under-50s who had been ‘vaccinated’ (27,444 versus 70,664), but far more common among over-50s who had been ‘vaccinated’ (9,885 versus 1,267).

The death tally told a similar story. In the under 50s, five ‘vaccinated’ Delta patients died within 28 days of returning a positive specimen, compared to 21 ‘unvaccinated.’ But in the over-50s, 158 ‘vaccinated’ Delta subjects died, compared to only 71 ‘unvaccinated.’

Overall, 163 ‘vaccinated’ Delta patients died, compared to 92 ‘unvaccinated.’xxxiv

Therefore, based on the available evidence, telling people over 50 that ‘vaccination’ is their best defence against the Delta variant is a brazen lie.

FACT: Vaccines are NOT the Only, Nor the Safest and Most Effective, Protection Against COVID-19. 

You claimed on Tuesday, “There is no question that we will not get out of this pandemic without a very substantial proportion of our population being vaccinated. So please, go and get vaccinated.”

Well, we know that’s not true. As Australian ‘vaccination’ rates go up, so too do the case numbers – a situation that is playing out all around the world. Tell me again how this junk provides 67-95% protection against COVID?

And, as noted, the draconian restrictions you heartless bureaucrats apply to the unvaccinated also still apply to the vaccinated.

You claim, there is only one solution here and that is to get vaccinated.”

That’s a whopper too, because your beloved pseudo-vaccines are not the only manner in which to attain protection against COVID-19. Any other claim to the contrary is a bald-faced lie of the highest order.

A discussion of vitamin D therapy, hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine and ivermectin are beyond the scope of this letter. What I will instead address here is something far more fundamental, something the world’s so-called health ‘experts’ seem to have collectively forgotten over the past 18 months. 

You might want to sit down for this Brad, because it’s pretty huge. 

Maybe grab a glass of water, too.

You ready?


Okay. Here we go.

The human body has this thing known as an “immune system.”

This “immune system,” Brad - wait for it, this will blow your mind – not only protects us against bacteria and viruses, but has been doing so for millions of years!

People like you claim that injection with drugs made by shady outfits like AstraZeneca and Pfizer is the only protection against COVID-19, but hominid physiology and biochemistry is several million years ahead of you, Brad. 

In a Medical Hypotheses article last year, Indian researchers posed the question "Is a COVID-19 vaccine developed by nature already at work?"

The answer is yes.

Not only does the immune system mount a robust response to COVID-19 that offers lasting protection, but it does so with remarkable efficiency.xxxv Even a group of Cleveland Clinic researchers who believe the extremely suspect efficacy claims for the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna drugs had to admit in a recent paper that "Individuals who have had SARS-CoV-2 infection are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination."xxxvi Why? Because the natural immunity they have acquired is already protecting them.

I want you to pay very close attention to the next study, Brad. It involved 173 Spanish primary health care worker patients followed for up to 12.5 months after the onset of their COVID-19 symptoms. Seropositivity to SARS-CoV-2 spike and receptor-binding domain antigens up to 149–270 days later was 92.5%.

In a subset of 64 health care workers who had not yet been vaccinated by April 2021, seropositivity was 96.9% up to 322–379 days after symptom onset. 

During this time, a mere four suspected reinfections were detected, two among seronegative individuals (5 and 7 months after the first episode), and one low antibody responder. The rate of symptomatic reinfection was 2 out of 173 (1.16%).xxxvii Or to put it another way, the rate of protection against symptomatic reinfection conferred by previous symptomatic infection with COVID-19 was 98.84%.

Keep in mind, Brad, this is an absolute figure, unlike the absurdly inflated relative risk reduction figures quoted by the truth-challenged AstraZeneca and Pfizer.

Another study by the same researchers found no reinfections among 76 symptomatic and COVID-positive workers from various health disciplines who were followed for up to 7.7 months.xxxviii

Looks like nature works better than dangerous drugs, Brad. Who would’ve thought?

In closing, I submit that almost all of what you have told the public about COVID-19 and the so-called ‘vaccines’ is completely lacking in scientific foundation. Ironically, you urge Australians to “Dismiss the ideas that aren’t based on science and medicine.” By logical extension, this means they should ignore pretty much everything you yourself say about COVID-19 and COVID ‘vaccination.’

For the sake of the NSW and wider Australian public, I implore you to resign immediately. I note that others, including Ben Fordham, have also stated it’s time for you to be removed in order to make room for some “fresh thinking.” 

In the interests of transparency, and due to the timely nature of this issue, I intend to publish this letter at my website,, by Friday, 24 July 2021. I would like to extend you the courtesy of a rebuttal to the points I have raised. Any reply received by you will also be published.

If you wish to field a response, could you please forward it to me by 5PM AEST Thursday, 23 July 2021. I trust you have already examined all the scientific evidence supporting your stance, given the bold and confident nature of your public proclamations. It should therefore be of little difficulty for you to forward this evidence to me in short order.

Please note I am not interested in PR-style rhetoric, vague references to 'expert advice' that fail to divulge the actual science behind said advice, threats of legal action, disingenuous “anti-vaxxer” slurs or diatribes about alternate universes. Please concentrate any response on actual scientific data that supports your claims.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Colpo.

[See below for references]


xiiAustralian Road Deaths Database. Available at

xivIoannidis JPA. Reconciling estimates of global spread and infection fatality rates of COVID- 19: An overview of systematic evaluations. European Journal of Clinical Investigation, 2021; 51: e13554.

xxvSee: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Media Release: Family and domestic violence sexual assault up 13%. Jun 24, 2021.

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Letter submitted 22 July 2021 at

The closing section of the letter contains a minor error: I am one of the many workers sent home during the week without pay when South Australia's Three Stooges (Steven Marshall, Nicola Spurrier and Grant Stevens) declared another lockdown. Finishing work three-and-a-half days ahead of the weekend threw my sense of chronology and I requested a reply by 5pm Thursday, for some reason thinking it was still Wednesday. But not to worry - Brad's a smart guy. Or at least he thinks he is. I'm sure he'll figure it out. I have posted this on Saturday 24 July 2021, allowing all Friday for a response (none was received). 

Also, I just realized I absentmindedly misworded the comparative risk of dying in Australia after COVID-19 'vaccination' vs COVID-19 itself. What I meant to say was that the CDC-based multiplier suggests 3.3 times as many Australians have died after getting a vaccine than have died after allegedly getting COVID-19. The actual comparative risk is likely far, far higher, because in the time the vaccines have been available in Australia, only 2 Australians have allegedly died with COVID-19. 


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