Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is, By His Own Definition, a Criminal: Part 1

I never thought I'd find myself agreeing with anything Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says, but on 9 November 2021 the unthinkable happened. In an interview with the globalist 'thinktank' Atlantic Council, the grossly overpaid drug boss declared "professionals [who] circulate, on purpose, misinformation" to mislead those with concerns about the COVID 'vaccines' "are criminals."

I wholeheartedly agree. In this article, I'll begin explaining why I believe Albert Bourla is a serial felon who should not only be charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Bullshit, but also crimes against humanity.

Albert Bourla Heads a Criminal Enterprise

In a recent interview, the shameless Bourla said of the company he has headed since early 2019: "We are very proud of what we have done … There is no other company that can claim to have done so much good to humanity as we have done."

In reality, Pfizer is among the most corrupt and dishonest companies on the planet. That's not my opinion, but a well-documented fact.

Pfizer's criminal pedigree dates back to at least 1958, when it was one of six companies at the center of a price-fixing case that dragged on for some 15 years. During that time, Pfizer and other companies agreed to pay $136 million to settle a class-action case and civil suits brought on behalf of consumers and state and local governments. Later settlements brought the amount to more than $150 million.

Since that time, Pfizer has literally racked up billions in criminal and civil penalties for dishonesty offences all around the world. Pfizer's criminal resume includes bribery of doctors and government officials in numerous countries. The ones we know about include Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Serbia.

Pfizer has continued to engage in price-fixing, and is a serial perpetrator of illegal marketing, false advertising, Medicare/Medicaid fraud and environmental violations.

Pfizer has a long history of rorting tax incentive schemes and local and state subsidies, an endeavour for which it has escaped largely unpunished. However, in 2010 Pfizer paid New York City a $24.7 million penalty, over twice the tax incentives it received to expand its operations in the city.

Pfizer began receiving the subsidies in 2003 but waited until September 2007, after it received some $10 million in taxpayer money, to quietly inform the city's Economic Development Corp it wouldn't be meeting its goal. The city then suspended the deal.

Pfizer has repeatedly been fined for selling dangerous products, including faulty heart valves, a diabetes medication (Rezulin) that caused acute and fatal liver failure, and deadly painkillers. In 2005, Pfizer admitted that a 1999 clinical trial found elderly patients taking the painkiller Celebrex had a greatly elevated risk of heart problems. But, as is par for the course in the drug industry, it buried the negative findings and aggressively marketed the drug.

During a 1996 meningitis epidemic in Nigeria, the wonderfully humanitarian Pfizer began testing a dangerous new antibiotic called Trovan on children without receiving proper consent from their parents. In 2001 Pfizer was sued in US Federal Court by thirty Nigerian families, who accused the company of using their children as human guinea pigs.

In 2006 a panel of Nigerian medical experts concluded Pfizer had violated international law. In 2009 the company agreed to pay $75 million to settle some of the lawsuits brought in Nigerian courts. The US case was settled in 2011 for an undisclosed amount.

Pfizer Breaks Records - in All the Wrong Ways

In 2009, Pfizer agreed to pay $2.3 billion in criminal and civil penalties for illegal promotion of four drugs, paying kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe these and other drugs, and Medicare/Medicaid fraud.

At the time, it was the largest health care fraud settlement in the US Department of Justice's history. The title to this dubious honour was subsequently handed to fellow corporate criminal GlaxoSmithKline in 2012, when it paid $3 billion to resolve charges of fraud and failure to report safety data.

However, the $1.195 billion criminal portion of Pfizer's 2009 settlement remains the largest criminal fine ever imposed in the United States for any matter.

Those of you who allowed yourself to be injected with Pfizer's pseudo-vaccine should really stop and contemplate that last fact. No doubt many of you would sneer at the idea of ingesting the wares of Latin American drug cartels (cocaine and meth 'hesitancy,' anyone?), but you willingly rolled up your sleeves and allowed yourself to be injected with a highly controversial drug made by the same company that holds the record for America's largest ever criminal fine.

Fucking brilliant.

Last year, JAMA reported that the three most heavily-fined drug companies between 2003 and 2016 were GSK, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Also among the companies attracting over $1 billion in penalties during that period were fellow COVID 'vaccine' manufacturers Novartis and AstraZeneca.

Source: Arnold DG, et al. Financial Penalties Imposed on Large Pharmaceutical Firms for Illegal Activities. JAMA, Nov 17, 2020; 324 (19): 1995-1997

If Pfizer was named after an Italian family instead of a German immigrant, and had employees with names like Big Paulie, Little Angie and Fat Tony, it would be labelled a criminal organization and prosecuted under the RICO Act. Its members would be arrested, have their assets seized, and given lengthy prison sentences.

Instead, the company swans about under an utterly undeserved facade of respectability. It enjoys a market capitalization of $289 billion and its CEO earns an astronomical $21 million per year.

