Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is, By His Own Definition, a Criminal: Part 2

Chief executives rarely consume alcohol at lunch nowadays, says Financial Times writer David Crow. But when the waiter starts reciting wine options by the glass, the CEO with whom Crow is dining promptly interrupts:

“No, give us a bottle, please: we are going to drink a lot.”

The CEO is Albert Bourla, head of Pfizer, who Crow has known since 2014. Crow excuses Bourla's uninhibited mid-day alcohol consumption by pointing out he has much to celebrate.

Bourla also has much to forget.

The company he presides over is an indisputable corporate criminal, one which holds the dubious honor of receiving the largest ever criminal fine in US history.

And the so-called 'vaccine' which has sent Pfizer's fortunes skyward and thrust Bourla into the limelight is not a vaccine. It's a bioweapon that is injuring and killing unprecedented numbers of people.

Bourla, whose parents were Holocaust survivors, teamed up with Benjamin Netanyahu (now on trial for corruption) to use the Jewish nation of Israel as a "test case" for this deadly new drug.

As Crow notes, Pfizer "guaranteed enough supplies to vaccinate the entire [Israel] population in exchange for clinical data on how the jab fared in the real world." In other words, Netanyahu and Bourla, now (bizarrely) a hero in Israel, used Israelis as experimental guinea pigs for the drug we were incessantly told had already been Thoroughly Tested™ and proven Safe & Effective™.

We all know how that's working out for Israel.

The blue trajectories in the graphs above represent the daily new confirmed COVID case and death counts in Israel, whose 'vaccine' rollout began on 17 December 2020. As the country's vaxxxination rate quickly rose, so too did its death count. The red and green trajectories belong to Iraq and Syria, respectively - both neighbors of Israel and both of which rank among the least 'vaccinated' countries in the world.

Bourla has plenty of reason to drink to the point where his conscience is dulled. However, as history has amply demonstrated, alcohol is a terrible cognitive therapy. Which may be why Bourla also engages in psychological projection, the kind that disingenuously transposes his negative traits onto others.

I'm talking specifically about Bourla's recent claim that people who spread misinformation in order to influence people about the safety of the COVID 'vaccines' are "criminals" who "cost millions of lives."

Pot, Meet Kettle. And Stop Calling Him Black.

Bourla is a fountain of misinformation. Over the last year, via a never-ending stream of press statements and media releases, he has recited all the major falsehoods about the COVID 'pandemic' and the pseudo-vaccine his company released to supposedly combat said pandemic.

On 23 August 2021, Bourla celebrated the FDA’s full approval of the company's COVID 'vaccine' by saying it should help ease 'hesitancy' and persuade more people to get injected.

'Hesitancy,' of course, is the Newspeak term for reluctance and even outright refusal to take a deadly drug falsely promoted as Safe & Effective™ in order to treat a non-pandemic with an infection fatality rate of 0.15%.

Such reluctance or refusal is not 'hesitancy': It's commonsense.

But drug companies don't become multi-billion dollar cash factories by promoting commonsense. Instead, they promote garbage drugs for diseases that either don't exist, or would be far better treated via non-chemical means: Muscle- and nerve sheath-wrecking statin drugs for the non-disease of 'hypercholesterolemia,' suicide-inducing antidepressants for depression and anxiety, and now non-vaccines for 'inoculation' against a 'deadly' novel influenza whose fatality rate is in fact right on par with regular influenza.

“For those people that were a little bit reluctant because they wanted to see a full approval," the boozy Bourla told NBC News, "now they have the full confirmation of one of the most respected agencies in the world, the FDA, that the ... vaccine is effective and safe.” (Bold emphasis added)

To call the FDA "respectable" is like calling Harvey Weinstein a wholesome ambassador for the MeToo movement. It's beyond insulting.

The FDA has shown time and time again it is an enemy of the people and an extension of the pharmaceutical industry. It is rotten to the core and riddled with conflicts of interest.

“We are making, right now, a specialized vaccine for delta,” Bourla continued. However, the delta variant-specific vaccine will almost certainly not be needed, he said, because “the booster shot of the current vaccine is very, very, very effective.” (Bold emphasis added)

I'm not sure how many bottles of dry white wine Bourla drank before making that statement, but the current Pfizer vaxxxine is not, and never has been, "very, very, very effective" in preventing 'COVID-19'. It's downright useless, as I will explain in a moment.

But first, let's look at some more Bourla bollockery.

