The Official COVID-19 Death Toll is a Big Fat Fraud

As I write this, the popular facts and figures website is reporting 578,975 COVID-19 deaths for the US, through 15 April 2021.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website claims that, as of 15 April 2021, there have been 561,356 deaths from COVID-19.

I'm here to tell you in no uncertain terms these figures are absolute garbage, and that the real death toll is an order of magnitude lower.

Rest assured, unlike governments, mainstream media outlets and the shady 'fact check' websites, I'll cite peer-reviewed evidence to support this assertion.

CDC Admits 95% of COVID-19 Victims Had Multiple Comorbidities

Let's start with the CDC's quiet admission last year that of all US deaths attributed to COVID-19, only 6% had the coronavirus listed as the sole cause of death. In the remaining 94% of deaths ascribed to COVID-19, there were on average 2.9 additional conditions or causes of death.

The page at the CDC website hosting this information has since been updated with new figures. Those new stats show that, of all US deaths attributed to COVID-19, only 5% had the virus listed as the only cause of death. In the remaining 95% of deaths ascribed to COVID-19, there were on average 4.0 additional conditions or causes of death (see below).

Source: (captured 10:15am, 16 April 2021, AEST).

Fact Checkers (Professional Liars) to the Rescue!

The revelation last year that 94% of deaths attributed to COVID may have in fact been due to other conditions was not at all helpful to those perpetuating the Great Coronavirus Con. And so in marched the usual band of 'fact check' (thought police) websites to set everyone straight. Among the most famous of these is Snopes which, as I explained in this recent article, is not a bonafide debunking site but a propaganda outfit that specializes in concocting intelligence-insulting excuses for left-wing misdeeds.

In her attempt to dismiss the 6% controversy, Snopes writer Jennifer Lee claimed "it was dangerously wrong" to conclude 94% of the alleged COVID victims in fact "died from health issues other than the coronavirus. Rather, most people’s underlying cause of death was COVID-19 and the virus either intensified or caused other illnesses that contributed to patients’ death."

For reasons I'll make abundantly clear shortly, Lee is either hopelessly ignorant on this topic, or being disingenuous. fared no better in its attempt to downplay the 6% revelation., by the way, is owned by the heavily left-leaning Annenberg Foundation, which has received grants from the intensely pro-vaccine Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. cited none other than Dr Anthony "I Frequented Gay Saunas For Research Purposes" Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), who "clarified" the CDC data. Acknowledging the 6% figure of cases where COVID-19 was listed as the only cause of death, Fauci insisted “That does not mean that someone who has hypertension or diabetes who dies of Covid didn’t die of Covid-19. They did.”

Except they didn't.

On 7 April 2020, he and fellow White House Coronavirus Task Force member Deborah Birx admitted that causes of death normally assigned to heart disease or kidney disease were now being ascribed to COVID-19. During a press briefing, Birx told reporters the US has "taken a very liberal approach to mortality."

"There are other countries," said Birx, "that if you had a pre-existing condition and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU and then have a heart or kidney problem — some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death."

As they should, and as was the traditional practice in the US during flu season.

But that's not how it now works in America, explained Birx, where "the intent is, right now, that those — if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death." (Bold emphasis added)

When a reporter queried the validity of this approach, Birx fumbled for a coherent response, leading Fauci to chime in with the following:

“I think there’s so much focus now on coronavirus that … No, I can’t imagine if someone comes in with coronavirus, goes to an ICU, and they have an underlying heart condition and they die — they’re going to say, “Cause of death: heart attack.”  I — I cannot see that — that happening.  So I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.”

Fauci openly admitted that, thanks to the current COVID-19 "focus," there is every chance a heart disease patient who dies of a heart attack while also having a coronavirus infection will misleadingly be listed as dying of COVID-19. And he openly admitted he didn’t see this highly deceitful practice to be a problem.

Birx and Fauci.

Not to be deterred by these startling admissions, insisted "it’s misleading to say that 94% of those who died with COVID-19 also had other ailments without explaining that the disease causes other serious illnesses. And it’s wrong to claim that only 6% of the recorded COVID-19 deaths were caused by the disease."

What nonsense.

