The AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine: Leaving a Trail of Death & Destruction in Europe, UK and Australia

Warning: This article contains strong language. If you are offended by naughty words that rhyme with truck and toolkit, please close this page now.

Two days after receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, Australian Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt, was admitted to hospital with a severe case of cellulitis.

Hunt was among the first in Australia to receive the AstraZeneca vaccination at a Melbourne clinic on Sunday, 7 March.

This was the same day a 49-year-old woman in Austria died from severe blood clots after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, the first in a series of such incidents that prompted several European countries to suspend use of the dubious new vaccine.

The day after receiving his first shot, Hunt said he was feeling a “little tired” but told the media this was not necessarily due to the vaccine.

By Tuesday, however, Hunt was "not in a good way" and was admitted to hospital. He was initially kept overnight for observation while being administered antibiotics and intravenuous fluid, but was kept in hospital for several days. He was only discharged yesterday.

Ironically, Hunt publicly received the vaccine "in a bid to counter vaccine hesitancy."

Well that worked out well ...

Hunt was reportedly suffering cellulitis in one of his legs. Cellulitis is a serious bacterial infection of the skin and subcutaneous flesh. It occurs when bacteria penetrate the skin's protective outer layer, typically at the site of an injury, such as a cut, puncture, sore, burn, bite or injection.

Hunt is only 55, so he's a bit young to be suffering debilitating infections for no apparent reason. The only logical explanation for his sudden bout of cellulitis, as you're about to learn, is the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Greg Hunt getting his first shot of the dubious AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. Something tells me he won't be going back for his second shot.

Into Denial Mode, As Usual

The ABC states "It's not known how or where Mr Hunt may have developed the bacterial infection."

The Australian Government and the rest of the media - especially the Murdoch empire - have been more blatant in their denial, tripping over themselves to dismiss any link between Hunt's sudden illness and his recent shot of the new, poorly-tested Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Hunt's office said his condition is "not considered to be related to the (COVID-19) vaccine," but provided no further explanation on how they arrived at this doubtful conclusion.

"Greg Hunt's medical condition is not at all related to his recent Covid-19 vaccine," declares the Daily Mail, again without any explanation.

"He’s not in a good way but it’s definitely not linked to the vaccination," said Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell. Yes, in the age of COVIDiocy, TV anchors from Murdoch-owned stations can issue medical diagnoses on behalf of senior government officials. Again, without any explanation on how they arrived at their diagnosis.

And yet another Murdoch-owned outlet,, reported "Health Minister Greg Hunt has ended speculation his hospitalisation was linked to a COVID-19 vaccine, revealing he has been diagnosed with a bacterial infection."

Yes, Hunt has ended the speculation and unwittingly confirmed his illness is linked to the vaccine. Cellulitis, you see, is emerging as a common side effect reported for the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

Between 4 January 2021 and 28 February 2021 - less than two months of use - the UK's MeDRA database received 144 reports of cellulitis in those recently receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. One of these cases was fatal.

The Oxford-AZ vaccine is not alone in producing this side effect.

Between 9 December and 28 February 2021, MeDRA has received 69 cellulitis-related reports for the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA 'vaccine'.

To counter all those shameless liars who are still insisting these vaccines are Safe and Effective!™, below are the UK adverse event and death report totals for the two drugs, as of 28 February. When assessing these figures, bear the following in mind: They have accumulated in a very short period of time, and they only scratch the surface of the true tally, because only a small portion of adverse events are reported to official databases. Even a CDC study estimated only 13% of adverse reactions to influenza vaccines ever find their way on to the VAERS database.

And so only two days after being injected with the novel and poorly tested Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, Greg Hunt was admitted to hospital with cellulitis, a side effect commonly reported for the novel and poorly tested Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

But, hey, there cannot possibly be any link between the two, because a bunch of Murdoch-owned media outlets said so.