As if that isn't enough, on 10 November 2021, the World Jewish Congress awarded Bourla (born in Greece to Sephardic Jewish parents) its Theodor Herzl Award. The award, claims the WJC, "recognizes outstanding individuals who work to promote Herzl’s ideals through international support for Israel and enhanced understanding of Jewish history, culture and peoplehood."

The irony is staggering. Since the rollout of Pfizer's 'vaccine' in Israel, that country's rate of "breakthrough" COVID cases (read: vaxxxine adverse events) has shot through the roof. Israel's 'vaccine' rollout began on 17 December 2020, and obedient Israelis quickly rendered the country one of the most heavily 'vaccinated' in the world. By mid-August, a million Israelis had already received their third dose, or to use the Orwellian Newspeak term for additional doses of a failed drug, their first "booster" shot.

How's that working out for Israel, you ask?

Oh, just dandy.

The green line in the chart above represents the daily new 'COVID' case count in Israel. As the chart readily evinces, Israel has experienced two significant case spikes since the vaxxx rollout that greatly exceed those of the pre-vaxxxination era.

At the bottom of the chart, you can see a red and a blue line. The blue trajectory belongs to Iraq and the red to Syria, both neighbors of Israel and both of which rank among the least 'vaccinated' countries in the world. While those countries have their problems, monumental spikes in 'COVID' case counts (read: vaxxxine adverse events) clearly aren't among them.

Get caught selling coke or meth, you end up in prison. Get caught selling a drug that is causing unprecedented numbers of adverse event reports, you receive a Distinguished Business Leadership Award.

As Rhode Island senator Jack Reed said of Pfizer at a 2012 hearing, "A lot of people on the street, they're wondering how a company can commit serious violations of securities laws and yet no individuals seem to be involved and no individual responsibility was assessed."

Crime does pay. You just need to be on the 'right' side of the law.

Just Who is Albert Bourla Talking About, Really?

In another 9 November 2021 interview, this time in a New York Times Dealbook Online Summit, Bourla said "people, that, uh, want make money, some of them, by playing with the emotions of these people are creating whole, aaah, conspiracy theory and they are trying to, basically, to benefit and profit from this fear of the people. And this is war of the criminals."

Well, you don't say!

Psychological projection is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto another person. It's a type of psychological defense mechanism in which people identify their negative emotions, beliefs, or traits in someone else. Let me give you a hypothetical example:

Al B is, by all outward appearances, a highly successful man. He runs a multinational drug company and receives an annual salary of $20 million. Despite his broken English, he is a darling of the Western media and frequently attends gala dinners to collect awards from gushing admirers.

By all rights, Al should be a very happy and content man. But beneath the smiling facade lies a rumbling conscience struggling with guilt. A quick peek under Al's hood reveals a quagmire of cognitive dissonance.

Al tells the world his company is a wonderfully humanitarian outfit, but he knows full well it is one of the most dishonest enterprises on the planet, having racked up billions in fines for criminal and civil dishonesty offences.

Al loves to talk about his Jewish parents and how they survived the holocaust, but Al used the Jewish nation of Israel as a "test case" for his company's shady new drug. That shady new drug was based on mRNA technology with a long track record of failure, but was rushed to market under the guise of "emergency use authorization" in order to treat a supposedly novel influenza virus dubbed "COVID-19."

COVID-19 has been the subject of an utterly unprecedented hysteria campaign. Humanity survived the Black Plague, Spanish flu and two world wars, but governments and media outlets insisted the new influenza virus posed an imminent and dire threat to the very survival of humankind.

Al knew it was all bullshit. The infection fatality rate of COVID-19 was 0.15%, which is pretty much the same as regular seasonal flu. Al knew full well that the daily barrage of COVID case counts and deaths was an egregious sham designed to keep the dumb masses scared and compliant. Al knew better than anyone that most of these cases and deaths were not from the novel flu, but from other health conditions that were conveniently re-labelled as COVID-19.

Al knew full well the entire scam had been pre-orchestrated years earlier. In 2009, one whistleblower came forward and warned of what was to come. This whistleblower was told of the impending plandemic by a female secretary of state, whose prudence and discretion were clearly overshadowed by her monumental arrogance and boastfulness. Luckily for her and her fellow conspirators, her latter traits were more than compensated for by humanity's apathy, stupidity and sheer gullibility.

The plan all along was to stage a virus scare, then fulfill the global oligarchy's twisted obsession with population reduction by presenting deadly 'vaccines' as the solution. As an added bonus, the whole charade would be used to trigger a "Great Reset" that would allow the world's richest families, who already owned most of the world's wealth, to seize everything.

Deep down inside, Al knew it was an absolutely satanical scheme. But he was being paid millions of dollars to help pull it off. And his company was set to reap tens of billions of easy dollars for its role in producing one of the first COVID-19 'vaccines.'

Al, in other words, was part of a criminal conspiracy, the likes of which the world had never seen before.