What's really misleading is for the likes of Snopes and to claim COVID-19 causes underlying heart or kidney disease that has been present for years or even decades!

That's just plain idiotic.

I will however concede it may be wrong to say only 6% of the recorded COVID-19 deaths were caused by the disease - because the real figure could be even lower.

How Was the COVID-19 Death Toll Inflated? Let Me Count Thee Ways...

We've had doctors come forward to complain they are being pressured into ascribing COVID-19 as cause of death.

We’ve had health officials caught out falsifying death records to inflate the COVID-19 death toll.

We've had Fauci and Birx nonchalantly admit to the press the US has taken such "a very liberal approach to mortality" that if someone dies from a heart attack or kidney failure but had or was suspected of having COVID-19, the cause of death was listed as COVID-19.

So blatant is this sham that even a murder-suicide by firearm was listed as two COVID-19 fatalities because the perpetrator and victim tested positive for the coronavirus within a month of their violent deaths!

We know that in the US, hospitals are effectively bribed into recording a patient as a COVID-19 case. Under changes to the Medicare Act, the financial rewards triple if a patient is placed on a ventilator – a strategy that appears to greatly worsen, not improve, the patient’s prognosis.

We know PCR testing - the primary method of COVID-19 testing - is a shambolic farce that produces mostly false positives.  It's so bad, that in Tanzania, skeptical security forces decided to surreptitiously submit some non-human samples for testing. They randomly swabbed a pawpaw, a goat and a sheep. These random samples were assigned human names and ages, and sent to a laboratory to test for COVID-19.

The pawpaw and goat samples tested positive.

We know both the CDC and World Health Organization have made it as easy as humanly possible to ascribe COVID-19 as the cause of death, even when no actual evidence of COVID-19 is present. Of the two new International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes the WHO created for COVID-19, one was "U07.2 COVID-19, virus not identified" which is so-called "Clinically-epidemiologically diagnosed COVID-19" that includes "Probable COVID-19and "Suspected COVID-19."[Bold emphasis added]

The problem here is that COVID-19 is an influenza virus whose symptoms are very similar to those of seasonal influenza.

Although, if we are to believe the official statistics, COVID-19 does bear one remarkable beneficial difference. Namely, it appears to eradicate seasonal influenza!

The Mystery of the Disappearing Flu

Before I discuss the suspicious changes in seasonal influenza numbers, it behooves me to stress the following important point:

Seasonal influenza, the kind that existed long before COVID-19, kills people.

Amid all the outlandish hysteria generated for COVID-19, many people seem to have forgotten that regular seasonal influenza significantly increases mortality too. Every winter, without fail, mortality rises during flu season. This effect is seen in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, where winter occurs at polar opposite times of the year.

But while authorities have scrambled to ascribe every possible death to COVID-19 (even murder-suicide), the exact opposite has long happened with seasonal influenza.

The CDC itself even admits:

"Seasonal influenza may lead to death from other causes, such as pneumonia, congestive heart failure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It has been recognized for many years that influenza is underreported on death certificates. There may be several reasons for underreporting, including that patients aren’t always tested for seasonal influenza virus infection, particularly older adults who are at greatest risk of seasonal influenza complications and death. Even if a patient is tested for influenza, influenza virus infection may not be identified because the influenza virus is only detectable for a limited number of days after infection and many people don’t seek medical care in this interval. Additionally, some deaths – particularly among those 65 years and older – are associated with secondary complications of influenza (including bacterial pneumonias). "

So the CDC itself - a key propagator of the COVID sham - admits that for "many years that influenza is underreported on death certificates."

You might think then, with the intense infectious disease obsession caused by COVID, that steps would have been taken to remedy this situation.

But just the opposite has occurred.

Since COVID-19 appeared, seasonal influenza has dropped to "record-setting lows."

During the 2019-2020 flu season, which the CDC describes as having "moderate severity," there were 400,000 flu hospitalizations and 22,000 flu deaths in the US alone.

And the most recent flu season?

As of 3 April 2021, the CDC reports a mere 215 flu hospitalizations and 585 flu deaths for the 2020-2021 season.

This isn't just happening in the US. In October last year, the Daily Mail reported that, in Australia, just 14 positive flu cases were recorded in April 2020, compared with 367 during the same month in 2019 – a 96 per cent drop. By June, usually the peak of its flu season, there were none. In fact, Australia had not reported a positive case to the WHO since July.