As to why Rupert Murdoch and his stable of gutter-grade publications is so intent on quashing negative sentiment towards COVID vaccines, it may have something to do with the fact he is yet another billionaire oligarch with a vested interest in vaccination. The Murdoch family is behind the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI), which is involved in industry-funded vaccine research and development.

Among the funders of the MCRI's Vaccine and Immunisation Research Group (VIRGo) are vaccine manufacturers Seqirus, Janssen, Merck and GSK.


The Murdoch Institute also collaborates with the Peter Doherty Institute. Like the shambolic and hysterical Neil Ferguson-led Imperial College report that helped send the world into lockdown, the Doherty Institute's alarmist modelling has been utilised by the Australian Government to justify its dystopian response to COVID-19.

For years, Murdoch's media group has mirrored the Australian Government's bully-boy stance on vaccination, running a hopelessly one-sided "No Jab, No Play" vaccination campaign. Murdoch's trashy publications have been a major contributor to Australia's highly polarized vaccination climate, with absurdly shrill headlines such as 'Anti-vaxers, you are baby killers.'

In that article, Sunday Telegraph deputy editor Claire Harvey evinced a highly tenuous grip on reality when she compared "anti-vaxers" with ISIS terrorists and likened vaccination refusal to suffocating a baby.


This, from the same person who wrote a couple of months later, "Absurdity is a cardinal sin."

I'm guessing the monumental irony of this statement still escapes Harvey ...

Murdoch-employed mud-slinger, Claire Harvey.

Harvey is entitled to her views, as ridiculous as they may be, but her readers are also entitled to know she writes for a dishonest, elitist, vengeful, ethically bankrupt billionaire whose family is heavily involved in vaccine research and development, and whose research institute receives money from vaccine manufacturers. Despite a 2018 plea, Murdoch's publications continue to avoid mentioning this conflict of interest in any of their numerous pro-vaccine articles.

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Aside from the usual egregious bullshit for which the Australian Government and Murdoch empire are renown, there are a number of interesting things going on here.

Firstly, it seems Hunt was actually dumb enough to really get the vaccine, instead of a sham injection. He could have learned a thing or two from US spinmeister Dr Anthony Fauci, who was shown receiving what was allegedly a COVID vaccine shot in his left arm. When asked the very next day by a CBSN anchor how he was feeling, Fauci replied he "had a little bit of soreness in the arm" and for effect tapped his ... right arm.

Wrong arm, doc.

While it appears Fauci was cunning enough to receive a sham shot, Hunt actually seems to believe his own COVID baloney.

Did I ever mention how Australia has long been run by complete idiots?

Secondly, it seems Hunt is experiencing a little vaccine karma. The Federal Health Minister has a long history of caustically ridiculing and threatening "anti-vaxxers" ... only for his beloved vaccine to send him off to the ICU.


Hunt told Fairfax Media in 2018, "I have no time for the false and reckless claims made by anti-vaxxers and I will continue to call out their dangerous claims."

By getting injected with a poorly-tested vaccine and then rushed off to hospital?

Yeah, you show 'em, Greg!

In July last year, he told Channel 7 the government was considering punishing people who refused to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Hunt said those who refuse the vaccine could be stripped of welfare benefits such as JobKeeper, the payment being given to innocent Australians who would otherwise have lost their jobs as a result of the government's business-destroying coronavirus response. Other draconian options being considered included forbidding those who refused a COVID vaccine from sending children to school and travelling.

More recently, a hysterical Hunt ranted about "anti-vaxxers" (a term he also applies to anyone specifically refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, not all vaccines), calling their views "ludicrous." He mentioned 5G and Bill Gates and "mind control" (?) but for some reason didn't discuss the alarming rate of adverse event reports for his beloved COVID-19 vaccines. Or the complete lack of sound science behind them.

Hunt also revealed that the Australian Federal Police are compiling a list of "anti-vaxxers."

This, in a country where every week seems to bring a new rape or sexual harassment allegation against a politician, high-ranking bureaucrat or member of the judiciary.