On 2 December 2020, the corrupt, industry-funded Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK granted the world's first Emergency Use Authorization to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 pseudo-vaccine. Celebrating the news, Bourla stated in a press release:

“As we anticipate further authorizations and approvals, we are focused on moving with the same level of urgency to safely supply a high-quality vaccine around the world. With thousands of people becoming infected, every day matters in the collective race to end this devastating pandemic.” (Bold emphasis added)

Eight days later, on 10 December 2020, the corrupt, industry-funded FDA voted 17 to 4 in support of a US Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 pretend-vaccine. Bourla again greeted the news with a bolus of exuberant bullshit:

“We have been looking forward to presenting our robust data package to the committee of vaccine experts for the U.S. government since we began our efforts to develop a novel COVID-19 vaccine earlier this year,” said Bourla. “We are pleased with the committee’s strong majority vote, and if the FDA issues an authorization, stand at the ready to bring this vaccine to people in the U.S. in an effort to help combat this devastating pandemic.” (Bold emphasis added)

Wow. Bourla just can't help himself.

He keeps calling Pfizer's shady new drug a "vaccine," but as I explained in detail in Part 1, the Brave New World mRNA concoction is not in any way, shape or form a vaccine.

He keeps referring to a "devastating pandemic" of COVID-19, despite the fact there has never been an actual 'pandemic' of COVID-19. The only 'pandemic' has been the global avalanche of fear porn and propaganda, and the accompanying lockdowns, travel bans, mask mandates, physical distancing and rub-until-raw hand sanitizing.

As has been repeatedly documented on this site and elsewhere using official figures, the victims of this allegedly "devastating pandemic" have, on average, outlived the life expectancy of their respective countries. They are typically nursing home residents suffering multiple comorbidities.

And the infection fatality rate of this "devastating pandemic"? A big fat 0.15% - right on par with regular flu.

A "devastating pandemic" is not one where 99.85% of infected people survive, nor one in which the majority of 'victims' are people who have lived well past the national average life expectancy.

That's not "devastating" - it's a highly desirable outcome! Imagine the dramatic improvement in global health, and the reduced burden on healthcare facilities, if all diseases were reduced to having a mere 0.15% fatality rate!

For Bourla to describe such a situation as "devastating" evinces an unabashed predilection for bullshit.

Bourla Has a Very Unique View of Quality

Bourla says Comirnaty a.k.a. BNT162b2 is a "high-quality vaccine." But while he spouts empty bromides about quality, the reality is both the clinical trial and production facilities for Pfizer's pseudo-vaccine are plagued by problems.

You might think pharmaceutical factories are super-sterile, stainless steel-clad environments subject to meticulous cleaning protocols. If so, you probably haven't been to Pfizer's plant in McPherson, Kansas, one of the company's ten US manufacturing sites and a major production site for the US Comirnaty campaign. The Kansas plant is also authorized to make the COVID-19 treatment remdesivir for Gilead Sciences Inc.

In March, Bloomberg reported that the Kansas plant had been cited by federal inspectors for repeated quality-control violations.

The problem was so bad that even Pfizer's buddies at the FDA couldn't help but compile a lengthy list of problems. When FDA inspectors visited the Kansas plant at the end of 2019 into January 2020, they found Pfizer released medications for sale after failing to thoroughly review quality issues that had arisen in routine testing.

The inspectors found bacteria and mold in supposedly sterile areas, an issue seen in previous visits to the facility. And the plant failed to properly sample drug products to ensure they didn’t have excessive levels of certain toxins.

True to form, the FDA gave Pfizer a token slap on the wrist. It sent Pfizer a warning letter about the factory in 2017 after detecting issues similar to those found in 2020. The FDA concluded Pfizer had "addressed" the violations in June 2018 - a month before it returned to the facility and found more problems.

The 2017 warning letter to Pfizer cited “significant violations of current good manufacturing” rules, including practices that could have contaminated sterile products. The agency said Pfizer failed to respond appropriately after drugs were found to be contaminated with cardboard and other particles.

The contaminants represented “a severe risk of harm to patients,” according to the letter. The cardboard was found in the antibiotic vancomycin, and Pfizer didn’t recall the drug until four months after an initial complaint. In January 2020, FDA inspectors found Pfizer had released vancomycin for sale after some vials were determined to contain residues, the specific type of which were redacted.

During the FDA’s visit in 2018, Pfizer admitted mold in the factory stemming from product residue on the machinery. The company blamed it on "inadequate cleaning" but then found residue in the same area again months later. FDA inspectors found at their 2020 inspection that Pfizer “continues to recover bacterial and/or mold isolates from critical zones.”

The most recent inspection also found the company’s testing for endotoxins in drugs including morphine and the cancer drug Nivestym wasn’t adequate. Endotoxins are created by certain bacteria and in some forms, such as E. coli or botulism, can lead to serious conditions or even death.

Pfizer might be a cash cow, but that doesn't seem to stop it from cutting corners on hygiene and quality control. For Bourla to wax lyrical about quality is like a politician pontificating about honesty and transparency - an insulting farce.

