Melbourne Woman Sets Herself On Fire Inside Car With Sign: “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES R KILLING US”

How bad are things in Australia?

Pretty bad.

The Victorian capital Melbourne, once known as "The World's Most Livable City," now holds the utterly inglorious title of "World's Most Locked Down City." In early October, Melbourne officially became the most locked down major city in the world - surpassing the record set by Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires at 245 days.

The once-vibrant city, which attracted people from all over the country, has seen a mass-exodus as people flee the dystopian dictatorship of Dan Andrews. For the first time since 2008, Victoria had an overall loss of people to other states in the three months to June. It was the state's biggest quarterly loss since 1996.

The rest of the country isn't exactly a carnival, either. Australia has essentially regressed back into what it was some 233 years ago, when the First Fleet arrived in Botany Bay - a prison island.

The dystopian hellscape is taking its toll on people's mental health. An incident in an outer Melbourne suburb last week highlighted the extreme psychosocial consequences arising from Australia's participation in the Great COVID Con.

This sad incident also underscores, yet again, the highly treacherous and censorial nature of Australia's mainstream media.

Last Monday, 6 December 2021, a woman parked her car in Cherry Street, in the heart of Werribee, a suburb 32km south-west of the Melbourne CBD.

She then poured four cans of petrol over herself before placing a sign in the window of her car, which read “NO ONE CARES, MANDATES R KILLING US”.

Police arrived on scene and tried to talk to the woman. She reportedly told them she had lost everything and had nothing left because of Victoria's vaccine mandates.

She then set herself on fire.

“She was subsequently taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries,” a Victoria Police spokeswoman said. No other details have been provided by Victoria Police or Ambulance Victoria.

Video from Wyndham News Australia shows the aftermath of the incident, with the sign containing the woman’s desperate plea visible.

Witnesses have confirmed the incident on social media.

Australia's Mainstream Media: Proudly Keeping You in the Dark

The shocking incident has been reported by numerous independent websites, yet almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media. The sole exception appears to be the Herald-Sun, one of Melbourne's two daily newspapers, which ran a story on 9 December, three days after the incident.

The Murdoch-owned Herald-Sun has never been known for its refined manner, but suddenly appears to have developed a whole new sense of understatement. Well, at least when it comes to reporting on real life examples of harm caused by COVID lockdowns and 'vaccine' mandates.

The Herald-Sun piece was titled, "Woman upset by vaccine mandate saved after self harm incident."


I guess that's one way of describing someone feeling so utterly distraught and without hope they are driven to the point of self-immolation - an especially painful way to die.

Not that you would know from the Herald-Sun story that she tried to set herself alight - according to the paper, "She lit a fire and was taken to hospital by paramedics."

The paper dialed up the mockery further when it described the distressing event as "the bizarre scene on Cherry St."

This is the abysmal level of sensitivity and empathy the Murdoch gutter press has for those driven to despair by the inhumane lockdowns and mandates being imposed in Australia. This poor woman, her sanity understandably cracking under immense pressure, is portrayed as some kind of neurotic firebug. She is all but labelled a nuisance that caused a "bizarre scene" in public, diverting police away from their usual 'heroic' duties of groping and assaulting teenage girls, harassing people over 6 month-old Facebook posts, running down mentally ill people with police cars (then viciously bashing them with impunity), firing tear gas and rubber bullets upon Freedom Marchers, and arresting and fining people for the heinous crime of not wearing useless masks, even when they have a medical exemption.

"Bizarre" is a widely-used mainstream media descriptor for those of us who 'selfishly' object to fascist living conditions and mandates for non-vaccines in order to treat a non-pandemic.

The hacks who write for these sleazy outfits never stop to consider what is truly "bizarre": Turning a country into an open air prison to prevent an influenza with a 0.15% infection fatality rate, assaulting people for not wearing useless masks in the name of public "health," and coercing healthy, asymptomatic people into taking deadly drugs for an overwhelmingly non-deadly condition.

To be fair, Australian journalists have never been the sharpest tools in the shed. But the Herald-Sun should know full well the woman's distress was hardly "bizarre" in light of what Victorians have been suffering through. Two days before reporting on the Werribee incident, it ran a story titled "Andrews government warned of suicide spike triggered by lockdowns."

The Andrews regime was warned ongoing lockdowns were driving suicides shortly after Victoria entered its fourth lockdown earlier this year. A June 2021 ministerial briefing cited Coroners Court data that nearly 10 per cent of suicides in the first 12 months of the pandemic were linked to COVID “policy decisions”.

Victorian shadow minister for mental health Emma Kealy, who obtained the note under Freedom of Information laws, accused the government of gross negligence for failing to act on the advice.

Lifeline received a record number of calls twice in three days in August when Australia's two biggest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, were in lockdown.

The suicide prevention charity received more than 3,500 calls in a single day as it recorded six of its 10 busiest days in its 57 year history the same month.

Meanwhile, Andrews insists his regime's response to the COVID 'pandemic' was a "triumph." The loathsome Andrews is notorious for his indifference to the suffering of the people he callously and ruthlessly rules over.

Megalomaniac Dan Andrews.

Andrews is the same sociopath who declared on 16 August 2021 that removing one's mask to drink outdoors was now banned. The very idea of removing a mask to have a sip of fluid whilst standing on a footpath made Andrews "angry," the dictator said during a press conference.

While Andrews gets visibly angry at the thought of you not wearing a mask while trying to imbibe liquid beverages, he himself feels no need to wear masks when he thinks no-one's watching. He was fined $400 after being caught out twice breaching his own mask mandates in October.

Other bizarre edicts by Andrews include banning family visits, while allowing brothels to remain open. That's right: Upon exiting the city's July lockdown, visiting your mum to celebrate her birthday was banned because "the threat of transmission during home visits was still too high."

But visiting a professional cum-bucket who had sex with 10 or more guys prior to your visit was A-OK with Dictator Dan, who laughably claims to be Catholic.

Australia is an asylum, one where the real lunatics are running the show.

Stay Strong, My Fellow Unvaxxxinated

This not just a physical war on humanity involving police brutality and government-mandated bioweapons, but it is also a psychological war. If you are struggling mentally, please reach out to someone. Suicide is a permanent 'solution' to a temporary problem. I can't put it any better than "Non compliant", who left the following comment at

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