Yes, welcome to Australia, the country where rape and pedophilia don't seem to bother our leaders, but expressing skepticism of the new and poorly tested COVID-19 vaccines gets you placed on an AFP watchlist.

Greg "Mr Ludicrous" Hunt

“Some of these anti-vaxxers are peddling, frankly, false and clearly irresponsible views," said Hunt. "Whether it is about 5G and Bill Gates and mind control – ludicrous, ludicrous things.”

"Mind control"? Who said anything about mind control? Where's he pulling this stuff from?

Wait, don't answer that ...

Federal Health Minister, Greg "Ludicrous" Hunt.

As for Bill Gates, how can one discuss the hamfisted "vaccinate the world or bust!" campaign without mentioning him? It is merely stating fact - not "false and clearly irresponsible views" as the false and irresponsible Hunt puts it - to note that Gates is fanatical in his promotion of vaccines and has a huge financial interest in COVID-19 vaccines.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pumped over $44.2 million into German company CureVac, which has partnered with Bayer to develop its COVID vaccine. This makes the Gates Foundation the company's second-largest shareholder.

The Gates Foundation is also heavily invested in BioNTech and Pfizer, who partnered to produce the first publicly-unleashed mRNA COVID 'vaccine,' Comirnaty. The Foundation also holds a significant stake in Vir Biotechnology, which has partnered with GlaxoSmithKline to develop an antibody therapy targeting COVID-19.

It is stating fact, not "false and clearly irresponsible views," to note Gates is a long-time proponent of global population reduction, and considers vaccines a key component of his population reduction arsenal. At TED2010, Gates lamented to his audience the world population was 6.8 billion and "headed up to about 9 billion." But, he added, "If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could perhaps lower that by 10 or 15%."

Given that the entire premise underpinning vaccination is that it saves lives, why is Gates convinced new vaccines will help reduce the world's population by 10-15% ... ?

It is stating fact, not "false and clearly irresponsible views," to note on 18 October 2019 – not long before COVID-19 mysteriously appeared out of nowhere - the Gates-founded and -funded Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) hosted an invitation-only pandemic simulation exercise called Event 201 at The Pierre hotel in New York. The simulation magically predicted what was about to happen right down to a tee:

"[A]n outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen and the disease it causes are modeled largely on SARS, but it is more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms."

But Hunt, in true Aussie policitician fashion, thinks we are all even dumber than him.

“We don’t want to give too much air to some of the silliest ideas," said Hunt, after just giving air to some absurd 'mind control' claptrap. "[B]ut we do want to provide public reassurance [we are] combatting the misinformation on those ideas which would in any way falsely have some impact on public confidence."

Ah, yes, you can rely on the government - home to the biggest liars and sleazeballs in Australia - to combat "misinformation." The government would never lie to you, would it?

OK, so it would, and it does - every single day.

Hiding the Truth About Vaccine Side Effects From the Public

Like US and UK authorities, Australia is vigorously denying any causal link between the new COVID vaccines and the rapidly rising illness and death toll associated with them.

However, US and UK authorities (specifically, the CDC and MHRA) are nonetheless publishing the adverse event report data they receive on their respective websites. Both countries include an updated tally of deaths associated with the vaccines. Those countries at least present the data to the public, relying on propaganda to convince the public this data is not an indictment of the vaccines.

Dodgey little Australia, however, in keeping with its status as one of the most transparency-averse countries in the developed world, has opted for a far more secretive approach.

The agency tasked with keeping the public 'informed' about COVID vaccine adverse events is the shambolic Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Its website claims: "The TGA will be open and transparent about safety information relating to COVID-19 vaccines, including any suspected side effects or potential safety issues."

What utter bullshit.

The truth is that the TGA is making it as difficult as possible for us to get a meaningful picture of the adverse events associated with COVID vaccines in Australia.

The TGA website contains no active database similar to what you see with VAERS. It took a bit of searching around, with little help from the website's instructions, before I came upon this page, titled "COVID-19 vaccine weekly safety report."