Further making a mockery of Bourla's vacuous "quality" rhetoric are the whistleblower revelations recently published by BMJ.

It is routine in the drug industry for manufacturers to farm out the running of clinical trials to contract firms; the company running the Texas arm of Pfizer's vaxxxine trial is an outfit called Ventavia Research Group.

Brook Jackson, a former regional director at Ventavia, revealed to BMJ that several Pfizer 'vaccine' trial sites in Texas last year had major problems - including falsified data, breaching of fundamental rules, and slow reporting of adverse reactions.

Jackson raised her concerns with the company, but was ignored. She then contacted the FDA who did nothing, except apparently tip off Ventavia that they had a whistleblower onboard.

Jackson was fired the very same day.

Other employees at Ventavia have confirmed her concerns to BMJ.

Needless to say, the allegations should have been investigated and, if confirmed, Ventavia should have been the entity fired and punished. Instead, Pfizer has contracted with the company for four other vaccine clinical trials since Jackson lodged her complaint to the FDA in September 2020!

And as of this writing, Ventavia's website is still encouraging readers to register their interest for participation in future Pfizer 'vaccine' trials.

Again, Bourla has no business mouthing the word "quality" when talking about Pfizer's wares. At least not until the company actually starts demonstrating a genuine commitment to upholding the kind of strict standards that should be par for the course in pharmaceutical testing and manufacture.

Safe & Effective™ (Causes Death & Destruction)

Bourla claims that Comirnaty has proven itself "effective and safe" because a corrupt federal agency gave it full marketing approval. He doesn't mention how that approval came under highly questionable circumstances, and how that same agency is now doing all it can to hide the processes behind that decision. The FDA responded to a recent FOI request on the matter by stating it wanted a ridiculous 55 years to release the relevant documents!

I have already explained at length on this site why the Pfizer clot shot is not Safe & Effective™, but dangerous & ineffective. Here I will reiterate that Comirnaty and its ilk have triggered an unprecedented number of adverse event and death reports, the likes of which we've never witnessed for any other drug.

Up to 19 November 2021, the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reports the following for Comirnaty:

  • 296,649 adverse events
  • 21,010 hospitalizations
  • 5,042 life-threatening events
  • 5,335 permanent disabilities
  • 4,100 deaths

Remember, those figures are only for Comirnaty, and only for the US and territories. If we include all the COVID-19 vaccines, we have 8,898 deaths since the US rollout began in mid-December.

Another page on the CDC website states that from 14 December 2020 through 29 November 2021 VAERS received 10,128 reports of death among people who received a COVID-19 'vaccine.'

The CDC is quick to add that "Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem."

You better believe these so-called vaccines are causing health problems and deaths.

To place the above figures in perspective, the corresponding VAERS death figure for all influenza vaccines combined during the 2018-2019 flu season (October through May) was a mere 22.

The 2019-2020 flu season produced 17 death reports for the multitude of influenza vaccine products distributed in the US.

So the new class of pseudo-vaccines for the alleged Sars-Cov-2 influenza are literally producing hundreds of times the number of death reports than their pre-COVID counterparts.

Anyone who claims, with a straight face, that this is all just a big coincidence simply cannot be taken seriously. They are either incurably stupid or part of the scam.

The above figures are in all likelihood a massive undercount, because even the CDC has previously admitted only a small portion of vaccine adverse event reports ever make it onto the VAERS database.

The Data for the Pfizer Vaxxx is Robust - Like a Wet Noodle

Bourla claims the Pfizer clot shot is supported by a "robust data package." You know, the same data package that claims Comirnaty was 95% effective, when the true absolute difference in infection rates between the drug and control groups was 0.84%.

Even that pathetic figure was arrived at only after ignoring the overwhelming majority of COVID cases in the trial. Most suspected cases were not tested. If they were, and a similar rate of positives was found in each group, then the difference in infection rates between the two groups would likely have been insignificant even when using the same relative risk ruse that Pfizer used to get the absurd 95% efficacy figure.

Bourla's "robust data package" never explained why the Comirnaty group contained an inexplicably high number of people omitted from the trial for "Other" - and unexplained - reasons. Given its silence, and its long history of criminally fraudulent behavior, it is not at all unreasonable to assume those extra participants were booted out of the study because their (in)efficacy, safety and/or death data did not serve Pfizer's goal of making Comirnaty appear safe, effective and worthy of authorization/approval.

Pfizer's "robust data package" initially underquoted the death count in the Comirnaty and placebo groups. We were initially told that, up to 13 March 2021, 15 people died in the Comirnaty group compared to 14 in the placebo group. For some strange reason, the fact that the group taking this 'life-saving' drug suffered one more death compared to placebo was not expounded upon by Bourla and his gushing media admirers.