In Chile, just 12 cases of flu were detected between April and October. There were nearly 7,000 during the same period in 2019.

In South Africa, surveillance tests picked up just two cases at the beginning of the season, which quickly dropped to zero over the following month – overall, a 99 per cent drop compared with the previous year.

In the UK, deaths from influenza rose from 282 in 2015 to 1,596 and 1,213 in 2018 and 2019, respectively. As of this writing, separate UK data is only available until week 36 of 2020, when there were 394 deaths from influenza. Averaging that figure out for the remainder of the year still results in a huge drop compared to the previous two years.

The official explanation for this striking disparity is that masks, social distancing and mental illness-causing lockdowns led to a massive reduction in seasonal influenza.

Funny how these incredibly effective measures didn't do the same for COVID-19.

Let's Cut the BS

What seems to be happening is that seasonal influenza cases are being diagnosed as COVID-19 cases.

It also appears influenza is among the many causes of death either being re-assigned as COVID-19, or being relegated as a contributing condition secondary to COVID-19.

95% of the CDC's current COVID death count equates to 533,288 people, each of whom had an average of 4 comorbidities. That's a total of 2,133,152 comorbidities.

And so, in addition to the fraudulent methodology acknowledged by Fauci and Birx, the bad joke that is PCR testing, the officially sanctioned practice of assigning "probable" or "suspected" COVID-19 as cause of death, the Medicare-sanctioned bribes to hospitals and the pressure on doctors to assign COVID-19 even when they believe they shouldn't, we also have confirmation of millions of comorbid conditions among those allegedly dying of COVID-19.

With all these enabling factors present, it becomes incredibly easy to create hundreds of thousands of fallacious "COVID-19" deaths out of thin air.

Trust the Science!

Fauci, the CDC, the lamestream media, the fraudulent fact check sites, dodgey governments and the rest of the pro-COVID bullshit machine nonetheless want us to believe each and every one of those deaths was a genuine COVID death.

Interestingly, it's the likes of Fauci that constantly harp on about trusting the science, even though they are the most anti-scientific pack of charlatans I've had the displeasure of observing.

But let's call their bluff; let's trust the science.

Let's trust the published, peer-reviewed data from clinical trials involving the so-called COVID-19 'vaccines.'

As I have explained in previous articles, the clinical trials for the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca 'vaccines' involved careful screening of the participants. Those with pre-existing health conditions were largely excluded during the screening process, meaning that the trial populations featured an unusually low incidence of people with otherwise common conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney disease.

The drug companies perform this kind of pre-trial screening as a matter of course, to reduce serious adverse events during their studies and to make their drugs look far safer than what they really are.

But for our purposes today, this self-serving behaviour by Big Pharma will prove helpful, for it gives us a great insight into just how 'deadly' COVID-19 really is among populations with a very low incidence of comorbidities.

The Pfizer-BioNTech 'vaccine' was approved based on 'interim' data, which was made public at the NEJM website on 10 December 2021. Of the 36,523 subjects included in the analysis, only 170 were diagnosed with COVID-19 (162 in the placebo group) and there were no COVID-19 deaths in either the drug or placebo group.

The Moderna 'vaccine' was also approved based on 'interim' data, which was made public on the NEJM website on 30 December 2020. Of the 28,027 subjects included in the 'efficacy' analysis, only 196 were diagnosed with COVID-19 (185 in the placebo group) and there were no deaths in which COVID-19 was the primary cause in either the drug or placebo group. The main NEJM paper listed one death among a placebo patient suffering 'severe' COVID, but the supplementary data showed none of the placebo subjects diagnosed with COVID-19 actually died of COVID-19.

The first AstraZeneca 'vaccine' interim analysis involved trials that were, quite frankly, a bad joke. They were not double-blind and the so-called 'placebo' was in fact a meningococcal vaccine. At any rate, the researchers claimed that, of the 11,636 subjects included in the analysis, only 131 were diagnosed with COVID-19 (30 cases in the AstraZeneca COVID-19 'vaccine' group compared to 101 in the meningococcal vaccine group). The researchers claimed one COVID-19-related death, in the meningococcal vaccine group.