As of this writing, there are two of these weekly safety reports posted to that page:

Click on either of those links and you'll observe that there are figures for total adverse event reports received, both for the entire country and for each state/territory. However, there is almost no information on what those adverse events were comprised of, and there is no mention of deaths whatsoever!

The TGA is making a pretense of transparency, while deliberately obfuscating the public's right to know.


Because the TGA and its government masters don't want the public to wake up to the fact these shady, poorly-tested drugs are causing more harm than good.

Australian Government's Approach to Transparency: "We'll Tell You What We Think You Should Know!"

On 8 March, the day before Hunt was carted off to hospital with a badly infected leg, The Daily Telegraph published a revealing story. Titled "Aged care deaths: No proven link to COVID jabs," it was yet another textbook classic Murdoch denial job.

However, the title of the article already gave away what the Australian Government, TGA and Uncle Rupert would prefer we didn't know:

Elderly Australians in aged care are dying soon after receiving COVID vaccines, just as has happened in numerous other countries around the world.

The article is paywalled, but I'll share the key points here.

The article begins by revealing "A small number of aged care residents died in the days after they received their COVID-19 vaccination but there is no evidence the deaths are linked."

But we are not told just how many deceased vaccine recipients comprise this "small number."

Then the propaganda kicks off in earnest. "There is no evidence the Pfizer vaccine caused the deaths," writes NewsCorp (Murdoch) journalist Sue Dunlevy, "and it is important to note that around 1000 residential aged care residents every week die under normal circumstances."

Ah, but when frail, elderly aged care residents with multiple serious co-morbidities passed away during the height of the COVID hysteria, it was COVID-19 and not their multiple far more serious health conditions that killed them!

Now that people from this exact same demographic are mysteriously dying soon after receiving a novel COVID vaccine, the story suddenly changes. Hey, these people are frail, elderly aged care residents with multiple serious co-morbidities! A thousand of them die a week anyway, so what do you schmucks expect?

Only an idiot, or Murdoch journalist, would fail to identify the blatant double-standard being applied here.

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly first revealed the vaccine-related deaths to health industry newsletter BioPharmaDispatch. It was okay for Kelly to give his buddies in the pharmaceutical industry a heads up on the deaths, but the public are still being kept in the dark.

Why the selective approach to disclosure?

"The reason the deaths had not been included in the adverse event reporting," writes Dunlevy, is because Kelly said "there was no evidence the vaccine caused the deaths."

To which the obvious response is Kelly and his fellow obfuscationists have not presented us with a skerrick of evidence to show the deaths were not caused by the vaccine. Given this is a poorly tested drug that, in the UK alone, has already racked up hundreds of deaths and tens of thousands of adverse event reports in less than two months, the onus is on Kelly and co to prove the vaccine did not contribute to the deaths.

We have the novel, poorly tested Oxford-AstraZeneca and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines being recklessly administered to a demographic (frail elderly) that was completely absent in the clinical testing of these drugs, and yet we are just supposed to blindly accept this is not an experiment-in-progress that is going badly wrong.

Thankfully, we've got Hunt and his big mouth to guide us to the real reason the government is concealing COVID-19 vaccine deaths. As Dunlevy writes, "Health Minister Greg Hunt said the information had not been provided because the government did not want to create a false scare about the vaccine."

Right. The government, in true Orwellian fashion, is carefully curating the information it feeds to the Australian public about COVID-19 vaccines. And you got that straight from the horse's mouth.

Right before he was trucked off to hospital.

The New Abnormal

Hunt, in all his blissful ignorance and self-entitled arrogance, deems himself fit to declare the views of anyone skeptical of the new junk vaccines as "ludicrous."

What's really ludicrous is the rot that spews forth from the mouths of Hunt and his ilk.

Being asked to blindly believe a bunch of lying degenerates when they urge us to take dangerous and poorly studied drugs, all to prevent an influenza virus with an infection fatality rate of less than 0.5% ... now that is ludicrous.

