Most ‘COVID’ Hospitalizations are Really Vaccine Adverse Events

Ever since the COVID pseudo-vaccines were introduced, a consistent pattern has emerged all around the world: After a country rolls out the COVID-19 'vaccines,' its rate of alleged COVID-19 cases goes through the roof.

It's an effect so consistent and predictable you could set your watch by it. It's happened in countries as varied and distant as Afghanistan, Israel, Iceland and Australia.

The following video documents this phenomenon in dozens of countries around the globe:

I'm here to tell you this global spike in alleged COVID-19 cases is a smokescreen.

They are not COVID-19 cases - they are adverse reactions to the COVID-19 'vaccines'.

The criminals behind this charade, of course, don't want you to know this. They feed you, via the media outlets they own and control, a bunch of codswallop about COVID 'outbreaks.'

To stop the sheeple from wondering how this could happen if the vaxxxines are so Safe and Effective!™, authorities and obedient reporters bombard us with propaganda about dangerous new 'variants'.

We hear incessantly about the Delta variant, but the UK Government's own figures show this 'variant' is less deadly than the previous dominant Alpha variant.

So we're supposed to believe the absurd fiction that a 'vaccine' that was effective against a stronger, more lethal variant is ineffective against a weaker, less deadly variant!

We're further supposed to believe the utter absurdity that this inefficacy can be overcome by what is shaping up to be a lifetime of 'booster' shots - as if dozens of zeroes will somehow add up to anything other than zero.

Sadly, most humans - being the largely gullible, unthinking sods they are - believe exactly that. Hey, if their hopelessly dishonest governments and perennially sleazy media tells them so, then it must be true!

Straight from the Nurse's Mouth

Do yourself, and your loved ones, a huge favor and watch the following videos. Together, they will consume less than 5 minutes of your time - a pittance compared to the countless hours we've all wasted watching banal Hollywood tripe.

The first one captures a phone call made by a nurse a few weeks back to 3AW, the biggest talkback radio show in Melbourne, Australia. Listen carefully to what he says, and the way the host, Dee Dee Dunleavy, quickly cuts him off.

That's right: The more people get injected with the viral vector and mRNA drugs posing as COVID-19 vaccines, the more they flood emergency departments with adverse reactions to these drugs.

The real "strain" on hospitals isn't coming from COVID-19 patients, it's coming from those bullied and/or brainwashed into getting the pseudo-vaccines.

Instead of questioning the nurse further about his startling revelations, Dunleavy quickly steers the conversation in a totally different direction, fobs him off the air, then tells listeners it's time for some "news headlines".

Yes, nothing like a little fake news to divert attention away from the death and destruction being wrought by the global clot shot campaign.

The next video is even more shocking.

Last week in South Australia, nurses gathered out the front of the Adelaide offices of Channel Nine, one of Australia's biggest purveyors of mainstream hogwash (Nine's parent company, Nine Entertainment, also owns 3AW).

The honorable nurse you see in the video is a 32-year veteran of the South Australian healthcare system.

"I've got friends who work in ICU at Flinders (hospital)," she tells reporters, "30 out of 38 patients currently are vaccinated. That's a fact."

When asked by a reporter if, as a nurse, she has seen people harmed by the vaccine, she replied, "Yes, serious adverse effects, serious, and we're talking 20 year olds ... we are talking 20 year olds that have dropped dead. Nothing is getting on the media."

"Myocarditis is a rare, let me tell you, a rare cardiac condition [but] all of a sudden every third 20 year old's got myocarditis. You know what that leads to? Cardiac transplant. Where do we get hearts from in Australia with the lowest organ donor rate in the world?"

It bears repeating that her impassioned plea was made outside the offices of one of Australia's biggest TV channels and - as the video clearly evinces - she was surrounded by reporters.

But do you think this clip appeared on any of the mainstream media outlets here in Australia?

Of course not.

None of the treacherous and terminally dishonest mainstream propaganda units masquerading as news and media would touch this story with a barge pole.

For those a bit slow on the uptake, we're in the midst of a genocide campaign. Genocide, if you've forgotten, is systematic mass murder. In this case, the target is not a particular ethnic, national, or religious group, but most of humanity.

The psychopaths behind this Luciferian escapade aren't discriminating on the basis of age, either.

Here in Australia, prior to the vaxxxine rollout, no children or teens and next to nobody in their twenties was dying of 'COVID', even with that monumental farce known as PCR testing to inflate the numbers.

Now that the vaccines have been rolled out, Australia has experienced a massive uptick in 'COVID' cases, with regular reports of young victims.

Hospitalizations and deaths caused by these deadly drugs are being conveniently relabeled as 'COVID-19' cases and deaths.

This monumental fraud serves two purposes:

1. It prevents the vaccines from being identified as the deadly drugs they truly are;

2. The rising 'COVID' numbers are used to cajole and shame the unvaxxxinated into getting the clot shot.

Not only are they hiding the deadly effects of the 'vaccines', but our psychotic authorities are perversely distorting the situation into an advertisement for these horrendous drugs.

This is what it looks like when a bunch of satanic globalist psychopaths, obsessed as they are with population reduction, launches war on all of us.

Stop laying down in front of them like a bunch of sacrificial lambs, for crying out loud.

And for heaven's sake, don't let them inject your children with this poison.

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