On 16 March 2021, the first double-blind data for the AstraZeneca 'vaccine' was finally published in NEJM. Among the 2,021 South African adults featuring in that analysis, there were 42 cases of COVID-19. Mild-to-moderate COVID-19 developed in 23 of 717 placebo recipients (3.2%) and in 19 of 750 vaccine recipients (2.5%), and there were no cases of severe disease, hospitalization or COVID deaths in either group. These benign COVID figures, it should be pointed out, were obtained in a country where the allegedly super virulent and deadly "South African variant" was the main strain of COVID-19.

The South African analysis also showed that, under double-blind conditions, the AstraZeneca drug was not effective.

In other words, the official COVID-19 narrative is a monumental scam.

When populations largely free of comorbidities are observed under clinical trial conditions, the incidence of COVID-19 is low.

This further indicates the alleged 'pandemic' real world incidence of COVID-19 is a sham created by the high rate of false positives that PCR testing is well-known to produce.

More importantly, the COVID-19 death rate among participants in these healthy clinical trial populations receiving saline placebos has amounted to a big fat zero.

It's All Lies

The claim that almost 600,000 people in the United States have died primarily as a result of COVID-19 infection is a disgraceful lie.

When we have data from clinical trials involving people largely free of comorbidities returning a zero death rate among non-vaccinated people with confirmed COVID-19, then we have every reason to suspect that the actual cause of death among the 95% of comorbid US COVID-19 victims was not COVID-19 - it was their comorbidities.

And if that is the case, then the CDC needs to revise its current COVID-19 death toll from 561,356 down to 28,067.

And if we further culled that figure of all the false PCR positives and the questionable "suspected" or "probable" COVID-19 cases, what we'd likely be left with is an influenza virus that has caused less deaths than the flu season of 2019-2020.

As for global COVID-19 mortality, is citing 3,011,413 deaths worldwide as of 16 April 2021. The site puts the number of COVID-19 cases so far at 140,497,632.

Respected Stanford University researcher Dr. John Ioannidis recently published an extensive analysis of COVID-19 mortality studies, and estimated the global infection fatality rate for the virus was 0.15%. If there have truly been 140,497,632 COVID-19 cases worldwide, then this means the true death toll would be 210,746 - some 2.8 million deaths lower than the figure!

And even that figure may be a wild overestimate. Remember, the primary method of COVID-19 screening is polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, which is routinely performed with cycle threshold (Ct) counts in the 30s and 40s. Research, however, has shown that once the Ct extends past 25, the majority of results will be false-positives. French researchers found at a Ct of 35, the false positive rate was a whopping 97%.

Extrapolating these results to the global figure of 140,497,632 COVID-19 cases indicates the real disease burden - and its accompanying death toll - are but a mere fraction of the official figures.

Meanwhile, notes: "Every year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses. This figure corresponds to 795 to 1,781 deaths per day due to the seasonal flu."

As in the US, there is strong evidence to suggest global COVID-19 morbidity and mortality is no greater, and quite possibly less severe, than seasonal influenza.

The real danger posed by COVID-19 is the manner in which it is being used to abolish human rights (witness the severe and arbitrary restrictions on freedom of movement, assembly and speech), cajole people into taking dangerous and poorly tested 'vaccines,' and increase unemployment, starvation, impoverishment, domestic violence, suicide, depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

The Biggest Threat to Your Well-Being is Not COVID, But Your 'Leaders'

Since I originally posted this article, I've had a number of people write to me asking, "if the COVID death toll is so low, then what explains the excess mortality seen during the pandemic?"

That's easy: Lockdowns and COVID-19 hysteria.

Throughout 2020 and into 2021, much of the global population has been under various states of house arrest. Some are still refusing to open their borders to international travel, such as the already insular Australia, which has effectively regressed to a more urbanized version of what it was way back in 1788: Namely, a giant prison island.

So what happens to people's health and longevity when you take possession of their freedom, place them under home detention, and arrest them for exercising their right to freedom of movement, assembly and speech?

For insight into that question, let's look at the effect of incarceration on human health.