Being asked by these same overpaid degenerates, none of whom would know the first thing about health and science, to "trust the science," is ludicrous. Which 'science' are they asking us to trust? The misleading media and government interpretations of it, or the actual data published in the medical journals? The former isn't worth the paper it is printed on, and the latter shows the current batch of COVID vaccines have not saved a single life in the randomized clinical trial setting. The latter also shows the COVID vaccines produce side effects in the overwhelming majority of recipients, and have a far higher rate of serious side effects than placebo treatment.

That's a pretty poor risk:reward ratio if ever there was one.

Being asked to roll up our sleeves and get injected with drugs made by companies like Pfizer and AstraZeneca, which have very long histories of criminal behaviour, is extremely ludicrous. These two Pharma crime families alone have racked up literally billions of dollars in fines for bribery, fraud, unlawful marketing and more. I'd no sooner allow these white collar criminals to inject me with toxic junk than I would the Russian mafia.

You know what else is ludicrous? The Australian government ordering 150 million doses of COVID vaccines - including 54 million doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab that likely sent Hunt to hospital - for a country whose population hasn't even cracked 26 million! The government has not even begun to explain this glaring anomaly, and our brain-dead media has not even begun to question ScoMo and his merry band of degenerates as to why Australia needs enough vaccines to inject not only its own citizens, but also everyone in Sri Lanka and Poland?

Just whose palms are getting greased here?

You know what else is downright ludicrous?

Our degenerate Prime Minister pigheadedly defending the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, even as one European country after another withdraws the problematic drug from use.

The European mutiny was triggered after a 49-year-old Austrian woman died last Sunday as a result of severe coagulation disorder after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, and a 35-year-old developed blood clots in the lungs. Both had received vaccines from the same batch, authorities said.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) on Wednesday noted two other "thrombotic events" in people who had received the vaccine, without giving details. As expected, the EMA claimed there was "no indication" the vaccine had caused theese events, even though a cursory look at the VAERS and MeDRA data shows cardiovascular adverse events are commonly reported for all the COVID vaccines.

As of this writing, five countries have all suspended AstraZeneca's vaccine over possible side effects - while 6 others have banned a specific batch of shots. Denmark was the first country to suspend all use of AstraZeneca's vaccine, and has been joined by Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria and Thailand.

But not to worry, says Morrison, because the TGA "do their own batch testing."

"I was watching them do it just earlier this week," he helpfully added.

What an idiot.

Batch testing might help detect unwanted impurities, but it will be of little use if excessive blood clotting is an inherent adverse effect of the drug.

If someone said batch-testing cocaine or methamphetamine would remove the risk of fatality from these drugs, people would laugh them off the stage. But ScoMo gets to run a country.

You're in great hands, Australia!

It's also worth mentioning that the Chair of the TGA's Advisory Committee on Vaccines is Allen Cheng, an epidemiologist who who directs the Infection Prevention and Healthcare Epidemiology unit at Monash University's Alfred Health. Among those who have endowed Cheng's Alfred Health unit with monetary reward are vaccine manufacturers Merck, GSK and Gilead.

And Now, the Most Ludicrous Claim of All

As if they hadn't already stooped low enough, the Australian Government and its corrupt, revenue-raising police forces are attempting to link "anti-vaxxers" with the white supremacy movement.

Fuck. Me.

As someone highly critical of this COVID-19 vaccine farce who is also the distinctly ethnic-looking, olive-skinned son of Mediterranean migrants, who has been called "wog," "dago" and "greaseball" by racist pale-skinned assholes more times than he cares to remember, and who is part of a volunteer program that assists (predominantly non-white) migrants, where do I even begin with this humdinger?

Let's start with the guy who holds the highest political office in the land, the overweight, prematurely aged, ever-smirking and very white religious zealot known affectionately as "ScoMo."