To deal with the massive mental disquiet he was experiencing, Al engaged in an intensifying process of projection. Not content with trying to convince people what a wonderful outfit his company was, and not content with the multitude of undeserved awards he was receiving, he began publicly labelling people who spread "misinformation" about COVID-19 and the fake vaccines as "criminals." But even though these outlaws "were costing millions of lives" they were "not bad people" he added, a comment clearly designed to quell his own conscience.

The more he spoke, the more apparent it became that the person Al was really talking about was himself. But he could never admit that, not to the world or himself, because the psychological consequences would be devastating.

So Al continued his role as one of the biggest COVID bullshitters in the world. And continued to get paid millions upon millions of dollars for doing so.

Like I said, the above scenario is hypothetical.

But it should give you a pretty good picture of how psychological projection works.

Bourla Spreads 'Vaccine' Misinformation

Bourla, like the rest of his mainstream cohorts, is an extremely prolific disseminator of misinformation. Like his fellow propagators of COVID nonsense, Bourla has the annoying habit of calling the new class of COVID drugs "vaccines" when they are in fact no such thing.

The term "vaccine" refers to the administration of a dead ("inactivated") or weakened ("attenuated") version of whatever pathogen you're hoping to protect yourself from. Vaccination may have been practiced in China as far back as 1,000 years ago, but the concept was popularized after Edward Jenner's 1796 use of cowpox material to create immunity to smallpox. That's how vaccination got its name: vacca is the Latin word for cow.

At no point in the history of human inoculation has the term "vaccine" referred to a curious "viral vector" mix of chimpanzee adenovirus mated with "the gene that encodes the full-length spike protein" of whatever pathogen one is seeking protection against in order "to stimulate an immune response." 

That's how Wikipedia describes the highly problematic AstraZeneca COVID-19 'vaccine.' The development of chimpanzee adenoviruses for use in vaccines is a recent development pursued by scientists from - surprise, surprise - Fauci's NIAID, the CCP-controlled Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the University of Oxford (which partnered with AstraZeneca to produce the UK's first COVID 'vaccine').

At no point in the history of human inoculation has the term "vaccine" ever referred to a drug containing synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) containing the protein sequence of the target virus' S-protein.

As with the AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik V viral vector agents, these mRNA drugs do not act by presenting your body with inactivated or attenuated Sars-Cov-2 in order to prompt your body into producing antibodies against said Sars-Cov-2 virus.

Instead, these absurd drugs instruct every cell in your body to produce a part of the virus itself - the spike protein!

That's insane. It's unprecedented, reckless and heralds the widespread public release of a technology that has repeatedly proven itself a dismal failure. Prior to the COVID scam, not a single mRNA drug had even made it to Phase III clinical testing, let alone achieved marketing approval.

But along came the Great Coronavirus Con, with the FDA allowing Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna/NIAID to sidestep decades of mRNA drug failure by granting farcical "emergency use authorization." Having successfully pulled off this swindle, the FDA felt emboldened to grant the Pfizer drug full approval in August despite a complete lack of anything resembling valid and impartial evidence. When a group of concerned researchers filed a FOI request for the documents underpinning this appalling decision, the FDA responded by saying it would indeed grant access to the documents - in tiny dribs and drabs over the next 55 years!

Rewriting History

So we now have an entire new class of drugs on the market that are being dishonestly labelled as 'vaccines' when they are no such thing.

To someone with poor scientific knowledge, and a few beers under their belt, the AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik V viral vector drugs can kinda sorta sound like vaccines. After all, there is a virus in them - just not the one you're trying to protect yourself against.

But to classify mRNA drug use as vaccination essentially requires a complete rewriting of the definition of vaccine. Which is exactly what the highly obliging Merriam-Webster did earlier this year. Check out their definition of "vaccine" as of 18 January 2021:

But as the body count from the vaxxxines began climbing, and people started questioning the legitimacy of these Bizarroworld concoctions, Merriam-Webster began adding, and adding, and adding to its definition. As of this writing, their definition of "vaccine" has transformed from the single sentence above into this monstrosity:


If Merriam-Webster loosened its definition of "vaccine" any further, you could pretty much piss in a vial, put a seal cap on it, and call it a vaccine.

As a number of commentators have pointed out, George Orwell's 1984 was supposed to serve as a warning, not an instruction manual.  Yet right before our eyes, Merriam-Webster has rewritten the definition of "vaccine" in a manner that would make the Ministry of Truth beam with pride.

Don't be fooled. Out here in the real world, a vaccine is still just a vaccine. It's not some clot-inducing "viral vector" drug containing the adenovirus of a chimpanzee (if you're catching colds from chimpanzees, believe me, COVID-19 is the least of your worries), and its not some bizarre mRNA drug based on a technology that, in order to hit the market, required regulatory sleight of hand in order to overcome decades of clinical failure.

Albert knows all this. Yet he still insists on calling these drugs 'vaccines.'

That's misinformation and, by Albert's own definition, makes him a criminal. As do the numerous other untenable claims he makes for Pfizer's mRNA drug, which we'll examine in Part 2.

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