Prisoners, not surprisingly, have higher mortality rates than non-incarcerated people. And no, it's not because of homicide. A Bureau of Justice Statistics report released last year showed chronic illnesses continued to be the leading cause of death in state prisons — far outpacing drug- and alcohol-related deaths, accidents, suicides, and homicides combined. As Prison Policy Initiative writer Emily Widra notes:

"The number of deaths from chronic illness — including a growing number of deaths from cancer in prison, at a time when overall deaths from cancer are going down — is a testament to the extremely poor healthcare incarcerated people receive. It also highlights the ways that prisons are unable and unwilling to care for their elderly residents, who comprise a growing share of the prison population."

So when sick people with greatly curtailed liberties don't get the health care they need, they are more likely to die. Hold that thought, we'll get back to it in a moment.

A 2013 analysis of New York state parole data identified a linear relationship between incarceration and life expectancy: For each year lived behind bars, a person can expect to lose two years off their life expectancy. In the parole cohort studied, five years in prison increased the odds of death by 78% and reduced the expected life span at age 30 by 10 years. Time served has a direct correlation to years of life lost.

Now let's move beyond the penitentiaries and out into the new abnormal where sleazy, corrupt hypocrites get to decide when we non-criminals can leave the house and whether or not we can go to work and open our businesses.

The effect of this totalitarianism has been devastating. Despite incessant warnings that hospitals would be dangerously overloaded thanks to COVID, the exact opposite happened. Thanks to the COVID-19 hysteria, patients suffering all manner of health emergencies have bizarrely stayed away from hospitals in droves, convinced they either won't be welcome if presenting with a non-COVID condition, or that a virus with a miniscule infection fatality rate poses a bigger danger than the impending heart attack they are experiencing. Study after study has shown that COVID-19 hysteria has, on average, slashed the number of admissions for cardiovascular emergencies by 40-50%[1-11].

Given the fatality risk of an untreated heart attack runs at around 50%, while the fatality rate of COVID-19 is measured in fractions of a single percent, it's not hard to see why overall mortality has risen!

And that's just cardiovascular disease, which is by no means the only condition that sends people to ICUs. There are burst appendices, head injuries, diabetic comas and a myriad of other critical conditions that have gone unattended because of the disgraceful COVID scam.

And as people became increasingly fatter, inactive, anxious and depressed during the lockdowns, they increasingly succumbed to suicide and drug overdoses. Countries all around the world also reported a surge in domestic violence, as victims found themselves holed up for extended periods with their abusers.

While 2020 suicide figures for many countries are not yet available, Japan is one country that has already acknowledged suicides have far outpaced alleged COVID deaths. By October last year, about 1,600 Japanese had died with COVID-19 — compared to more than 13,000 by suicide.

And then there's the largely forgotten Third World, which still constitutes a sizable chunk of the world's population. In already struggling developing nations, starvation is increasing and essential health care programs have been cut back thanks to the COVID campaign.

In June last year, the World Food Programme (WFP) estimated the number of people experiencing crisis level hunger would rise to 270 million before the end of the year as a result of the pandemic, an 82% increase since 2019. This means between 6,000 and 12,000 people per day could die from hunger.

As Oxfam noted in a report last July, "the COVID-19 pandemic is fuelling hunger in an already hungry world." The 10 extreme hunger hotspots are Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Afghanistan, Venezuela, the West African Sahel, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria and Haiti. Together these countries and regions account for 65% of people facing crisis level hunger globally.

Thanks to the COVID-19 lockdowns, tuberculosis programs around the world have suffered shutdowns. Researchers estimate this disruption to tuberculosis services could lead to as many as 6.3 million additional cases of TB and an extra 1.4 million deaths worldwide over the next five years.

So little bloody surprise overall mortality has risen around the world! This excess mortality has nothing to do with the physiological effects of a weak virus from Wuhan, and everything to do with the sadistic behaviour of our psychopathic, control freak ruling class.

The COVID-19 fear and control campaign is a fraudulent crime against humanity.


Article updates:
17 April 2021 (extra information about seasonal influenza added).
18 April 2021 (global death toll figure based on 0.15% IFR corrected. Original posting cited 2.1 million when correct figure is only 210,746).
20 April 2021 (section on excess mortality added).

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