In a disturbing video leaked by the ABC, Scott Morrison tells legitimate refugees locked inside Australia's inhumane detention centres, “If you have a valid claim, you will not be resettled in Australia. If you choose not to go home, then you will spend a very, very long time here.” (Bold emphasis added)

I don't know which is more chilling - the unrepentant, cold-hearted hate Morrison displays in that video towards innocent and vulnerable people with legitimate refuge claims, or the fact that 64% of Australians support this evil cretin.

What many Australians are too stupid to accept is that ScoMo doesn't just hate migrants, he doesn't think much of regular Australians either. Not only is he a member of the elitist Canberra Club, he belongs to a Pentecostal sect that believes those who have not accepted Christ are “depraved and without spiritual life” and destined for eternal torment. In a largely non-sectarian country like Australia, this means ScoMo believes a lot of his subjects are depraved and destined for hell.

That's rather precious, coming from a sociopath who publicly and proudly named pedophile defender Brian Houston as his mentor, and who needed his wife to explain to him why rape is bad.

And when large swathes of the country were being ravaged by bushfires in late 2019, Morrison showed exactly what he thought of Australia by jetting off to the far more idyllic Hawaii for a family holiday.

And when he grudgingly cut his holiday short due to the growing negative publicity, he seemed genuinely pissed off and mystified at the fuss. In response to criticisms the Federal Government should be doing more to help the firefighting effort, Morrison essentially said it was a problem for the individual states and territories. Further demonstrating just how little he gave a shit, Morrison offered a callous, buck-passing slogan for the ages: “I don’t hold a hose, mate.”

That’s right, Scott, it's firefighters who hold hoses. Like most politicians, you instead hold your dick with one hand, and feed the population from a steaming pile of shit with the other.

When ScoMo was inspecting fire damage on Kangaroo Island in January 2020 as part of his PR damage control campaign, he told locals “well, thankfully, we’ve had no loss of life”.

“Two. We’ve lost two,” one person reminded our terrible excuse for a Prime Minister. Yes, while ScoMo enjoyed his priveliged life of lavish taxpayer-funded perks, pilot Dick Lang, 78, and his son, Adelaide surgeon Clayton Lang, 43, died in the Kangaroo Island bushfires after spending two days fighting the flames.

“Two. Yes two, that’s quite right. I was thinking about firefighters firstly,” replied the utterly shameless and seasoned liar that is Morrison.

Australians, pull your heads out of your assholes, for chrissakes. Morrison doesn't give a flying fuck about any of you, yet you give him a 64% approval rating?

I mean, seriously?

And for all Morrison's talk of "illegal arrivals", there is no Australian law which prevents someone landing (by airplane or boat) without a visa and applying for asylum. Australia is even a signatory to the United Nations Convention on Refugees, created in 1951, that recognizes the human right to flee one's homeland due to, among other reasons, "well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion."

But even when refugees to Australia have met these requirements, Morrison still believes they deserve to rot in a prison. Morrison is not only racist, but an out-and-out psychopath. And yet his scandal-plagued government is now trying to portray those critical of the current vaccine campaign as a bunch of far right neo-Nazis.

And no discussion of institutional racism in Australia would be complete without discussion of the country's notoriously racist and overwhelmingly Anglo police forces. Victoria Police has joined the campaign to smear skeptics by claiming that "extremist groups" had '"exploited' anger at Covid-19 lockdowns in order to recruit new followers during the pandemic."

“For example, online commentary on Covid-19 has provided a recruiting tool for [rightwing extremist] groups, linking those interested in alternative wellness, anti-vaccination and anti-authority conspiracy theories with white supremacist ideologies,” the submission stated.

“Locally, Victoria police has identified an increase in anti-establishment views and the expression of negative sentiment toward politicians and law enforcement, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic where reduced public freedoms fed into the narrative of those with an anti-government or anti-authority agenda.”

It should be obvious to anyone with even half a brain - a qualification that automatically excludes 64% of the Australian population - what is going on here. Not only are the government and police trying to smear anyone skeptical of the dodgy COVID-19 vaccines, they are trying to portray anyone rightly critical of government and authority as right-wing extremists.

