Dear Brad Hazzard: Why Do You Spout So Much COVID Nonsense?

July 24, 2021 Anthony Colpo 0

Last Tuesday, uber-arrogant NSW health minister Brad Hazzard gave perhaps his most bizarre press conference yet. He droned about ‘anti-vaxxers,’ repeatedly insisted they lived in a parallel universe, and blatantly lied about the options for dealing with COVID-19. It truly was a sight to behold. After I managed to stop shaking my head, I typed up a detailed letter to Hazzard, asking why he carries on the way he does, and reminding him that pretty much everything he has said about COVID-19 is egregious nonsense.

CONJOB-21: Why Everything You’re Being Told About the “Delta Variant” is Complete Nonsense

July 4, 2021 Anthony Colpo 0

The world is awash with hysteria over the “Delta” variant of COVID-19. We are incessantly told it is more virulent and deadlier than other COVID strains, and that vaccination offers the best protection. I will explain, using the UK Government’s own data, why these claims are pure nonsense. In reality, the Delta variant has one of the lowest fatality rates of all COVID strains. As if that’s not enough, UK data also shows the risk of death from this variant is higher in those who have been vaccinated!

The COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’: Unsafe and Ineffective

June 26, 2021 Anthony Colpo 0

A recent Lancet paper ignores the hyperbolic risk reduction figures quoted by the media for COVID-19 ‘vaccines,’ and instead presents the far more relevant absolute risk figures. These figures confirm the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are woefully ineffective and should never have been allowed to market. Epidemiological data shows these drugs are associated with increased COVID-19 infection rates, while the adverse event report and death data for these abominable drugs continues it northward trajectory. These drugs are an utter disgrace and so are all the people who promote them.