But it turns out the real picture was even worse. A subsequently posted FDA document showed a higher death count as of 13 March 2021:

21 in the Comirnaty group vs 17 in the placebo group.

Using the relative risk method of which drug companies are so fond, that means the Comirnaty group suffered a 24% increase in the risk of premature death.

The only thing these pretend vaccines are 95% effective for is creating division among the masses. The willingly vaxxxinated are on track to become the new militant vegans ("How do you know if someone is vaccinated? Don't worry, they'll f*cking tell you!") as they increasingly sneer at those of us who "selfishly" refuse to take dangerous drugs to treat a fraudulent pandemic.

Great. Now it's time for your Pfizer Pfucking, comprised of an endless series of booster shots.

Pfizer's Outrageous Vaxxxine Contracts

Another thing Bourla seems reluctant to discuss are the draconian and incredibly one-sided 'vaccine' contracts his company has imposed on several countries.

Members of a dying breed known as "investigative reporters" obtained copies of Pfizer's negotiations with several Latin American and Caribbean countries, and were stunned by some of the conditions.

Pfizer demanded to be compensated by governments for any future lawsuits arising from victims of its deadly pretend-vaccine.

In the case of Argentina, "Pfizer demanded more and more." Not happy with proposed changes to the country's medical negligence laws (changes made at the company's behest), Pfizer wanted Argentina to put its bank reserves, military bases and its embassy buildings as collateral.

In its deal with Brazil, the NY-based corporate criminal wanted Latin America's largest country to waive sovereignty of its assets abroad in favor of Pfizer, not apply its own laws on Pfizer, not penalize Pfizer for delays in delivery and, in the case of side effects, exempt Pfizer from all civil liability!

Argentina and Brazil eventually refused to enter into contracts with Pfizer.

In contracts issued to the 9 countries and obtained by Public Citizen, Pfizer reserves the right to silence countries. If a country wishes to donate some of its 'vaccines,' Pfizer can block this, and if it agrees the drug giant decides where the drugs go.

If Pfizer is accused of intellectual property theft, the government in question must pay out any lawsuits, not Pfizer.

If there are any disputes, Pfizer dictates that they are settled in private arbitration and not a country's public courts.

Pfizer can go after state assets to secure its compensation.

Pfizer calls the shots on all key decisions, such as delivery timelines.

This all raises the obvious question: What the Pfuck does Pfizer want with assets like embassy buildings and, for crying out loud, military bases?

Are Bourla and his Pfizer comrades planning on starting their own country?

Astute readers will have noticed the World Economic Forum livery in the background of the Bourla picture heading this article. The WEF, founded and run by Henry Kissinger protégé and fellow megalomaniac Klaus Schwab, is the organization most actively pimping The Great Reset. This is the demented globalist campaign in which the planet's richest families will move to seize everything of value in the world ("You will own nothing, and you'll be happy about it").

Pfizer, a company that can't even keep its labs clean, would have little use for, and little ability to run, military operations. Its draconian contracts, it would seem, are another vehicle for the asset-grabbing elite to achieve their twisted Great Reset.

In Closing

Albert Bourla is right when he says those who deliberately spread misinformation and "conspiracy theories" in order to manipulate people's perceptions of the COVID-19 'vaccines' are criminals.

The problem for Albert is that everything he himself says about these drugs is untenable and demonstrably false.

Bourla and his ilk are guilty of spreading what may be the most ridiculous conspiracy theory the world has ever been fed: That there currently rages a "devastating pandemic" (in reality: an influenza virus with a piddling 0.15% infection fatality rate) that is causing untold death and illness (reality: The average 'victim' in fact suffers multiple pre-existing health problems and has already lived past the national average life expectancy).

As if that wasn't enough, Bourla and his fellow conspiracy theorists claim, with a straight face, that the best way to treat this pandemic-that-never-was is with 'vaccines' that are not actually vaccines. In the case of the Pfizer and Moderna drugs, these Brave New World concoctions are based on mRNA technology with a 30-year track record of failure.

No mRNA drug had even made it to the Phase III stage of clinical testing, until corrupt authorities began waving the new mRNA pretend-vaccines through last December under the guise of 'Emergency Use Authorization.'

The conspiracy theorists want us to believe that granting EUAs to drugs based on failed technologies suddenly makes them safe and effective. They want us to believe that a mere two months of follow-up in shabbily-conducted, industry-controlled clinical trials constitutes "thorough" and "extensive" testing.

They want us to swallow all this nonsense even though the vaxxxine rollout has, without fail, caused a dramatic upswing in COVID case and death counts all around the world.

The only people crazier than these conspiracy theorists are the morons who believe them.

Albert Bourla is a shameless peddler of misinformation and conspiracy theories. He is, by his own definition, a criminal.

Put down the bottle, Albert. Stop suppressing and start confessing.

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