When I was a kid, a right-wing extremist was a neo-Nazi skinhead, someone who idolized Hitler, empathized with the KKK, and/or went around fire-bombing ethnic restaurants. But in the new abnormal, an extreme right-wing 'white supremacist' is now anyone who voices criticism of our hopelessly sleazy, dishonest and corrupt authorities, and refuses to be vaccinated with poorly-tested drugs manufactured by companies with established form for criminal dishonesty offences!

Check out the photo below, which was taken at a Melbourne anti-lockdown, anti-COVID vaccination protest. Where are the hordes of heavily-tattooed neo-Nazi thugs, waving placards bearing racist slogans and Swastikas?

What I see are regular Victorian mums and dads, peacefully voicing their opposition to the human rights violations being committed by their clearly psychopathic premier, Daniel "Chairman Dan" Andrews. To the left of the photo, I can even see a woman of distinctly ethnic appearance, wearing the traditional headwear and scarf attire favoured by Middle-Eastern women. Yeah, she looks like a real neo-Nazi romper stomper-type to me...

The reality is Victoria Police, like all Australian police forces, is the last entity qualified to pontificate about racism. As an example of how deeply embedded racism is within Australian police forces, the rabidly racist Brett Guerin made it all the way to the position of Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner. Incredibly, he was also VicPol's Professional Standards Command leader.

What sort of professional standards did Guerin uphold?

The xenophobic twat used fake social media accounts to rant against ethnic minorities. His bizarre online posts included offensive references to “Indian and Pakistani peasant[s]” and the term “jigaboo,” a racial slur for black people.

Guerin authored the posts using the online pseudonym “Vernon Demerest,” a character from the 1970 film Airport. “I’m afraid this is what happens when the lash is abolished. The jigaboo runs riot and out of control. The ‘boo needs the lash. The ‘boo wants the lash. Deep, deep down the ‘boo knows the lash provides the governance and stability”, "Demerest" wrote underneath a Somali pirate attack video.

Below a video about Argentina’s loss to Holland in the 1998 World Cup, he wrote: “Wonderful to see greasy, diving, cheating dagoes get their just reward. Bitter, lingering defeat”, reported AAP. “Dagoes,” as many of my fellow Mediterranean-Australians know all too well, is a racial slur referring to people of Mediterranean and especially Italian origin (from 1857 onwards, large numbers of Italians emigrated to Argentina).

Well fuck you, Guerin. Why don't you take a bottle of Vic Bitter, wrap it one of those racist stubbie holders created by your colleagues at Sunshine police station - you know, the ones featuring an image of an African male in a "vulnerable" position - and shove it up your ass.

Just remember to coat the stubbie holder with a VicPol-approved hand sanitizer before you make the insertion.

Former top Victorian cop and racist knobhead, Brett Guerin.

This creep eventually resigned in disgrace, but only after his misdeeds were made public in 2018 by a (non-police) Independent Broad-based Commission Against Corruption (IBAC) probe. It seems Victoria Police itself had no problems with Guerin's blatant xenophobia, because by 2006, the bespectacled bogan had already been the subject of 17 complaints to the former Office of Police Integrity over allegations of racism that included assaults, unlawful imprisonment and unlawful searches of African men.

Guerin was evidently quite open with his racism. That same year, he allegedly used the term "towel head", as well as a string of swear words, when addressing a group of 30 police officers and support staff in the mess hall of Flemington police station.

Despite this, Victoria Police continued to promote Guerin through the ranks, all the way to the very senior positions of Assistant Commissioner and the Professional Standards Command!

And so here we are in 2021, where Australian residents of distinctly ethnic appearance who object to government corruption and the fraudulent COVID vaccination campaign are being accused of white supremacy - by a bunch of white supremacists.

Australia: Dystopian one day, batshit fucking ludicrous the next.

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